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Struth! the germs got me

Sunday, January 4th, 2015










some weird homespun remedies Germans really use.
i shit you not – they actually work



1) snuffles: inhalation of salt and chamomile
bring 2 liters water to boil, mix with chamomile ( you can use teabags) and 3 spoons of salt – inhale. helps fighting runny noses
2) sore throat: cold pack
put a wet cloth around your throat, then wrap it with a scarf over night. your body will pump as much blood as possible to the cold region, i.e. your throat. satisfaction guaranteed
3) sore throat: gargling
depends on whether you like it salty or not. I usually gargle a salt solution. alternatively you can bring 500 ml to boil , add  2 spoons of sage and let it simmer for 15 minutes. this tincture tastes better than salt and helps too.
4) cough: onion syrup
cut up an onion in half, sprinkle with sugar and leave covered for 1h. „enjoy“ the juices that appear on the surface. they will not only soothe your cough but are rich in vitamin C.
5) all purpose: beer cure
my fav – it either helps or not, but you  tried at least. beer cure is common on bavaria, but so are marian apparitions….
6) chicken broth
boy, these chicken need to run quickly during flu season. a chicken broth is ubiquitous in winter. it is literally the WD-40 of flu remedies

enough voodoo.
there is also a pharmacy just round the corner from the hostel. ask for aspirin complex if you want to be fit within minutes.

ELI5: berlin public transport system

Thursday, November 27th, 2014
a different ay to use the U-bahn

also a way to use the U-bahn

there is much confusion about how to use our public transport. let me try to explain

tickets are valid for 2 hours and must be validated (small box usually located next to the ticket machine). you can only go in one direction. for going back you need a new ticket, even if you still are within the 2 hours.
AB tickets cover all of the city. an ABC ticket is only needed if you want to leave town, i.e. if you want to go to schönefeld airport of potsdam
sort trip tickets are good for 3 stops on U & S and 6 on busses and trams
reduced tickets are for elderly, children or unemployed only.
best value is the day ticket – stamp it ONCE only. if you are staying longer than 5 days buy a week ticket – stamp that one also once only.

means of transportation:
no, there is no difference between U-bahn, S-bahn, busses or trams. tickets are valid for all of them. to companies run the network, the yellow one ( the good ) and the red one (the bad)
S&U usually rum at lest every 5 minutes, from 4am till midnight. N-busses run along underground lines when the underground has stopped.
M-lines: introduced a couple of years ago, confuse still most of the berliners. either trams or busses which operate 24/7 every 10 minutes. quite handy to get home.

what to do at night:
take the following lines to get home:
tram M10 – runs between friedrichshain and prenzlauer berg every 10 minutes. get off at eberswalderstrasse
bus N2 – night bus, operates almost the same route as the U2 every 30 minutes
tram M1 – runs from friedrichstrasse and mitte. get off at kastanienallee
bus N8 takes you from neukölln to hackescher markt, take the N2 from there

this journey planner is also pretty handy 

that’s all folks – if you have any further questions we are more than happy to help. come down to the reception

Free Museums and Memorials

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Hey Friends,


Its getting cold and rainy. Beeing outside all day to see all the sights is not as pleasant as during the summer time. So why dont escape the cold and visit some museums?! Berlin is City full of Art and Partys, but we also offer a wide range of museums and memorials. Beside all the big and famous museums, such as “Pergamon” or “Neues Museum”, there are many many others that are worth a visit. Most memorials, regional and historical museums and collections in general grant free admission. 

So here is a list of the admission free museums and memorials:


AlliiertenmuseuAnti-Kriegs-MuseumArchitekturmuseum der TU, Daimler Contemporary Deutsch-Russisches Museum Berlin-KarlshorstDeutscher DomDokumentationszentrum Berliner MauerEnergie-Museum BerlinGaslaternenmuseumTränenpalastWilly-Brandt-HausZucker-MuseumMuseum der Unerhörten Dinge, …. These are just a few with links. There are many more…..


