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November 3rd, 2014


You might have heard of, Berlin once had a wall running through the middle.
After 25 year of reunification most signs of the separation have disappeared. Quite often you don’t really know if you are in the west or the east. The years of division have nevertheless left some peculiar trails. In most cities you usually have only 1 of which Berlin has 2. Some examples?
The zoo
Do you want to visit the zoo? Alright, you can choose between the famous one and the Tierpark in the east. I prefer the second. Why? Because it is much more spacious and renowned for its reproduction which means many cute baby animals in springtime.
Botanical garden
You can choose between a park style garden with admission or the botanical peoples park with no admission. Have a guess which one is where…
For its size and importance Berlin has 2 bleak football teams. One is Hertha with the fantastic Olympic stadium as home ground. The other one is Union, a working class club. Union fans collected money to rebuild their stadium as the club itself did not have enough capital.
Landing in Tegel feels more like arriving by bus. The Airport is small and cozy with short transfer to city centre. There was simply not enough space for a huge airport in a fenced up city.
Arriving in Schönefeld doesn’t feel like landing in the economic power horse of Europe at all. This was the GDR Berlin Airport and hasn’t lost any of its socialist character.
The new, central airport was due to open 2 years ago. The new deadline is 2016. Berlin, you did it again…

There are many more examples, like e.g. 2 opera houses, 2 observatories and so on.
Be careful in taxis – -the Schwedterstrasse you are looking for is in the east!!!

Uncanny places – a cemetery tour to Berlins history

October 28th, 2014

There are many places to visit in Berlin. Some are less obvious than others. Cemeteries give you a profound insight in the past. There are many throughout the city worth visiting. Easiest to be visited with a bike of a jetpack.  We do have some for rent at our reception, bikes I mean.

Soviet War Memorial at Treptower park
One of 3 built soviet memorials in Berlin after WWII. 5000 of the 80000 soldiers who fell during the battle of Berlin are buried there. With its huge statues it is one of the most compelling places in the city. The maintenance and repair of the site was a part of the agreement between Germany and USSR. Otherwise the Russians would have said NJET to the reunification.

Dorotheenstadt cemetery
Dates back to the 18th century – this is the VIP cemetery in Berlin and also one of the abundantly decorated. If you are into German philosophers this is the one you must not miss. Hegel und Marcuse, Heinrich Mann and Bertolt Brecht are buried here. Berlin maintains also  a number of honorary graves for people who made distinguished contributions in politics and culture. The entrance is Chausseestr 126 in Mitte

Friedhöfe am Halleschen Tor
A complex of several cemeteries connected rich in famous names
E. T. A. Hoffmann, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and  Carl von Siemens ( the founder of the famous German Corporation) are buried here. Entrance is Mehringdamm 21 und in der Zossener Straße 1

Different histories collide here. Resting place for Prussian generals, this cemetery was cut in half to make room for the Berlin wall and watchtowers. You can still see the madness of both, Prussian warmongering and GDR madness.  This was also the last resting place for Manfred von Richthofen (the ‘Red Baron’)

Weißensee Cemetery
Second  largest (100acres) Jewish cemetery in Europe. 1880 the existing cemetery at Schönhauser Allle ( 5 minutes walk from our hostel)  became too small so this one as established. It contains approximately 115,000 graves. Entrance Herbert-Baum-Straße

Zentralfriedhof Friedrichsfelde
Definitely THE socialist/communist  cemetery in Berlin
Among others Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht, Walter Ulbricht and Erich Mielke are buried here. There is also a permanent Exhibition about the labour movement and its members. U-Lichtenberg

Ryan Trecartin in the Kunst-Werke for Contemporary Art: “Blairwitch Project meets Tom & Jerry meets Game of Thrones meets John Waters”

