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Struth! the germs got me

Sunday, January 4th, 2015










some weird homespun remedies Germans really use.
i shit you not – they actually work



1) snuffles: inhalation of salt and chamomile
bring 2 liters water to boil, mix with chamomile ( you can use teabags) and 3 spoons of salt – inhale. helps fighting runny noses
2) sore throat: cold pack
put a wet cloth around your throat, then wrap it with a scarf over night. your body will pump as much blood as possible to the cold region, i.e. your throat. satisfaction guaranteed
3) sore throat: gargling
depends on whether you like it salty or not. I usually gargle a salt solution. alternatively you can bring 500 ml to boil , add  2 spoons of sage and let it simmer for 15 minutes. this tincture tastes better than salt and helps too.
4) cough: onion syrup
cut up an onion in half, sprinkle with sugar and leave covered for 1h. „enjoy“ the juices that appear on the surface. they will not only soothe your cough but are rich in vitamin C.
5) all purpose: beer cure
my fav – it either helps or not, but you  tried at least. beer cure is common on bavaria, but so are marian apparitions….
6) chicken broth
boy, these chicken need to run quickly during flu season. a chicken broth is ubiquitous in winter. it is literally the WD-40 of flu remedies

enough voodoo.
there is also a pharmacy just round the corner from the hostel. ask for aspirin complex if you want to be fit within minutes.

New EastSeven Berlin Hostel VIDEO

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Pierre testing the beds

Pierre testing the beds


It´s been already a couple of months since Leonie came up with the fantastic idea of making a video about the EastSeven Hostel staff, inspired on the ´Amelie Intro`.
I found the idea magnificent and that´s when we started brainstorming together! The intro of Amelie is where all characters are being introduced, showing the likes and don´t likes that are typical for them.

At that moment the EastSeven Berlin Hostel counted 12  staff members, including the 2 managers of the hostel. So for each character we were imagining what he or she desires or dislikes the most. Some of our staff members came with their own idea. For instance Caroline, who really really enjoys making coffee and she just loves the smell of our Italian coffee beans!! Or Lena, who in real life really is allergic to the sound of chalk on a black board. In the end, all of us show something really personal, although it still only is a small feature of our characters. It does give the viewer an impression on who the individual staff members of the EastSeven Hostel are.
Our special thanks goes out to BRM for making the music and to Frank Dukowski for the voice-over, thank you guys!!!

So if you are coming to Berlin, and if you are still looking for a nice and friendly, relaxed hostel in a great location…you are more than welcome to check in at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel!!

Here is the video, have a look!!

EastSeven Berlin Hostel for disabled people

Friday, March 6th, 2009

EastSeven has a lot of features for disabled people. In the 1st floor we are fully wheel chair accessible with one bathroom barrier-free by international standards. For visually handicapped we have from a special Berlin page now an audio guide (unfortunately only in German for the moment).

News from the hostel kitchen

Friday, March 6th, 2009

We have a new cook. Florian will make “pasta with vegetables” nex monday 20:00. Don´t miss it. Florian is a real Berliner and at the moment working on a new start in life. Cooking is his passion and sharing the food with friends a kind of heaven on earth. Do all to have a bed on monday at EastSeven Berlin Hostel. Of course the food is free, but you should register till 15:00.
For more impressions just watch our new video:

German staff meeting 2009

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

German Hostel-Receptionist Convention 2009

For this year’s gathering of receptionist from all over Germany who work in member hostels of Backpacker Network Germany the EastSeven Berlin Hostel was proud to be the host.
About 40 hostel-receptionists from all over Germany (Kiel, Münster, Osnabrück, München, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Stralsund, Leipzig …) arrived on Friday the 30th of January in the EastSeven Berlin Hostel for the weekend.
In the evening we all got together in the EastSeven lounge for a nice meal (tasty lamb stew) and some beers (some more as well …).

2009 Germany Hostel Staff Meeting I

2009 Germany Hostel Staff Meeting I

A lot of information on working in a hostel was shared and we collected heaps of stories about strange guest (Hamburg had the strangest to be honest). There was a lot of: ’so, and how does that work in your hostel?’ ; ‘ how are you handeling this and this situation?’ The big and never ending discussion was of course the eternal question about how the perfect hostel should be …
The next day we had a lot of sightseeing. In the morning we had the free walking tour with Brewers. (Brewers has a pick up at EastSeven Berlin Hostel twice a day)
In the afternoon we had kind of scary exiting insight to Berlin underground bunkers from World War II (and cold war) by this very enthusiastic guys (thanks a lot, we really recommend).
And then after sightseeing and tours in Berlin there was this heavy beerdrinking party organized for us in the Odyssee Hostel.

2009 Germany Hostel Staff Meeting II

2009 Germany Hostel Staff Meeting II

The next morning it was time to say goodbye.
A big breakfast Buffet was offered to our guests, and after drinking a couple of coffee together and eating some sandwiches it was already time to say goodbye.
But we will meet again next year, in a different hostel in a different town, but with the same enthusiasm!

EastSeven Berlin Hostel – the first videos

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

EastSeven Berlin hostel proudly presents the first video we made about us. You find us on youtube

As we like the idea of sending our message by this media we decided to make some more within the next year. If you have a nice video about EastSeven Berlin Hostel, please let us know – we will link you with us.

Of course you find the video also on our website, myspace, facebook, … etc.

here is allready more material about us in the www …

… like this crunchy guest video …

… or this promo from one of our partners …

… and here can be your stuff …

EastSeven Berlin Hostel – free pasta on monday

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Free pasta on Monday

Every Monday EastSeven Berlin Hostel cooks a free meal for you. The food is simple, but good (and for free), the atmosphere is friendly and it is good start for a nice evening, maybe ending in Berlin nightlife.

2009 Spanish guest having meal on kitchen table

2009 Spanish guest having meal on kitchen table

Free pasta on Monday is a nice get-together for our hostel-guests to meet other travelers, and share a meal together.

Everybody can join the cooking. Some guests bring their own ingredients and mix it with the food that’s supplied by the EastSeven staff. So there´s enough to eat, drink, and laugh…
If you feel like going out after some beers – the hostel is in the middle of where the party is. Clubs and bars are plenty in our neighbourhood.

Here is how it works:

Every Monday:

Free vegetarian Meal

Starts: 19h00

-Sign up at the reception till Monday 15h00

-Meet us in the lounge at 19h00

-You´re welcome to help us

-Feel free to bring your own extra ingredients

-We sell drinks at the reception