Botanische Nacht

July 16th, 2014

The Botanic Garden in Zehlendorf-District opened in 1910. Since then it has become one of the world’s most famous botanical creations. The 43 hectares large area provides space for about 22,000 different plants from all over the world.


Bright lights, mythical creatures, music and entertainment
Once a year The Botanical Garden Berlin-Dahlem opens its doors for a special experience. During the Botanical Night a 16 kilometre long path along the flower beds and several themed gardens are illuminated and guide to many attractions. The Botanic Garden turns into a romantic and magical place.


There will be several guided tours through the garden which focus on specific botanical topics.    They also offer cabaret-, theatre-, dance performances and food delicacies during that night. The doors will be open till 2am. The big final will be a huge romantic firework. Flowers in the sky…..


This Satruday 5pm till Sunday 2am. A ticket will cost 35,20€. Which is really fair for an event like this one is.  :)


For directions, just ask at the reception.


This link leads you to the main page of the Botanic Garden


Botanischer Garten Berlin

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It’s fashion week again

July 10th, 2014

Hey People,

Its fashion week again! If you want to know what the trends for next autumn and winter are like, you still have the chance to see some shows until the 13th.


This links will give you all the info you need:


Fashion week Berlin


Mercedes Benz fashion week


For directions, just ask at the reception…..


Your “EastSeven” Hostel :)

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Art in Berlin

July 9th, 2014

Berlin is a City full of life, space, ideas and people with the sake to make things happen. Of course Berlin has got plenty of Museums filled with fantastic historical paintings and sculptures. But Berlin also has a great Graffiti scene. You can find great pieces of Art almost all over the city. But the heart of the Berlin Greffiti culture is in “Kreuzberg”.


Graffiti has a long history in Berlin. In 1976 the GDR border troops began to build a new type of the Berlin Wall, the so-called border wall. Even if the painting was not allowed on the wall, Berlin artists have been looking forward to make it the longest screen in the world. Artists such as Thierry Noir and Keith Haring began in the early 80s to paint on the western side of the wall. Keith Haring human chain or the heads of Thierry Noir became world famous. Different artists have developed their own interpretations in this historic section.The Wall still is full of nice Paintings and Graffitis. The best part to see it would be the “East Side Gallery”. Its situated between the S-Bahn Stations “Ostbahnhof and Warschauer Straße”.


“East Side Gallery”


Fortunately graffiti is seen in Berlin, not only as vandalism, but also as art. Therefore you will find many huge Graffitis that cover whole house fronts in and around the district “Kreuzeberg”. Here are some of them.


Der Astronaut” at Mariannenstraße in Berlin-Kreuzberg


Jack Nickelson – Shining” at Heinrichplatz in Kreuzberg


Man made out of man” at Oberbaumbrücke in Kreuzberg


upside down” at Schlesische Straße in Kreuzberg


ROA” at Oranienstraße 1 in Kreuzberg


Shiva Jolie” at Heinrichplatz in Kreuzberg


If you want to see more, just go and explore Kreuzberg. With your eyes wide open you will find many more of these special kind of Art pieces.


Have a great day! :D


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Upcoming events in Berlin

June 25th, 2014

So whats going on this weekend in Berlin?! During the Summertime Berlin hosts various events like fashion shows, street festivals, special art exhibitions and lots of other events. This weekend there are 3 big things happening. The “YOU” (Germanys biggest youth fair), the “Bergmannstraßenfest” (jazz street festival in Kreuzberg) and “48 hours Neukölln” (art festival in Neukölln).


1.“YOU” youth fair


The YOU is the biggest youth fair in Germany. It is aimed at young people aged 14 to 22 years. The exhibition is divided into two main segments: on one hand music-sports-lifestyle and on the other hand education-career future. So at the music-sports-lifestyle hall you will find live concerts, a big skatepark where the German Skateboard championchips will be hold this weekend, the Playstation Vita COS Cup, Autograph sessions, streetart, Hip Hop dance shows, workshops and other tournaments.