October 26th, 2014

One of the most exciting exhibitions I’ve seen the past months is “Ryan Trecartin – Site Visit”,  the first solo show in Germany by the video artist Ryan Trecartin, in the “Kunst-Werke for contemporary art” in Berlin-Mitte.  Trecartin, born 1981 and based in Los Angeles, creates videos and installations, which alienate us on the first glance, but seem familar at the same time. He draws his contents, narratives and aesthetics from elements of Pop culture with protagonists, we think we know, but cuts, edits and shows us his images in such a fast, frenetic pace, that I felt uncomfortable, excited, amused and totally confused while watching. Video art is an art form, which might be hard to enjoy at the beginning, it is not as easy to receive as a good old Warhol painting or concrete art in general, but it invites the spectator to question their own perception towards a still relatively new art form and their expectations of what art is and can be. Ryan Trecartin’s video installation in the Kunst-Werke (the room is spectacular by the way!) absorbs you and leaves that feeling of wanting to explore much more of it.

© Ryan Trecartin, Andrea Rosen Gallery New York; Regen Projects Los Angeles; and Sprüth Magers Berlin London.

© Ryan Trecartin, Andrea Rosen Gallery New York; Regen Projects Los Angeles; and Sprüth Magers Berlin London.

I have great sympathy for art which I don’t understand right away, which confuses me and makes me curious and let me think about it for weeks. If you are interested in that and in an artist, who the MoMa PS1 and “The New Yorker” celebrated as “the most consequential artist to have emerged since the 1980s”,  you found one of your activities for your Berlin visit.


For more information go to the website of the KW:





Cooking your favorite Veggi meal…

October 24th, 2014

Hey Folks,


evreybody likes good food. Especially if you share it with family, some good friends or fellow trevelers in the Hostel. To cook in a Hostel is a great experience. Because you meet people form all over the planet and also their favorite dishes. It’s a great way to get to know the worlds cuisine and share your experience on how to prepare the different dishes.


At “EastSeven” Hostel you have the chance to do all that in a very nice and fully equipped kitchen. We call it the “Supper Club”. So we give you the possiblity to cook your favorite food for your fellow travelers. We will pay for the ingredients of your vegetarian meal and serve you with free beer while cooking. But this is not all!! We will also pay for one night (dorm bed) of your stay with us!!! :)


2014 e7 kitchen 1 jpg (2)


If you feel like doing that, just let us know a day before, and we will invite people for the dinner. There are usually 10 – 20 people. Sometimes more…


And if you are not in Berlin at the moment but still like to share some veggi recipes, we would be grateful for a Facebook post with your favorite meal.


Have a nice day!

Made in West-Berlin

October 23rd, 2014

The fall of the berlin wall celebrates its 25th birthday this year. The focus was always on the changes that took place in the East. But there was this hidden gem called West Berlin, too. This city has its own stunning history. For example, many young men escaped from W-Germany to W-Berlin to get away from compulsory military service. This city also attracted other alternative groups. And yet, it was  an almost normal German city, almost.

For all of you who are interested in more, I highly recommend an upcoming exhibition called AN ISLAND IN SEARCH OF THE MAINLAND in the beatiful Ephraim-Palais. The location itself is quite stunning, situated right in the middle of the Nikolaiviertel. This is the cradle  of the oldest part of Berlin, unfortunately almost completely damaged  in WWII.

Ephraim Palais


If you have any more questions on Berlin – we at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel are more than happy to answer all your questions


14.11.2014 – 28.06.2015


Opening Times
10am–6pm, Tuesday/Thursday–Sunday | 12pm–8pm, Wednesday Opening times

Upcoming events – Jazz Jazz Jazz….

October 15th, 2014

Jazzfestival Berlin


Berlin is known for having one of the best Club scenes on this Planet. Various venues which could not be more different, exciting and sometimes mind-blowing. Especially in the Electro scene. But Berlin of course has got more to offer than heavy Techno and Rock nights. Our lovely city is also an important center of Jazz. Plenty of world known Jazz musician live and work in Berlin such as Jocelyn B. Smith and Till Bronner, one of the best German jazz trumpeter.




