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Uncanny places – a cemetery tour to Berlins history

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

There are many places to visit in Berlin. Some are less obvious than others. Cemeteries give you a profound insight in the past. There are many throughout the city worth visiting. Easiest to be visited with a bike of a jetpack.  We do have some for rent at our reception, bikes I mean.

Soviet War Memorial at Treptower park
One of 3 built soviet memorials in Berlin after WWII. 5000 of the 80000 soldiers who fell during the battle of Berlin are buried there. With its huge statues it is one of the most compelling places in the city. The maintenance and repair of the site was a part of the agreement between Germany and USSR. Otherwise the Russians would have said NJET to the reunification.

Dorotheenstadt cemetery
Dates back to the 18th century – this is the VIP cemetery in Berlin and also one of the abundantly decorated. If you are into German philosophers this is the one you must not miss. Hegel und Marcuse, Heinrich Mann and Bertolt Brecht are buried here. Berlin maintains also  a number of honorary graves for people who made distinguished contributions in politics and culture. The entrance is Chausseestr 126 in Mitte

Friedhöfe am Halleschen Tor
A complex of several cemeteries connected rich in famous names
E. T. A. Hoffmann, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and  Carl von Siemens ( the founder of the famous German Corporation) are buried here. Entrance is Mehringdamm 21 und in der Zossener Straße 1

Different histories collide here. Resting place for Prussian generals, this cemetery was cut in half to make room for the Berlin wall and watchtowers. You can still see the madness of both, Prussian warmongering and GDR madness.  This was also the last resting place for Manfred von Richthofen (the ‘Red Baron’)

Weißensee Cemetery
Second  largest (100acres) Jewish cemetery in Europe. 1880 the existing cemetery at Schönhauser Allle ( 5 minutes walk from our hostel)  became too small so this one as established. It contains approximately 115,000 graves. Entrance Herbert-Baum-Straße

Zentralfriedhof Friedrichsfelde
Definitely THE socialist/communist  cemetery in Berlin
Among others Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht, Walter Ulbricht and Erich Mielke are buried here. There is also a permanent Exhibition about the labour movement and its members. U-Lichtenberg

Cooking your favorite Veggi meal…

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Hey Folks,


evreybody likes good food. Especially if you share it with family, some good friends or fellow trevelers in the Hostel. To cook in a Hostel is a great experience. Because you meet people form all over the planet and also their favorite dishes. It’s a great way to get to know the worlds cuisine and share your experience on how to prepare the different dishes.


At “EastSeven” Hostel you have the chance to do all that in a very nice and fully equipped kitchen. We call it the “Supper Club”. So we give you the possiblity to cook your favorite food for your fellow travelers. We will pay for the ingredients of your vegetarian meal and serve you with free beer while cooking. But this is not all!! We will also pay for one night (dorm bed) of your stay with us!!! :)


2014 e7 kitchen 1 jpg (2)


If you feel like doing that, just let us know a day before, and we will invite people for the dinner. There are usually 10 – 20 people. Sometimes more…


And if you are not in Berlin at the moment but still like to share some veggi recipes, we would be grateful for a Facebook post with your favorite meal.


Have a nice day!

Made in West-Berlin

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

The fall of the berlin wall celebrates its 25th birthday this year. The focus was always on the changes that took place in the East. But there was this hidden gem called West Berlin, too. This city has its own stunning history. For example, many young men escaped from W-Germany to W-Berlin to get away from compulsory military service. This city also attracted other alternative groups. And yet, it was  an almost normal German city, almost.

For all of you who are interested in more, I highly recommend an upcoming exhibition called AN ISLAND IN SEARCH OF THE MAINLAND in the beatiful Ephraim-Palais. The location itself is quite stunning, situated right in the middle of the Nikolaiviertel. This is the cradle  of the oldest part of Berlin, unfortunately almost completely damaged  in WWII.

Ephraim Palais


If you have any more questions on Berlin – we at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel are more than happy to answer all your questions


14.11.2014 – 28.06.2015


Opening Times
10am–6pm, Tuesday/Thursday–Sunday | 12pm–8pm, Wednesday Opening times

The streets of Prenzlauer Berg

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

So, what’s going on in our neighbourhood?
Our hostel is surrounded by many interesting streets. One of them is Torstrasse, a 5 minute walk to the south. A couple of years ago expats tried to establish the terms NoTo and SoTo to describe the areas north and south of Torstrasse. The question is not if they succeeded ( they did not), but what makes Torstrasse so interesting to be compared with Houston Street in NY. For sure, it is not its beauty. With its loud traffic and grey facades it resembles more the typical Berlin street just after the wall came down.  However, here you will find some of the most interesting shops, restaurants and bars Berlin has to offer. Let me try explain. Here is a small selection of places I really like.
They serve only one menu per day, but the effin best authentic French food you find that night. Reserve ahead


Muschi Obermaier
Good beer, proper drinks  and the best thing – you are protected from the outside by dark curtains and masked windows. Hire somebody to drag you out at a fix time, or you will start the next day here.


