Potsdamer Schlössernacht 2014

In about 2 weeks, on the 16th of August, Potsdam and the Park Sanssouci will host the annual “Schlössernacht” (Palaces by Night) for the 16th time. Nowhere Prussia’s Baroque is more dazzling, lush and romantic than in the park of Sanssouci. Palaces and Gardens present themselves in a landscape of incomparable harmony. The former summer paradise of the Prussian kings near the capital Berlin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Once a year, you can experience a magnificently illuminated park in a romantic mood night. Again there will be concerts and dance performances with drama and literature lectures. As every year on the night before the “Schlössernacht” there will be a kick-off concert. This year performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.


Hundreds of actors make the nightly program of the Potsdam Castle Night. Masks and costumes of bygone eras meet the visitors – from the orangery to the New Palace, the Chinese House to the Roman Baths, from the gallery to the Church of Peace. Even the trees are starting to talk. They tell how they came to this place, in this unique park landscape, devised by the great landscape architect Peter Lenne. English park architecture mingles with ancient Near Eastern and Roman-Latin influences. An opportunity for visitors to stroll like Prussia’s King Frederick the Great did.


At midnight big fireworks is shown infront of the New Palace.This much is certain: Those who visit Sanssouci that night, reserves unforgettable images in their heads. A ticket will cost 46,20€. Which is a fair price for a special event like this….


For more Information just ask at the reception or have a look at this link!


16th Potsdamer Schlössernacht

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