In the course of the Berliner Festspiele, Berlin will host the 50th annual Jazzfest this year. The Berlin Jazz Festival is one of the oldest and most prestigious jazz events in Europe. From 30th of October to the 2nd of November 2014 top-class Berliner and international jazz musicians of different styles will occur. In venues like the A-Trane, the Haus der Berliner Festspiele, the Academy of Arts, the Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial Church or the Delphi Film Theatre both traditional and progressive sounds can be heard.


Here you can find the dates and times for all the concerts that will be held during the festival. Don’t miss out…. :)


Jazzfestival Berlin 2014


Mythos Germania


Also still going on until the 30th of November, an impressive exhibition about how Berlin would look like if the Nazis would have won the 2nd World War so that Hiteler’s and Albert Spreer‘s dream of a world capital would have come true. Fortunately it never came as far. But the constructional drawings and miniature models of what they have planed can be seen at the “Berliner Unterwelten” side close to S-Bahn “Gesundbrunnen Center”. For instance they planed to build an arch de Triumph that was supposed to be like 10 times bigger than the one in Paris…




You can visit the exhibition form Thursday to Sunday, 11am till 6pm. The admission charge is 5€.


More Info about the exhibition you will find on their website.


Berliner Unterwelten “Mythos Germania”


Have a good time in Berlin!! :)

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Festival of Lights

October 10th, 2014

From the 10th until the 19th October, Berlin will sparkle as a range of illuminations and projections light up more than 60 famous landmarks and spaces.



Come to Berlin and experience  fantastic light shows all through the city center.
This year more than 60 sights, squares and buildings in Berlin will be amazingly illuminated during the coming two weeks. If you visit Berlin during this time, you should really go for sightseeing by night!!!!

All major sights, famous landmarks, historical buildings and cultural monuments become transformed by light and projections. It is an unique sight! Brandenburg Gate, Berliner Dom and the TV Tower are being put in a different, artistic light. It is a once in a year unique opportunity to see Berlin by night!
The Berlin Festival of lights is one of the biggest illumination events in the entire world.
And the cool thing is, the festival is totally admission-free!

This top artistic and cultural event attracts people from all over the globe. Beside the fact that the festival attracts a lot  of tourists, also a lot of  hobby(photographers) come to Berlin to experience the city by night, in a different light. For photographers it is an unique opportunity to play with light and use the festival to make artistic pictures of some of the most beautiful spots in Berlin.

Special “light-seeing” tours on the Light-Liner bus, by boat on the Light-Ship, on foot with the Light-Cruso or by rickshaw with the Light-Velo will give locals and visitors alike the chance to experience the creative compositions up close. Check the “Festival of Lights” website to inform yourself on the timetable for the LIGHT-SEEING!

Have a nice walk through Berlin nights…. :)

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The streets of Prenzlauer Berg

October 8th, 2014

So, what’s going on in our neighbourhood?
Our hostel is surrounded by many interesting streets. One of them is Torstrasse, a 5 minute walk to the south. A couple of years ago expats tried to establish the terms NoTo and SoTo to describe the areas north and south of Torstrasse. The question is not if they succeeded ( they did not), but what makes Torstrasse so interesting to be compared with Houston Street in NY. For sure, it is not its beauty. With its loud traffic and grey facades it resembles more the typical Berlin street just after the wall came down.  However, here you will find some of the most interesting shops, restaurants and bars Berlin has to offer. Let me try explain. Here is a small selection of places I really like.
They serve only one menu per day, but the effin best authentic French food you find that night. Reserve ahead


Muschi Obermaier
Good beer, proper drinks  and the best thing – you are protected from the outside by dark curtains and masked windows. Hire somebody to drag you out at a fix time, or you will start the next day here.


