Summertime in Berlin: A top 5 of things to do when it gets hot!

Summer Berlin

Summer is on its way and we already had a lot of nice sunny days in Berlin this year!
As we would like to inform you an all the things you could and should do and see in Berlin,
now it feels like the right time to start presenting some really cool swimming pools, parks
and other open air activities.
Here is our hot time summer in the city TOP 5:
1. Cool down at the Badeschiff
this is our absolute favorite outdoor swimmingpool in Berlin! Here all the hipsters go, and
you should go there too. The Badeschiff is something unique, you won´t find anywhere
else in Europe. It is a former cargo ship turned into a swimming pool. The ship lies on the
river Spree, so while swimming you are really floating on the Spree. It is a cool meeting
point, cause not only you can swim here, there is also a bar und a beach-like sunning
area. At night there are also very often parties and dj`s.
It is also an oasis for personal welbeing, you can book massages and yoga too.
Here is the link to their website for further information and directions; Das Badeschiff Berlin

2. Park Tiergarten
this is the park where you should go to when the city gets too hot. After visiting all major
sights in the city centre you can easily walk from Brandenburg Gate to this big innercity
oasis! This park has a lot of big old trees, so there is plenty of shade, all the locals go here
for a picnic or to do some sport excersises. You might also witness a class of art students
trying to catch the beautiful sceneries the parc offers.
Since it is such a big park you can also take a bike and cylce your way through it!
3. Open Air Cinema
the open air cinema season has started again!!It is such a joy to watch a film outside in the open air. You can bring your own picnic-basket and drinks.
One of my favorits is the one at volkspark Friedrischhain. When you are here you totally
forget that you are in the big metropolis Berlin.
Make sure to be there on time, there might be quite a que!
Here is a link to the website: open air cinema berlin

4. Summer time is ice cream time
you can find ice cream shops on almost every corner in Prenzlauer berg.
Some of our favorites are: kleine eiszeit, kauf dich glücklich and cuffaro.

5. Go to Kreuzberg!
The gorgeous Viktoriapark is fantastic for a late afternoon walk. From the plateau you
have a fantastic view over kreuzberg. A lot of people come here to relax and chat with
friends over a beer. After checking out the park you can try the delecious vegetarian food at
the Seerose restaurant. You will find a lot of nice bars over at Bergmannstrasse. Enjoy a
hot summer night in Kreuzberg!

for an affordable place to sleep in Berlin check out the EastSeven Hostel in Prenzlauer Berg. Hope to see you all soon!

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