To get there you actually just need one train! You should catch the “U2″ to Kaiserdamm. From there its like a 10 minute walk. For exact directions you can of course ask at the reception. A day ticket costs 10€.


2. “Bergmannstraßenfest”


From the 27th till the 29th of June the “Bergmannstraße” in Kreuzberg invites everybody to join the annually Street festival. It offers over 400 artists at 5 different venues over the whole weekend. The Jazz Festival provides an overview of the colorful and diverse jazz scene in Berlin. Also at the “Markthalle”, at the end of Bergmannstraße, you will find delicious food from around the world. It is free of charge and definitely worth a visit.


To get there you should catch the “U2″ to “Stadtmitte”. There you have to transfer to the “U6″. Get off at “Mehringdamm”. From there its just a 5 – 10 minute walk. For exact directions ask at the reception before you leave.


3. “48 Stunden Neukölln”


48 hours Neukölln is a platform for the presentation of artistic projects. It promotes contemporary art that takes a stand on current social developments. The festival integrates many population groups – regardless of age, race, and social status. The proximity between artists and audiences, as well as the number of projects that invite both residents and visitors to the festival participation, contribute to the special character of the event. About 75,000 visitors use the wide range of cultural offerings, encompassing all genres of art, from performance, painting, photography, sculpture to installation, intervention, dance, theater and music. Its a fantastic festival!!! Go there…. ;)


How to get there: Just go to Neukölln! Or check out this Link, it will show you all the ongoing events in Neukölln…


48 Stunden Neukölln


For more info, please ask at the reception. Have a great weekend! :D

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Fete de la Musique

June 18th, 2014

Every year at the beginning of summer on 21 June is the Fête de la Musique – the festival of music – the Worldwide Music Day. What began in 1982 with the idea of ​​then French Minister of Culture Jack Lang, a few power outlets and plenty of musical idealism in Paris, has long since evolved into a global and popular event.


Meanwhile, Fête de la Musique connects people in 540 cities worldwide, including 300 in Europe (47 in Germany). You can listen to music of all styles, free to the public, thanks to all the bands, orchestras, choirs and soloists that occur on that day without pay.


Starting at 4pm, there will be lots of stages all over the city with Music of all kinds. So let us show you some of our favorite stages.


1. Red Bull Music Academy Stage at “Mauerpark”


The Mauerpark is just a 15 minutes walk from the Hostel.


Acts: 16:00 DJ (live), 16:30 Sizarr (indie-pop), 17:40 Brandt Brauer Frick feat. Beaver Sheppard (live-techno), 19:00 Jessy Lanza (r&b-electro), 20:15 Caribou (indie-electronica), 21:30 DJ Taso (juke & footwork), 21:30 DJ Spinn (juke & footwork)


2. Abgedreht rockt Friedrichshain “Karl-Marx-Allee 140″


Its just a few stops by Metro and S-Bahn, like 20 minutes, right in the heart of Friedrichshain.


Acts: 16:00 Johnnie Rook (punkrock), 17:00 Supersighco (jb-streetcore), 18:00 Arsen (multikulturelle beatmusik), 19:00 Kietzkeime (folkpunk), 20:00 Arthur & the Spooner`s (ska), 21:00 Fußball-WM (), 23:00 Dj hexx (finest 80`s punk and wave)


3. Caribbean Splash ” Seestraße 80″


to get here use the “U2″ to Alexanderplatz, there you catch the “U8″ towards Wittenau and get off at “Osloer Straße” Its a 200 meter walk from there. Ask at the reception for better directions ;)


16:00 Pfefferwerk Dancehall Class (dancehall), 16:30 Count Shortleg (reggae, calypso, soca), 17:15 Soca Band Berlin (calypso, soca), 17:55 Barney Millah (reggae, calypso, soca), 18:00 POOL: CaribbMoves Show Class (fitness), 18:55 King Kong Disko (calypso, soca), 20:25 Soca Twins (calypso, soca), 23:00 Schoki (reggae, calypso, soca), 00:30 silverback crew (reggae, calypso, soca), 02:00 frank feuer (calypso, soca), 03:30 Everything is Possible (reggae, calypso, soca))