domFoto (


Abguss-Sammlung Antiker Plastik
Architekturmuseum der TU
Bezirksmuseum Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Bezirksmuseum Marzahn-Hellersdorf
Blinden-Museum Steglitz
Bockwindmühle Marzahn
Daimler Contemporary
Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas (Ort der Information)
Deutsch-Russisches Museum Berlin-Karlshorst
Deutscher Dom
Dokumentationszentrum Berliner Mauer
Dokumentationszentrum NS-Zwangsarbeit Berlin-Schöneweide
Energie-Museum Berlin
Erinnerungsstätte Notaufnahmelager Marienfelde
Friedrichswerdersche Kirche – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Galerie Spandow
Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer
Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand
Gedenkstätte Köpenicker Blutwoche
Gedenkstätte Plötzensee
Gedenkstätte Stille Helden
Gedenkstätte und Museum Sachsenhausen
Gotisches Haus – Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Spandau
Grünauer Wassersportmuseum
Haus am Lützowplatz
Haus der Wannseekonferenz (bei Gruppen und für Sonderausstellungen wird Eintritt erhoben)
Heimatmuseum Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
Heimatmuseum Köpenick
Heimatmuseum Reinickendorf
Heimatmuseum Treptow
Heimatmuseum Lichtenberg
Heimatmuseum Steglitz
Heimatmuseum Zehlendorf
Historisches Leuchtenmuseum
Informations- und Dokumentationszentrum der Bundesbeauftragten für die Stasi-Unterlagen
Jugendmuseum Schöneberg
Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien
Luftwaffenmuseum der Bundeswehr
Mies van der Rohe-Haus
Mitte Museum am Festungsgraben
Mitte Museum am Gesundbrunnen
Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt
Museum der Staatlichen Münze Berlin
Museum der Unerhörten Dinge
Museum der Verbotenen Kunst
Museum Neukölln
Museumsverbund Pankow (ehemaliges Panke Museum, Standort Heynstraße)
Museumsverbund Pankow (Standort Prenzlauer Allee)
Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlung
Spandovia Sacra
Sportmuseum: für Ausstellungen
Tempelhof Museum
Topographie des Terrors

If you need more Info, just ask us at the reception.


Have a nice day! :)

Berlin Berlin

Monday, November 3rd, 2014


You might have heard of, Berlin once had a wall running through the middle.
After 25 year of reunification most signs of the separation have disappeared. Quite often you don’t really know if you are in the west or the east. The years of division have nevertheless left some peculiar trails. In most cities you usually have only 1 of which Berlin has 2. Some examples?
The zoo
Do you want to visit the zoo? Alright, you can choose between the famous one and the Tierpark in the east. I prefer the second. Why? Because it is much more spacious and renowned for its reproduction which means many cute baby animals in springtime.
Botanical garden
You can choose between a park style garden with admission or the botanical peoples park with no admission. Have a guess which one is where…
For its size and importance Berlin has 2 bleak football teams. One is Hertha with the fantastic Olympic stadium as home ground. The other one is Union, a working class club. Union fans collected money to rebuild their stadium as the club itself did not have enough capital.
Landing in Tegel feels more like arriving by bus. The Airport is small and cozy with short transfer to city centre. There was simply not enough space for a huge airport in a fenced up city.
Arriving in Schönefeld doesn’t feel like landing in the economic power horse of Europe at all. This was the GDR Berlin Airport and hasn’t lost any of its socialist character.
The new, central airport was due to open 2 years ago. The new deadline is 2016. Berlin, you did it again…

There are many more examples, like e.g. 2 opera houses, 2 observatories and so on.
Be careful in taxis – -the Schwedterstrasse you are looking for is in the east!!!

Fete de la Musique in Berlin!

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Music Berlin (c) Barbara SiggeThe festival for live music, all around town!

today summer officially started, the weather is nice and it is weekend! A lot of cool events are awaiting you this summer.
One of the nicest music festivals that takes place every year on the longest day of the year is the Fete de la Musique!

What is so special about this festival is, it´s totally for free and really all around the city! It is an open air festival and luckily today the weather is perfect for that!


Apart from the bands playing at stages across the city, during the festival street musicians are allowed to spontaneously play their acoustic songs on any street corner. So go out on the street tonight, bring a couple of beers and a couple of friends and let yourself be entertained by musicians from all kinds of different music genres.
Close to the EastSeven Hostel you will find the Fete de la Musique at the Mauerpark, at Bassy Cowboy club and at the Kulturbrauerei (FranzzClub).
The festival starts at 4pm, and will approximately end at 10pm….after this there will be after parties at many different locations….this is the famous fete de la nuit, in Berlin, the city that never sleeps

Have a closer look at the programm and see who is playing where and when, at the hand out at the reception, or at the Fete de la Musique homepage.