St. Oberholz
An institution for the digital Boheme due to its free wifi ( and the beautiful view of Rosetnthaler Platz). There is also an ever-changing daily menu as well as a variety of fresh juices and coffee


Toca Rouge
Modern Chinese kitchen with  delicious and exciting  dishes. Just order the crazy orange chicken. Not too expensive and plenty of seats.


Lunettes Selection
You like some fancy shades that would compliment face ? They are best destination for vintage glasses in Berlin, not only because of their range but also for the professional guidance.


3 Minutes sur Mer
Oh lala. This is some really nice French food. Make sure you reserve in advance. This is the smaller and cheaper bistro style brother of Bandol sur Mer. If you are into French cuisine, but prefer a more relaxed atmosphere this is your place.
My fav halloumi shawarma place. Easily to overlook and quite  non-descript, thiss place serves delicious arab street foods for a decent price. ( in case you spent too much on a French tarte and are still hungry)


Well, not really a bright star on Torstrasse, but an honest one. The best description is in the name already – sports bar. No-frills, no bs, but beer and Bundesliga.


Unpretentious 1920s style bar. They brew their own beer, which is by far less boring than most pilsners you can get in Berlin  bars. The service is not overly friendly but low-key, so you can spend hours there. Located on a corner, you have many windows heading on Tortrasse. Please avoid if you are non smoker.


Adidas’ first select store worldwide. They have, what other won’t, limited issues of Adidas collabs with renowned designers – always strictly limited and hard to get.


The only thing you need to do now, is to come to our hostel and we will point to the right direction. See you in NoTo

Top 10 walks through autumn Berlin

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

So, the days are getting shorter and darker. The only escape is to embrace every sunny minute and to go out.
1)    Russian Memorial in Treptow
Take the circle S-Bahn and get off at “Treptower Park”. The monument is one of three Soviet memorials built in Berlin after the end of the war. The Soviet War Memorial is a vast war memorial and military cemetery in Berlin’s Treptower Park.  If you haven’t been to Russia and you don’t plan on going there this might be the best spot to “feel” the soul of this country.
2)    Spreepark
an old abandoned GDR-era amusement park flanked by the River Spree at the edge of Treptower Park in Berlin. You might need to jump the fence. Spreepark has been left to rot for more than 10 years so expect some real creepy one eyed clowns.

3)    Teufelsberg
get off at S-Heerstrasse and walk into the forest toward the hills. What expects you is a abandoned spy station from the cold war. The gates of the former US spy station are locked and secured by a high fence. However, you might be lucky to sneak in through one of the holes as many Berliners consider getting in a kind of sport. Once you are in you will be rewarded by a zombie apocalypse thrill and a breathtaking view over the city.

4)    Grunewald
the biggest stretch of homogenous forest in Berlin.  It I she best getaway if you are sick of the city. It is situated in the far west of Berlin where you  will find the Teufelsberg  as well.

5)    Schloss Charlottenburg
Queen Sophie-Charlotte was the driving force behind this sprawling palace and garden complex (and gave her name to both building and district) – her husband King Friedrich I built it in as a summer home for his queen. Later kings also summered here. It was severely damaged during World War II, but has now been restored, and stands as the largest surviving Hohenzollern palace.
6)    Jewish Cemetery
Located in the district of Weißensee it is the second largest Jewish cemetery in Europe. It was established in 1880 and has roughly 100 acres. You can rent a kippa a t the entrance and explore this gem of Jewish life in Berlin.
7)    Weissensee and Orankesee
Next to the Jewish Cemetery lie 2 of the most peculiar lakes in Berlin. You can swim in both of them in summertime. However during winter you can have a mulled wine at on e of the kiosks surrounding the lakes. A stroll through this neighborhood will show you a completely different and not touristic part of the city. A bit further south of the lakes you will find “Sportforum Hohenschönhausen”, the center of the infamous DGR gold medal factory.

8)    Landwehrkanal
This is a 11 kilometre  long canal parallel to the Spree river built between 1845 and 1850. It connects Friedrichshain with Charlottenburg, flowing through Kreuzberg and Tiergarten.
Especially the part flowing through Kreuzberg is perfect for a stroll. Along the canal you find many cafes, shops and Turkish markets.

