Shopping in Berlin: A top 5 of cool shops!

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Best Shops Berlin

Personal shopping guide for some of the coolest shops around the EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Summer is almost over, autumn is awaiting us now, time to prepare our wardrobe for colder days!
In this blog post we have made a selection of some really nice shops close by the EastSeven Hostel. The shops mentioned here, all have something unique and special AND they are not to expensive.
In the famous shopping-street Kastanienallee, dubbed casting allee by Berlin residents,  there are lots of cool shops. Some with designer clothes, vintage furniture, souvenirs etc.etc.  Go there for a stroll to see some beautiful people and for shopping of course!  
The surrounding streets are also good for shopping. We will discuss some cool vintage, secondhand, souvenir and fashion stores in this blog.

Here is our TOP 5:
1. Kauf Dich Glüklich
this shop is a bit different from regular shops, cause it is not actually a real shop. It is a cafe selling
the best waffles in town!! Hmm then why is it on the list of best  shops, you
might wonder…. Thatʼs because almost everything inside the cafe is for sale. So if you like
the seat you are sitting on, or the artwork on the wall, you can buy it and take it home with
you. The name of the shop translated in to English means as much as buy yourself happy.

2. O3-shop
They sell everything from earrings, to postcards, from souvenirs to unique designed clothes…anything you can imagine. All made by different Designers. The shop has a  gallery, a small factory, a seminar room and a lovely garden.
It´s really worthwhile taking a closer look inside this cozy shop in the Oderberger strasse.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! This is one of the coolest vintage-shops in Berlin. They sell over thousands of secondhand shoes and have an exclusive selection of furniture & clothes from the 40´s till the 80´s.
Check it out for yourselves!

4. Heimzucht

this cozy store in the Danzigerstrasse 10 is famous for its  Berlin design, street wear, vintage  & elegance!

The friendly and honest service makes it a true and nice shopping experience! Berlin Stars shop here, so should you!

5. Made in Berlin
this is probably the most famous second hand shop Berlin knows. It has a broad variety of
cool vintage clothes, both for females and males! The shop is quite big, so make sure to take enough time and check it out thoroughly!
You find this shop at the neue schönhauser strasse 19.


Have fun shopping in Berlin! For more inspiration just check out our youtube-video to get an even better impression. And of course feel free to ask our staff at the reception where to find these fine shops!


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