For more information on what to see and do in Berlin please read the hostel blog or ask our local staff at the reception!

Hope to welcome you soon at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel!


A restaurant guide for Berlin Prenzlauer Berg – EastSeven´s top 10!

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013
German food Berlin

Restaurants in Berlin

Here is a blog post with a list of good and popular restaurants all within walking distance from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel. Mmmmh I already get appetite just by preparing this blog post :).


1. EntwederOder

this is the oldest coffee bar in Prenzlauer Berg. they have art exhibitions and also alternative concerts.

They serve German food and they have a broad variety of Breakfast dishes you can choose from!

Oderbergerstr. 15

2. Restaurant Ermitage

If you want to eat Russian food this is the place to go! Here you can get everything from Borscht to Blinis and of course ice cold vodka!

Schönhauser Allee 140

3. Alois S.

This spanish tapas bar was named after Alois Senefelder, the inventor of lithography. This place is perfect to visit with kids because the outdoor terrace is located on the playground.

Senefelder Str. 18

4. Weinstein

it is a fusion between wine bar and taverne. The cool thing is, they have a price-fixed menu, which includes 3 courses, 2 wines and a coffee for only 22€. They use top quality reginal products, which is really cool I think.

Lychener Str. 33

5. Feminamorta

authentic Italian food and fantastic Italian wines, that is what makes this restaurant the perfect place to wine and dine! It has a really cosy atmosphere and there is a separate room for smoking.

Winstrasse 30

6. Altberliner Restaurant Die Kaffeestuben

here you will find traditional German and Berlin food. It is a family owned restaurant with a really friendly atmosphere. They have a seasonal menu so you can eat fresh food from the right season. The outdoor terrace offers a nice view over the famous Arkona platz, where there is a great flea market on Sundays!

Fürstenberger Str. 1

7. I Due Forni

the place to go if your in for pizza.  all the young and hip people go here, it is always full!

There is a big outdoor terrace!

Schönhauser Allee 12

8. Salsabil

a small restaurant for Libanese specialities, they also do take away. They make the best falafel in town.

Good for eating fresh prepared food and saving money.

Wörther Str. 16

9. Zum Dritten Mann

this restaurants prepares delicious Austrian food and it is served  in a modern ambient.The service is really good and the quality of the food is outstanding. One of my personal favorites here is the Käsespätzle, yummie!

Kollwitzstr.  87

10. White Trash Fast Food

Go here for the best  (vegetarian) burgers in town and ask for the home-made lemonade, which is fantastic. After diner, hang out here for a while, there is always a concert going on!


If you are still looking for a good sleep in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, we are more than happy to welcome you to our hostel!

All right, that´s all for now! Enjoy your culinary time in Berlin!








Top 10 of indoor activities in Berlin

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Berlin cold war bunker

It is freezing outside, so why even bother going out? stay inside where it´s warm and cozy. We present you here a list of some of the coolest indooractivities in Berlin.  And, okay you have to go out first, but Berlin has a good public transport system, so that shouldn´t be a problem! If you need help with how to get there, just come ask us at the reception!


1. Hamam Berlin
This is for ladies only! Located in the popular district Kreuzberg, easy to reach by public transport.
It´s getting colder outside so why not warm up a bit at  the Hamam to enjoy a really nice Turkish bathing ritual…
Hamam is a bathing ceremony of the cleansing of the body and soul. Relaxation and communication in a warm and pleasant atmosphere are key elements of the Hamam culture. Here women from different cultures and walks of life work and meet.
You’ll find the Hamam at Mariannenstr. 6 in Kreuzberg
Opening hours: daily from 15h till 23h
Entrance fee: 14€ for 3 Hrs

2.  Go to a Museum, for instance to the one and only Ramones Museum Berlin
Punk rock legends The Ramones come from New York, but their biggest fan might just be from Berlin. Florian Hayler collected hundreds of Ramones-related items, and attended more than 100 Ramones concerts, then decided to collect his expertise and souvenirs in a museum. It debuted in 2005, a year after the death of founding band member Johnny Ramone.
Krausnickstr. 23
10115  Berlin
Opening Hours: Tue-Thu 8.30 am-6 pm, Fri 8.30 am -8 pm, Sat 10 am -8 pm, Sun 12-6 pm
Admission Fee: 3,50 Euro

3. Buncker Tour

Are you interested in going beyond the popular touristic sights and explore a bit more of Berlins history?