9)    Tempelhofer Freiheit
always my favourite, whatever the weather. This is an airport in the middle of the city. Best is, it is abandoned and therefore open to public. It is bigger than most of the towns our guests come from. Enjoy
10)    You would like more suggestions? Ask us at the reception. We make sure to find something awesome for you.

Things to do this weekend: Easter Fire in and around Berlin

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Spring Berlin

Coming to Berlin this weekend? We have made a list of Easter-festivities on Saturday and Sunday! Please read through and if you have any questions just come see us at the reception ♥♥!

On Saturday 30.3.13:

– 3PM: Family party with Easter-Fire in Köpenick,
at the Natur- und Abenteuerspielplatz Köpenick, Alte Kaulsdorfer Straße 18, 12555 Berlin

– 6PM, HOWEGE-EasterFire with Dirk Michaelis
Park am Fennpfuhl, Paul-Junius-Straße,  Lichtenberg

– 6PM Easter-Fire @ Britzer Garten
Buckower Damm 146, 12349 Berlin

On Sunday 31.3.13:

– 2PM EasterFire at Strandbad Weißensee

– 5PM Easter-Fire at the Kulturbrauerei
Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin

– 3PM Easter-Party at the  Buntzelranch, (Bahnhof Grünau)
12526 Berlin, Fee: 2€


Have a great Easter Holiday! Looking forward to see you at EastSeven Berlin Hostel!!

die 10 besten Orte um Fussball zu schauen

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012
fussball em 2012

fussball em 2012

Die 10 besten Orte um Fussball zu schauen.

Also, vorne weg. Der allerbeste Ort ist da wo das Bier gut und  billig und die Tore zahlreich sind.

Da ich auf das zweite keinen Einfluss habe, beschränke ich mich auf das Zweite.

1)      Prater Biergarten. Der älteste Biergarten Berlins, auch einer der schönsten. Außerdem nicht weit vom Hostel. Man kann also easy wieder nach Hause kommen wenn es mal wieder etwas länger gedauert hat.

2)      Tante  Käthe. Wie der Name schon sagt, ist es kein Ort für Hobby fussballer sondern für echte Bundestrainer. Es gibt Biere aus den jeweiligen Ländern und ganze 3 Leinwände. Nach dem Spiel kommt man auch ganz einfach nach Hause. Tante Käthe ist im Mauerpark, also quasi um die Ecke von uns.

3)      Schwalbe. Unten Kickertische, oben ganz viele Fernseher. Auf einen wird man schon eine freie Sicht haben. An besten man kommt im Trainingsanzug , wie die anderen auch. Die Kneipe ist auch im Prenzlauer Berg, also nicht so weit weg von Hostel.

4)      White trash fast food. Für die unorthodoxen unter euch. Eigentlich ein süffiges Absturzlokal von Weltruf. Normalerweise tummeln sich hier junge Musiker oder Anhänger solcher. Da der Laden relativ groß ist, besteht eine gute Chance auf freiei Sicht. Zum Fussball kann man da auch richtig gute Burger bestellen.

5)      FC Magnet.  Da geht man sowieso immer hin um Fussball zu schauen. Ob EM, WM, dritte Liga oder  Hertha. Echte Fussballkneipe eben.

6)      Fanmaile. Naja, meins ist es ja nicht so…. wer es noch nicht gemacht hat sollte wenigsten einmal hin, vielleicht dann aber eher zum Finale Polen – Deutschland (Polen gewinnt!)

7)      Cassiopeia. Jetzt aber einer meiner Lieblingsfavoriten. Wunderschön urbanes Freizetgelände. Schön viel Graffiti und Überreste einer besseren Zeit. Normalerweise laufen im Freiluftkino File. Es ist aber nun mal EM!

8)      Bretterbude. Wer nicht Bayernfan ist kommt nicht rein – während der Saison. Ausserhalb hat es auch für Nichtbayernfans die Pforten offen. Es empfiehlt sich aber ein Müller Trikot in Petto zu haben.

9)      Salamas. Gegenüber von der Bretterbude. Da würdet ihr mich während der Saison treffen. Bodenständig, ehrlich, jutes bier, wa. Hier trifft sich die Friedrichshainer Fussballwelt.

10)   11 Freunde Hauptquartier. Das schreibe ich nur, weil ich die 11 Freunde grundsympatisch finde.


Wenn ihr nun wissen wollt wo diese fantastischen Loations liegen….müsste ihr bei uns im EastSeven Berlin Hostel buchen und unsere Rezis verraten es euch. Bis dann!