4. Frannz Sommergarten “Kulturbrauerei”


Just a 15 minute walk from the Hostel


Acts: 16:00 Swing Dance Intro mit Swing Patrol Berlin (swing), 16:15 Careless Cats (swing), 17:30 Christis Swing Band(e) (heißer jazz manouche), 18:30 Swing Dance Outro mit Swing Patrol Berlin (swing), 21:00 Fußball-WM ()


5. Reuterkiezbühne “Weserstraße 10 / Neukölln”


The closest station to this stage is U-Bahn “Hermannplatz”. Take the “U2″ to Alexanderplatz and then catch the “U8″ to Hermannplatz. Ask at the reception if you need more Info…


Acts: 16:00 Anmoderation von Johnny Koschnick (), 16:15 Ray Mann Three (soul), 17:15 The Implements (funk), 18:30 Disco Love Machine (new wave), 19:45 Ben Hamilton (singersongwriter), 21:00 Eat Lipstick (electro, punk, glam), 22:00 Kafvka (crossover), 23:00 Hit Ya Wit Dat (soul, funk, r&b)


These are just a few options. On Saturday there will be sooooo many Stages and Clubs that offer special “Fete de la Musique” events. It would be to much to show all of them here.


So for all the events happening on Saturday just check out the official website of “Fete de la Musique


Have a fantastic weekend!! :D

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Time for a swim…

June 18th, 2014

Its summer time! If you are fed up with walking around the city sights in this heat, then why not go to a lake near by and have a relaxed day at the beach?!? Thats what we think too! In no city in the world, summer is as beautiful as in Berlin. And nowhere is there a big city with so many and varied opportunities for swimming in natural waters. So today we would like to introduce to you, our TOP 5 lakes around Berlin City.


1. Berlin Wannsee


Berlin Wannsee is like THE most known lake around Berlin. It is located in the southwestern Berlin borough of Steglitz-Zehlendorf. Wannsee lake is well known as the number-one bathing and recreation spot for western Berlin, especially from a 1951 Schlager hit by teen idol Cornelia Froboess. The Strandbad Wannsee, an open-air lido with one of the longest inland beaches in Europe and a popular nudist area, was built in 1929-1930.


How to get here: the fastest and easiest way to get there is to catch the “RE1″ Train from Alexanderplatz “Gleis 2″. So catch the “U2″ from Senefelderplatz, 2 stops to Alexanderplatz and then catch the “RE1″.




2. Kleiner Müggelsee


Facial hidden in the forest of pines, is the beach Little Müggelsee. A large sunbathing area with a beautiful sandy beach right on the water is perfect for swimming. Whether families, friends or couples in love – everybody will find its perfect place for swimming day. Sun-seekers lie down in the pure sun. Others find shady spots under the trees on soft forest floor. At almost 100 meters in length it comes from the idyllic beach on the soft ground seamlessly into the clear, green-shimmering water.


How to get here: This one is not as easy to reach as the other lakes, but its totally worth it. So you would have to catch the “U2″ and go to “Schönhauser Allee”. There you catch the “S41″ and go to Ostkreuz. Take the “S3″ and get of at “Köpenick”. Now catch the Bus “X69″ to its last stop.


Kleiner Müggelsee


3. Schlachtensee


Small, private bays with tall oaks and maples provide shade characterize the Schlachtensee. The increased bank is indeed traversed a large extent of root systems, but there are also a couple of sandbars, which lead to very clear water.


How to get here: You just catch the “U2″ to Potsdamer Platz. There you catch the “S1″ and get of at Schlachtensee station. You will be just in front of the lake.




4. Berlin Weissensee / Weißer See


Weissensee is the smallest of our TOP 5 lakes. It is also the one nearest to the Hostel. The small bathhouse beach side was build in 1912 and is one of the oldest in Berlin. This is the right place for families. If you dont like to pay for the bathhouse beach side, just walk around the lake and find you own little place. There are plenty, and poeple relax all arond the lake.