Then go for instance on a bunker tour!

There are several different bunker tours, in english, german and spanish.
Something exceptional and very interesting! A must do!

4. Pergamon Museum
One of the most popular attractions in Berlin, the Pergamon Museum is world famous for its archaeological holdings. The Pergamon, located on Museum Island, is really three museums in one – the Collection of Classical Antiquities (also on display in the Old Museum), the Museum of the Ancient Near East, and the Museum of Islamic Art. The Pergamon Museum’s monumental highlights are truly breathtaking to behold.
Am Kupfergraben 5
10178  Berlin
Opening Hours: daily 10 am -6 pm, Thu 10 am -10 pm
Admission Fee: 8,- Euro, red. 4,- Euro

5. Big hangover breakfast

And after partying like a madman you should have a big hangover breakfast, of course!

For instance at one of my favorite cafe´s in Prenzlauer Berg, Café Hilde. They do fantastic breakfast, serve good strong coffee and it´s nice cozy and warm inside!

Located at the Metzer Straße 11, it is just a 5 minutes walk from our hostel.

6. Blutwurstmanufaktur

This is a traditional butcher, if you like meat and sausages go here to experience the true nature of the German meat  culture…. They do lunch too, traditional food, meat! For small prices! This place is famous for its traditional black pudding. High quality!  This is really a nice experience! But nothing for you if you are a vegetarian!

7.Chez Gino

Kind of kitschy modern deco German Restaurant, nice ambient and friendly service. Located in the vivid WranglerKiez which is really worth a visit if you are in Kreuzberg!

They serve really nice Swabian food like for instance Flammkuchen! Also, as a big fan of Spätzle, I could really recommend their Käse-Spätzle (spätzle with cheese).

8. Go Shopping, go to Kauf Dich Glüklich
this shop is a bit different from regular shops, cause it is not actually a real shop. It is a cafe selling
the best waffles in town!! Hmm then why is it on the list of best  shops, you
might wonder…. Thatʼs because almost everything inside the cafe is for sale. So if you like
the seat you are sitting on, or the artwork on the wall, you can buy it and take it home with
you. The name of the shop translated in to English means as much as buy yourself happy.

9. Weinerei!
great cozy place, it´s mainly students you will find here. getting together to drink really
great wine and philosophize in a relaxed livingroom-feel atmosphere.
the concept of the weinerei is quite unique. You ´buy´ a glass, for one euro, and then you
can fill and refill it as often as you like. Also there are little snacks the accompany the
wine. when you leave you can pay whatever you think it was worth.
Don´t go here to late, when the wine is out, its over and out!!

10.White Trash Fast Food
This is  a famous and legendary rock club. The name already implies it, they also have a fast food restaurant.
serving the most delicious burgers & fries I have ever had.
What else to expect at the White Trash, great live music & a great rock´n´roll atmosphere!!


Enjoy wintertime in Berlin! For more suggestions on what to do in Berlin just read our blog on Berlin!

A top 10 of Museums in Berlin

Monday, October 29th, 2012
Berlin Wall Documentation Centre

Berlin Wall Documentation Centre

The EastSeven Berlin Hostel made a TOP 10 of some of the most interesting museums in Berlin….
As the winter is already there, brrrr it has been really cold the last view days, we thought it would be nice to write about things to do in Berlin in the colder seasons. First thing that popped our mind was museums. What better thing to do then to explore one of the many cool museums Berlin knows, and thereby stay warm!