St. Oberholz
An institution for the digital Boheme due to its free wifi ( and the beautiful view of Rosetnthaler Platz). There is also an ever-changing daily menu as well as a variety of fresh juices and coffee


Toca Rouge
Modern Chinese kitchen with  delicious and exciting  dishes. Just order the crazy orange chicken. Not too expensive and plenty of seats.


Lunettes Selection
You like some fancy shades that would compliment face ? They are best destination for vintage glasses in Berlin, not only because of their range but also for the professional guidance.


3 Minutes sur Mer
Oh lala. This is some really nice French food. Make sure you reserve in advance. This is the smaller and cheaper bistro style brother of Bandol sur Mer. If you are into French cuisine, but prefer a more relaxed atmosphere this is your place.
My fav halloumi shawarma place. Easily to overlook and quite  non-descript, thiss place serves delicious arab street foods for a decent price. ( in case you spent too much on a French tarte and are still hungry)


Well, not really a bright star on Torstrasse, but an honest one. The best description is in the name already – sports bar. No-frills, no bs, but beer and Bundesliga.


Unpretentious 1920s style bar. They brew their own beer, which is by far less boring than most pilsners you can get in Berlin  bars. The service is not overly friendly but low-key, so you can spend hours there. Located on a corner, you have many windows heading on Tortrasse. Please avoid if you are non smoker.


Adidas’ first select store worldwide. They have, what other won’t, limited issues of Adidas collabs with renowned designers – always strictly limited and hard to get.


The only thing you need to do now, is to come to our hostel and we will point to the right direction. See you in NoTo

Upcoming events in Berlin

September 18th, 2014

Hey Friends! :D


Today we would like to show you some nice things (you shouldnt miss) that will happen the next days. There will be art and there will be sport’s. So here is our top 2 things for the next days….


1. Berlin Art Week


“The third Berlin Art Week will be held this year from 16–21 September 2014. For six days, art lovers and connoisseurs from all over the world will gather in the art capital Berlin to discover current developments in contemporary art and to share experiences and ideas.

The art fairs abc – art berlin contemporary and Positions Berlin will be presenting both young and established galleries, showing the work of artists from around the world. With a rich program of exhibitions, featuring numerous openings, lectures, discussions, performances, screenings, and other special events, Berlin Art Week’s partners, the city’s museums and other art institutions, will round out the week…..


Read more on their Website: Berlin Art Week


2. Berlin Marathon


The annuly Berlin Martathon goes in his 41st round this year. He was first held in October 1974.

Today’s Berlin Marathon consists of a race for inline skaters (42.195 km) and a mini-marathon (4.2195 km) for children and students on Saturday the 27th and the marathon for wheelchairs, power walkers and runners on Sunday the 28th.
The course belongs alongside the events in New York and London, the largest and most reputable besides London and Chicago at the fastest marathons in the world. Here were also the basis of the official IAAF world records for men since 2003.


All along the track you get the chance to support the participants or just enjoy this spectacular event! And as every year there will be plenty of people dressing up with the funniest costumes. This is a great event!! You should not miss out…..

Berlin Marathon

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Jewish Culture days

September 10th, 2014

During the nex couple of days, Berlin will host the “Jewish Culture days”. So untill the 14th of September there will be live concerts and exhibitions with Jewish background.


Check out their website to get more INFO: Jewish Culture days


If you are interested in Jewish History, then you should also visit the “Jewish Museum” in Berlin. It is located Lindenstraße 9-14 (Kreuzberg). You can also find a mark point on the “EastSeven” Flyer. It is Europs biggest Jewish Museum and its known for its great architecture. At the moment they have exhibitions about an unusual perspective on the history of German-speaking countries. Two millennia of German-Jewish history is told from the perspective of the Jewish minority. This approach sets new priorities can be known events appear more complex and presents personal stories in addition to historical events. The other “temporary” exhibition tell you about the Jewish during the first World War.


Jewish Museum Berlin


Have a good week! :)

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