How to get here: To get here catch the “U2″ to Alexanderplatz. There you catch the “M4″ Tram in direction “Zingster Straße” and get of at “Berliner Allee / Indira-Gandhi-Straße”. The lake will be right in front of you.


Weißer See


5. Strandbad Orankesee


Here you will find a lake with a sandy beach and a green lawn, added a 52m long water slide and a water slide for children. The lake is divided into a non-swimmer and swimmer area. On the grounds there is a small children’s playground, two table tennis tables and a beach volleyball court.


How to get here: To get here catch the “U2″ to Alexanderplatz. There you catch the “M4″ Tram in direction “Zingster Straße” and get of at “Buschallee / Hansastraße”. It is a 200 meter walk from that station.


Oranke See


If these are not enough, you can also check out – “Krumme Lanke” – “Liepnitzsee” – “Groß-Glienicker See” – or “Sacrower See”


For more Info just ask at the reception.


Have a nice and hot summertime!! :D





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Football World Cup

June 11th, 2014

Hey Friends!! :)


Finally the time has come. During the next month Brazil will host the World Cup 2014. And everybody in Germany hopes the time has come for a German world champion. But there are plenty strong and young teams that will give us great competition, like Brazil, Belgium, Swiss, Italy, Argentina, Chile, USA (with our German hero from 2006 “Coach Jürgen Klinsmann”) and many more.


The World Cup will be hold during the next month starting tomorrow “12th of June”. The final will be on Sunday the 13th of July. So the next weeks will be filled with surprises, happiness, pressure and many beers. But only for some of us the dream, of beeing the worl champion, will become true.


During the Worl Cup Berlin offer several “public viewing” station’s all over the city. Some of them we would like to introduce to you. They range from small bars to main public viewing areas like in front of the “Brandenburger Tor”.


Lets start with the once that are close to the Hostel.


1. The first place we like to introduce to you is called “FIT – freie internationale tankstelle ” and its just on the other side of the street. On the corner of Schwedter Straße and Templiner Straße. It is a small house that was used to be a gas station. Now it serves as a creative filling station as a intersec for artist and non artist. It encourages everyone to become be part of a new fuel.




2. Fussball Club Tante Käthe


This place is a proper football beach bar. They show all the Bundeslig and Champions league games. And of course they will show all the World Cup games too. It is located right by the Mauerpark, like 15 minutes walking from the Hostel. Its not really big, but the atmosphere is fantastic!!


Tante Käthe


3. Kulturbrauerei


The Kulturbrauerei used to be an actual beer brewery. And is now used as an cutural center for Clubs and lots of different events. They will show each and every game on a 24 m² LED wall. Thats pretty big! :)

They charge a 3€ for every Germany game and also for the final games. All the other matches are free. The Kulturbrauerei is just a 15 minutes walk away from the Hostel.




4. Alois S


The Alois S Bar is known for good beer, tasty wine and great tapas. This is the right place for spanish fans. But everybody else is welcome too! :D


Alois S


5. Hops & Barley


The Hops & Barley is a small brewery in Berlin-Friedrichshain, which brews its beer since 2008 near the Boxhagen place. Their goal is to enrich the Berlin beer culture. In addition to traditional beers such as Pilsner, Dark and wheat, we brew almost weekly specialty beers. Good self brewed beer and football….. any questions?!?


Hops & Barley


6. Freiluftkino Insel at Cassoipeia

The Cassiopeia one of Berlin’s most famous Clubs. It is located near S-Bahn “Warschauer Straße” on an old train depot. This area is filled with clubs, bars, an indoor skatepark, a big climbing wall and the public viewing garden. One of our favorite places for sure.




7. 11 Freunde WM Quartier


Situated next to “Ostbahnhof” station on the area of the Postbahnhof Club you will find one of the biggest public viewing places in Berlin. Here you will feel almost real stadium atmosphere in a friendly environment. TOP TOP TOP


11 Freund Lager


8. Hofbräuhaus Berlin


The Hofbräu house is a classic beer hall. Good German food and stein beers. They will not show every game. But on their website you can find a list of all the games shown…


Hofbräuhaus Berlin


9. Branenburger Tor


The “Fanmeile” at Brandenburger Tor is the biggest of all the public viewing places in Berlin. With about 300.000 people watching the games on 7 big screens, you will feel like you are inside the stadium. It is great atmosphere! But sometimes you need half an hour to buy a beer. There are just soooo many people….