Berlin has over 170 museums and galleries, this doesn’t make it easier for you to choose which museum to visit, does it?! To help you, we created a top 10! Read on and then decide wich museum you want to visit!
Check out our TOP 10:
1.Deutsches Historisches Museum – German Historical Museum Berlin
More than 8,000 exclusive exhibits from the German Historical Museums’ collections, whose historical testimonial value is utterly unique, are displayed over 8,000 square metres, presenting a lively, vivid tableau of bygone days. German history is thereby placed in an international context which takes account of both the diverse events demarcating political and historico-cultural exchange, in addition to its integration with neighbouring states’ cultural heritage
Unter den Linden 2
10117 Berlin
Opening hours:
Daily 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
31 December 2010: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
1 January 2011: 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.
2. Altes Museum – Old Museum
The Altes Museum (Old Museum) is infact Berlin’s oldest museum (1830) located in the UNESCO-listed Heritage site known as Berlin’s Museum Island opposite at the Lustgarten (Pleasure Garden). It was built by Karl Friedrich Schinkel – Prussia’s most influential architect – and houses the Classical Antiquities collection, displaying a selection of its with a selection of its Greek and Roman holdings.

Am Lustgarten 1
10178  Berlin
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10 am -6 pm, Thu 10 am -10 pm Admission Fee: 8,- Euro, red. 4,- Euro
3. Alte Nationalgalerie – Old National Gallery
The Alte National Galerie (Old National Gallery) houses one of the most important collections of 19th century painting in Germany and includes masterpieces by Caspar David Friedrich, Adolph Menzel Edouard Manet Claude Monet, not to mention Auguste Renoir and Auguste Rodin. Amongst the most important highlights are K D Friedrichs “Der Mönch am Meer” (from 1810) Arnold Bröcklin’s “Die Toteninsel (1883), Adolph Menzel’s “Flotenkonzert Friedrich des Großen in Sanssouci” (1852) and Edouard Manet’s “Im Wintergarten” (1979).
Bodestr. 1-3
10178  Berlin
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 10 am -6 pm, Thu 10 am -10 pm Admission Fee: 8,- Euro, red. 4,- Euro
4. Neue Nationalgalerie – New National Gallery
Twentieth-century masters to be seen here include Cubists Picasso, Gris and Léger, Surrealists Ernst, Dalí and Miró, Bauhaus instructors Klee and Kandinsky, and Expressionists such as those from Die Brücke group, Heckel, Schmidt-Rottluff, and Kirchner, whose “Potsdamer Platz” is a must-see for a historic look at Berlin.
Potsdamer Str. 50
10785  Berlin
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 10 am -6 pm, Thu 10 am -10 pm, Sat-Sun 11
5. Pergamon Museum
One of the most popular attractions in Berlin, the Pergamon Museum is world famous for its archaeological holdings. The Pergamon, located on Museum Island, is really three museums in one – the Collection of Classical Antiquities (also on display in the Old Museum), the Museum of the Ancient Near East, and the Museum of Islamic Art. The Pergamon Museum’s monumental highlights are truly breathtaking to behold.
Am Kupfergraben 5
10178  Berlin
Opening Hours: daily 10 am -6 pm, Thu 10 am -10 pm
Admission Fee: 8,- Euro, red. 4,- Euro
6. Stiftung Topographie des Terrors – Topography of Terror
It was the center of Nazi terror and power between 1933 and 1945; now this stretch of land next to the Martin Gropius Bau and not far from Potsdamer Platz is dedicated to documenting the chilling and murderous strategies, plans and actions of the Gestapo, SS and security branch of the Third Reich which were all once headquartered here.
Niederkirchnerstr. 8
10963  Berlin
Opening Hours: October-April: daily 10 am -6 pm
May-September: daily 10 am -8 pm
Free admission
7. Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin with Science Center Spectrum
Berlin’s German Museum of Technology is one of the most popular museums in the city and provides great family entertainment. It is a hands-on, activity-oriented fun tour of the cultural history of technology
With the new Aeronautic and Space Collection opened in spring 2005, “why is the sky blue?” this and many other questions are answered in the SPECTRUM Science Center (entrance Möckernstr. 26). Over 250 experiments illustrating phenomena of acoustics, optics, electricity, thermodynamics, radioactivity, etc., playfully demonstrate the fundamentals of science and technology.
Trebbiner Straße 9
10963  Berlin
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 9 am  -5.30 pm; Sat, Sun und public holidays 10 am-6 pm
Admission Fee: 4,50 Euro, red. 2,50 Euro
8. Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer, Mauergedenkstätte – Berlin Wall Monument
The Dokumentationzentrum Berliner Mauer is a documentation centre dedicated to the Berlin Wall, part of the preserved monuments at the Bernauer Strasse site in Berlin-Wedding. It includes three elements: an authentic remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall, the Kapelle der Versöhnung (Reconciliation Chapel) and a Documentation Centre. For those fascinated by the Berlin Wall here is a vast amount of information and special documentation relating specifically to its historical and political background.
Bernauer Strasse 111
13355 Berlin
April – October     10 am – 6 pm
November – March    10 am – 5 pm
Monday closed
Free admission
9. Museum The Kennedys
The Kennedys’ museum, situated opposite the Brandenburg Tour on Berlin’s Pariser Platz, across the square from the new American Embassy building which was inaugurated on July 4, 2008 is a testament to the relationship between John F. Kennedy, the 35th US President, the Kennedy family and Berlin.
JFK was given an enthusiastic reception in Berlin on June 26, 1963 when he saw for himself the reality of the Berlin Wall, erected two years before. “Ich bin ein Berliner”, the words with which he addressed Berliners at Schoneberg Rathaus (City Hall) were possibly JFK’s most famous quotes and an inspiration to the world.
Pariser Platz 4a
10117  Berlin
Opening Hours: daily 10 am -6 pm Admission Fee: 7,- Euro, red. 3,50 Euro
10. Ramones Museum Berlin
Punk rock legends The Ramones come from New York, but their biggest fan might just be from Berlin. Florian Hayler collected hundreds of Ramones-related items, and attended more than 100 Ramones concerts, then decided to collect his expertise and souvenirs in a museum. It debuted in 2005, a year after the death of founding band member Johnny Ramone.
Krausnickstr. 23
10115  Berlin
Opening Hours: Tue-Thu 8.30 am-6 pm, Fri 8.30 am -8 pm, Sat 10 am -8 pm, Sun 12-6 pm
Admission Fee: 3,50 Euro
I hope this will make you help to decide which museums in Berlin you want to visit! So if you are planning to visit Berlin you are more than welcome to stay at the central located hostel in Berlin,  EastSeven.
See you soon in Berlin!!!

