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Free Meal at EastSeven
Supper Club @ EastSeven

The Supper Club at EastSeven Berlin Hostel!!
we are a real backpacker hostel in central Berlin and we are now offering something very special for our guests that are booked in our hostel!
In exchange for your cooking skills, where you make an evening meal for like-minded travelers in our well stocked kitchen, we will give you a free dorm bed for the night.
We can supply you with recipes, lists for what you need to buy and will even pay for the ingredients. All you have to do is cook a meal for 10-20 other travelers staying in our hostel and the bed is yours!

Here is how it works:
Come to the reception the day before or early in the morning of the day you want to cook, and proclaim your intention to cook. With our receptionists you can prepare your menu and shopping list. We will make an announcement to hostel guests and open dinner registration.
There should be 2 courses including a vegetarian option (eg salad & pasta; soup & baked potato; pizza & ice-cream).
Considering our student style budget, we are not expecting Michelin star cooking, however we will not allow convenience food, readymade cans or frozen stuff.  In summer you can also do a bbq in our beautiful garden.
Supper time is 8 pm and it is no coincidence that we have a beer happy hour from 8 – 10pm where a large, delicious German beer (all German beer is delicious really) costs 1€. Free food, cheap beer, nice kitchen table…. The perfect combination for a lot of fun on an extremely low budget – that’s true backpacker spirit.
To really get the family feeling, we can ask other guests to come to help you in the kitchen.
At parties, the best place to be is always in the kitchen, food connects people. The chef is a rock star and this supper club is a perfect opportunity to get in touch with other travelers. Isn´t that the main reason to stay in a hostel in the first place?  To meet people from all over the world, share stories and have a good time together?
Some of our cooking evenings are already legendary. Guests partied till all hours or went to bars and clubs in our neighborhood together. So whether in a couple, family or as a lone ranger traveler this is a perfect opportunity to make new friends (it’s ok, we don’t mind if there is a bit of flirting!).
„In my times of travel, this is how I always imagined hostel life– spending time with other travelers and enjoying something special, all on a shoestring budget “ Jörg Schöpfel (owner of EastSeven and now family man).
Let cooking and eating together in our hostel become your home from home.

The EastSeven Berlin Hostel has already won important hostel awards in 2012 – the latest in a long succession of international hostel awards . This is not only because we offer clean, comfortable rooms but because we think good hospitality should achieve this a “home from home” feeling.
EastSeven has been highly recommended by regarded travel guides including Lonely Planet, Lets Go, Reise Know-How and many others. Reviews routinely confirm the hostel has ‘true spirit’. Why? Because it’s small, independent, cosy, personal, super clean, relaxed, affordable, has a lovely kitchen/garden/lounge area, doesn’t take large group bookings and most importantly,  because when you leave, you will feel you are leaving a place of relaxation and individuality.


We hope to welcome you soon to our hostel! We will be delighted if you would like to join in on the supper club!!

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