Brandenburger Tor


These are only few of all the public viewing places in Berlin. But we think these are the oce you should visit during your time in Berlin. For directions just ask at the reception.


Let the games begin…. :D



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Karneval der Kulturen (Carnival of Cultures)

June 5th, 2014

This weekend it’s that time again, when “Kreuzberg’s” streets are filled with dancing people and various culture acts. Because form the 6th till the 9th of June Berlin hosts the “Karneval der Kulturen”. Every year people from all the different cultures in Berlin get together and arrange this big and fantastic event. Music and dance groups, professional and amateurs, children and adults take part in the parade through Kreuzberg. From anarchic performance over traditional dances to mash-up and remix; from high- to popular-, in “Karneval der Kulturen” culture has many meanings. And that is what makes this Karneval so special.


Since 1996, thats the first year the Carnival was hold, the event is constantly growing. It has grown form 50.000 visitors to more than a million today. The number of participants in the parades, however, rose steadily, from about 2,200 to over 4,000 actors. The originality and imagination of their performances and equipment is awarded with prices. The Parade will take place on Sunday the 8th. It will start 12:30pm at u-Bahn “Hermannplatz”. Also, this year is the first year, that the famous Club Ritter Butzke will have a wagon at the Parade. The project of the RitterButzke is more than just a club in Kreuzberg backyard aqua Carree. It is a meeting point for enthusiastic idealists and hedonists creative. With a focus on electronic music is here always tried to celebrate the new musical break with a variety of genres. Hopefully their wagon will be quite as crazy, playful and multi-faceted as the debauched late nights at the club.


Here you will find some impressions from the last years Carnival. :)


Karneval der Kulturen 2013


And here is the direct Link to the main Website of the Carnival of Cultures


Carnival of Cultures


If you need to know how to get to the Carnival, just come and ask us at the reception.


After Carnival Partys


The official Aftershowparty will be at “Yaam” this year. Yaam is a Reggae Beach Club near Osthahnhof.




More Partys around the Carnival you will find on this Website


Carnival Partys


The “EastSeven” Hostel wishes everybody a fantiastic weekend!! :D

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Long night of Museums

May 14th, 2014

Berlin is a City full of History, Art of all kinds and various Museums. This Saturday the 17th of May you will get the chance to see many of these Museums at night. The Musuems open their doors from 6pm to 2am. This is the only night of the year when Museums are open at night. So don’t miss it….


Founded  in Berlin ,17 years ago, the Long Night invites visitors this year, for the first time in May, to discover, to stroll, to exchange ideas and to experience. 80 doors stand open , they lead to world-famous collections, Berliner originals, unknown cultures or (once) beloved objects.


If you don’t know which Museum you like to visit, here will be some recommendations from  the “EastSeven” Hostel. :)


1. Altes Museum

Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s Altes Museum, completed in 1830, is one of the most important buildings of the Neoclassical era. The Altes Museum was originally constructed to house all of the city’s collections of fine arts. However, since 1904, the museum has housed the Antikensammlung (Collection of Classical Antiquities). Since 1998 the Collection of Classical Antiquities has displayed its Greek collection, including the treasury, on the ground floor of the Altes Museum.Special exhibitions are displayed on the second floor of the museum.

Website: Altes Museum


2. Pergamonmuseum

Situated on the Museum Island, the Pergamon Museum houses the Antiquities Collection, the Near Eastern Museum, and the Museum of Islamic Art. It is known worldwide through its archeological building ensembles such as the Pergamon Altar, the Market Gate of Miletus, and the Ishtar.

 Website: Pergamonmuseum


3. Deutsches Historisches Museum

The Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum) is Germany’s national historical museum. The Permanent Exhibition in the Zeughaus, German History in Images and Artefacts, with more than 7,000 objects, provides a unique overview of German history within its international context. The museum’s temporary Special Exhibitions can be seen in the Exhibition Hall designed by the Chinese American architect I.M. Pei. They are devoted to formative historical events, epochs and social developments.