Things to do in Berlin in Autumn, A top 10 for Berlin!

Monday, October 15th, 2012
Autumn at the hostel

Autumn at the hostel

In this blog post we will bring to you some nice suggestions, so you will have some ideas on what to do in Berlin in Autumn time! Berlin is never boring and autumn has a lot to offer too!
Our recipe to survive the colder and darker seasons is presented to you here! Read on and find out what will make your stay in Berlin shine, even if the sun doesn´t show up!

1. Festival of lights

it is going on right now! Untill the 21st of October, Berlin´s most popular sights and buildings are being illuminated at night! This is an unique opportunity for you to do some sightseeing at night and to shoot some amazing pictures of Berlin by night!

2. Fly BerMuDa Festival at Berlin’s former Tempelhof Airport

will be back for the second time on the 5th November giving the Berlin Music Days its glorious finale.

One can expect to be enthralled by the annual gathering of the Crème de la Crème of electronic music artists. The event will be spread across 2 main floor, 2 club floors all backdropped with spectacular visuals, complete with a cozy chillout area.
All this, in the unique and ambient space of Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport.

3. Walking tours!

Rain or no rain, windy or cold, it doesn´t matter at all. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing & preparation. So make sure that you bring warm and waterproof clothes, bring your umbrellas and enjoy one of the best city walking tours in Berlin. The Brewer´s walking tours pick up from our hostel, daily at 10.15 and 12.25!

4. If it´s raining or if it´s cold, go to one of the many museums!

Some of our favorite museums, listed up for you are: the Pergamon Museum, Hamburger Bahnhof, Jewish Museum, the New Museum, the GDR Museum.

5. Go on a PUB CRAWL!!

8.45 PM –  Alternative Pub Crawl
The alternative night tour is a local, calmer affair,  taking you to underground spots hidden away from the tourist hordes.

