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Our top 5 of boats to rent!

Spring has finally started yeah!How much we all longed for this to happen :)!
Now it is the right time to fully enjoy the potential of good weather! Go outside, hang out in the parks, eat ice cream, cycle, jog, enjoy a coffee in the sun, go sightseeing, sit in our garden, wear t-shirt and shorts,…., and go on a boat tour or rent a boat and explore the city of Berlin from the water, it is a totally different perspective, and I am sure you will enjoy it. If you want to do a small sightseeing tour through the city centre just go to the museum island! Here you find, alongside the spree, several boat companies offering tours that usually take up 1 hour of your time! If you want to rent your own private boat, read this blog and find out where to get out on the water in Berlin!

1. Rent a raft!
At the Boat rental Rübezahl, located at the Lake Müggelsee in Berlin you can rent beautiful rafts for up to 8 people. The Müggelsee is a beautiful lake, where you can easily spend several hours on or in the water!
For the raft you don´t need a special licence. If you like you can rent a barbeque too.
It is easy to get here by public transport, ask us at the reception if you need help.
2. Spreecab
you can rent this small water cab that offers space for up to 9 people from the Spreekreuz, Charlottenburg. For one hour you pay 65€, including the Cab driver! Lay back and enjoy cruising on the river spree!
3. Hauptstadtfloß

this is a raft build completely out of wood, it offers space for up to 45 people and costs 900€ for 2,5 hours. The raft is located at Rummelsburger Bucht, Rummelsburg. Check their website and reserve in advance!
4. Salonschiff Ms. Marple
This ship is a classic boat from the 1930´s! You can take this ship and ride along the river Spree through Berlin. Ms. Marples offers space to 27 people, and the boat can take you wherever you please to go.
the boat is waiting for you at the Rummelsburger Bucht, opposite to the Treptower Park.  If you need help to find out how to get there, please come ask us at the reception.
5. Grill-Boot-Berlin, grill & chill
this boat is designed with a grill in the middle, so you can float on the water while preparing sausages for lunch!
A unique experience, that costs around 45€ per hour. You don´t need a license for this round shaped boat! make sure to reserve in advance!

That´s all for now! Enjoy the summertime in Berlin and if you want further information and tips on what to see and do in Berlin, just stop by at the reception!

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