Website: Deutsches Historisches Museum


4. Museum für Naturkunde

The collection preserves over 30 million objects from fossils, taxidermy, and minerals right to 4.5-billion-year-old meteorites. The highlight of the museum is the largest reconstructed dinosaur standing in any museum worldwide. A portion of the large research collection of wet preserved specimens is accessible to museum visitors in the east wing.

Website: Museum für Naturkunde


5. Jüdisches Museum Berlin

The Jewish Museum Berlin (Jüdisches Museum Berlin) is one of the largest Jewish Museums in Europe. In two buildings, one of which is a new addition specifically built for the museum by architectDaniel Libeskind, two millennia of German Jewish history are on display in the permanent exhibition as well as in various changing exhibitions. German-Jewish history is documented in the collections, the library and the archive, in the computer terminals at the museum’s Rafael Roth Learning Center, and is reflected in the museum’s program of events. Also, the “Jüdisches Museum” has a really impressive architecture.

Website: Jüdisches Museum Berlin


6. Bauhaus Archiv Berlin

The museum possesses the largest collection on the history of Bauhaus worldwide. It exhibits works from across the spectrum of the school: architecture, furniture, ceramic, metal, photography, stage and works from the “Vorkurs” preparatory course.

Website: Bauhaus Archiv Berlin


7. Neue Nationalgalerie

The Neue Nationalgalerie was built by Mies van der Rohe and is dedicated to the art of the 20th  century.

Website: Neue Nationalgalerie


So these are just 7 out of 80 Museums that will open doors for you at night. If you like to know which other Museums will be part of the “Lange Nacht der Museen” just follow this link.

all Museums


Also: Guests, who at 2 a.m. have not yet had enough, can continue the expedition on Sunday during International Museum Day in almost all of the participating museums. The Long-Night-Ticket from Saturday applies to all museums open on Sunday, May 18th, that participated in the Long Night.


If you need to know how to get to these places, just ask us at the reception.

Have a nice week!! :)

May 13th, 2014

Upcoming events   in Berlin
So, what’s going on in Berlin in May?
There are some sweet events we would like to introduce you to.
First of all there is the Lange Nacht der Museen, meaning the long night of the museums. One ticket gets you into all participating museums, including the transportation in between them. It starts
on Saturday, May 17, 2014 from 6 p.m.  and ends at 2 a.m.
You can have a look yourself here to find out more
German football cup  – DFB-Pokalfinale takes place in Berlin at the Olympic stadium. You will probably not be able to get tickets, but then again, who wants to see Bayern München???  Nevertheless, you will see many tipsy football supporters throughout the city. Remember, yellow/black is Dortmund; red/white is Munich. Just a hint to avoid unnecessary cultural difficulties. Kickoff is at 8 pm and the game will be televised in every pub.
You aren’t interested in neither sport nor museums? No problem. How about
Zombie Run Berlin? 10000 zombies are expected to crawl from their graves to either collect flags or scare the s$%*t out of everyone. Well , zombies nowadays seem to be very competitive.
You can sing up here as a zombie
And here as a runner
Still nothing for you?
How about this: on May 20th David Bowie opens his exhibition in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum and Martin-Gropius-Bau. The emphasis will be on his most creative years which he spent in Berlin between 1976 and 1978. Tickets are 14€, reduced 10€, including state of the art Sennheiser headphones for your audio tour.
Modern art anybody?
Yes, we do have that too. The Biennale.
This festival takes place every 2 years and is mainly about contemporary art. This year the curators stress out the interaction between the city and its inhabitants. Ask Steffi at the reception. She is our expert in the art field or click here
Here is my last effort to get you to convince you:
The DMY is THE designer meeting point for everybody interested in well, design of course. Whether it is  furniture or social design. You will find very much exciting concepts in an exciting venue – the abandoned Tempelhof Airoprt. DMY opens in may 28th. click
Enjoy our city