6. Visit the TOPOGRAPHY of TERROR (number 17 on our flyer map)

During the “Third Reich” the headquarters of the Secret State Police, the SS an dthe Reich Security Main office were located at the site. Now it is a documentation center. On Sundays there are guided tours oat this historical site.
A guided tour in german starts at 2PM
A guided tour in English starts at 3.30PM
You need to be there 30 minutes in advance!

7. Go play PING PONG!
8.00 PM – till LATE
At Dr. Pong!!
Dr. Pong is a rugged little dingy bar in the heart of Prenzlauerberg, reminiscient of a teenage clubhouse with its minimal decor.
Stick to what’s important here: the table tennis in the middle of the storefront main room and the constantly circling multi-player ping-pong action around it. The International crowd and relaxed vibe at Dr. Pong make it an enjoyable place for some pure and simple ping pong with plenty of spectator/eliminated-player seats available around the perimeter. Good honest fun and a great place to up your skills and have a beer.
Eberswalder Strasse 21. Number for on the back of our flyer!

8. Go to the movies!
Tuesday is CINEMA DAY!!!
Reduced admission for everybody! The CineStar at the Sony Center or the Babylon in Kreuzberg have original versions! We can check the program for you, just ask us at the reception!!

9. Live Music @ White Trash Fast Food
Go here if you like rock ´n´ roll & fantastic home made fast food!
Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month they have a rock´n´roll BINGO!!!
Open Daily from 4pm
Schönhauser Allee 6-7, just around the corner from the EastSeven hostel

10. Enjoy some great night life, in a small and cozy jazz bar!
Fishday at B-SIDE BAR
Every Thursday at B-Side bar LIVE DJ´s serve different music dishes that are perfect for listening, relaxing, talking but also for dancing. From jazz to punk, from nu-jazz to futer punk, from hiphop to soul, electronic, reggae, dupstep and world fusion.
Brunnenstrasse 115, close to U-bahn Voltastrasse


Enjoy your Autumn in Berlin!!

Autumn in Berlin- A top 5 of things to do

Monday, October 1st, 2012
Autumn in Berlin

Autumn in Berlin

We have listed up some cool events and things to do in Berlin in autumn.  Some of the events written about here are totally free of charge, wow! It is just to give you some ideas and inspiration. Sure there is much more to see and do than the  top 5 of events and things to do listed here.

1. Oh no, it´s rainy and cold, what to do today?
No worries, your day won´t be boring if you visit one of the museums listed down below:



Pergamon Museum
German History Museum
Jewish Museum

Each of these museums are so cool,  you could spent hours exploring them!

2. Festival of lights

from the 10th of October Till the 21st, in the city center at night!

This is a highlight, every autumn again. All major buildings and Sights are being
illuminated in the most fantastic manners. It is at these nights, that you can catch a lot of
hobby-photographers strolling throughout the city making fantastic pictures, experimenting
with light, and the absence of day light. This is of course for every tourist the opportunity to make an unique picture of for instance brandenburg gate, to show your family and friends at home. They will be
impressed :).

3. Nacht & Nebel, A fantastic Art Festival in Berlin Neukölln

On Saturday the 3rd of November, the Berlin Neighbourhood Neukölln turns in to a fantastic art festival with loads and loads of nice events taking place at different locations and settings. There are around 100 different locations, where there will be all kinds of different things for you to see. From sculptures to dance performances, from lectures to multimedia-installations!  The festivities start at 6pm and last till midnight. there will be an after party at the Villa Neukölln, Hermannstrasse 233.

4. Party till you drop

this is the time of your to party all night long! It doesn´t matter if you sleep in the day after, because it is probably a rainy and cold day anyways!

Some cool clubs close by the East Seven Hostel are the White Trash Fast Food, Bassy Cowboy Club and the Kaffee Burger. For more nice suggestions on where to party ask our staff at the reception.

5. Big hangover breakfast

And after partying like a madman you should have a big hangover breakfast, of course!

For instance at one of my favorite cafe´s in Prenzlauer Berg, Café Hilde. They do fantastic breakfast, serve good strong coffee and it´s nice cozy and warm inside!

Located at the Metzer Straße 11, it is just a 5 minutes walk from our hostel.

Feel free to come ask us at the reception for more suggestions!