Berlin- eine Weltstadt, die jeden in ihren Bann zieht

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Events Berlin

Berlin, we love you!

Die meisten Menschen schweifen auf ihrer Suche nach einem Urlaubsziel oder Ausflugsziel gerne in die Ferne. Das ist sehr schade, denn auch innerhalb Deutschlands gibt es einiges zu entdecken.

Es wird vermutlich auch kaum jemanden geben, der bereits alle interessanten Städte in Deutschland besucht hat. Eine Stadt sollte für jeden, der einen Ausflug innerhalb Deutschlands plant, ganz oben auf der Liste stehen. Ein Besuch in Berlin ist eigentlich Pflicht für jeden, denn die Bundeshauptstadt hat viel zu bieten


Die perfekte Mischung von Kultur und Erlebnisgastronomie

Das Brandenburger Tor und das direkt in der Nähe liegende Reichstagsgebäude sollten bei einem Besuch der Hauptstadt unbedingt besucht werden, sowie die Berliner Mauer und das DDR-Museum. Aber auch ein Besuch bei Madame Tussauds sollte eingeplant werden und eine Rundfahrt über die Spree sollte ebenfalls zu einem Programmpunkt gehören. Doch auch das ist nur ein kleiner Teil der Sehenswürdigkeiten und es ist sicher empfehlenswert einen mehrtägigen Ausflug nach Berlin zu unternehmen, damit wenigstens ein kleiner Teil besichtigt werden kann. Neben den historisch bedeutsamen Sehenswürdigkeiten ist Berlin auch bekannt für sein Nachtleben. Es gibt dort diverse Gastronomie Angebote, die für jeden Geschmack etwas anbieten, egal ob es laut und bunt oder eher gemütlich und ruhig sein soll.

Summer Berlin

Für jeden Geschmack das Passende dabei

Berlin hat für alle Altersklassen etwas zu bieten und von daher ist es völlig gleich, ob es sich um einen Familienausflug oder eine Jugendgruppentour handelt. Die Weltstadt ist eine Metropole für Kultur, Kunst, Politik und Wissenschaft. Die Stadt ist weltbekannt, was einerseits vermutlich an der historischen Bedeutung liegt, aber auch daran, dass Berlin ein europäischer Verkehrsknotenpunkt ist. Die Stadt ist das Sinnbild der Weltoffenheit und ein beliebtes Reiseziel, auch für Ausländer und viele haben sich dazu entschieden, Berlin zu ihrer Wahlheimat zu machen, so dass die Stadt und ihre Bewohner multikulturell ist. Es gibt die Möglichkeit sich in der ländlichen Gegend Berlins zu erholen und nur bei Ausflügen die Großstadt zu erkunden, aber auch voll in das Großstadtleben einzutauchen und mitten in Berlin in einem Hotel, einer Jugendherberge oder einer Ferienwohnung den Urlaub zu verbringen. Bei den Recherchen im Internet wird bei der Suchanfrage: “Ferienwohnungen Berlin” ein großes Spektrum angeboten und aus diesem Grund ist es sinnvoll schon im Vorfeld über das Internet nach einem passenden Ortsteil zu suchen, da nicht alle Teile Berlins gleich stark besiedelt sind und außerdem eine direkte Nähe zu den geplanten Ausflugszielen ausgewählt werden kann.

Parties in Berlin!! Our top 10 of cool clubs and parties for this weekend!

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Fiesta in Berlin

EastSeven Berlin Hostel listed up some of the coolest parties for this weekend, 23rd of September till the 25th of September!

If you are coming to Berlin for the weekend, check this TOP 10 and enjoy Berlin at night!


1) GYPSY & THE CAT playing live at LIDO on Friday the 23rd!!

if you are into some fantastic live music go to the famous club LIDO in Kreuzberg.

this Australian band plays great electropop!!

2) LIVE! rock´n´Roll music @ Bassy´s on Friday the 23rd!

The Bassy Club is Berlin’s best kept secret and offers a wide range of good music – STRICTLY BEFORE 1969!
> From Hot Jazz, Dirty Blues, Western Swing, Country, 50’s black R&B, Rock’n’Roll, to 60’s Beat, early Soul, Sixties Garage Punk, Blues, Trash, Surf, Exotica and more…
The Branded – Live! (Garage R’n’R/Swe)
DJ (Club): Mystic N. (Shakin’ R&B, 60’s Garage, Frantic Soul & Rock’n’Roll)

DJ (Bar): Lobotomy (Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, 60s Garage)

Maximum garage-R’nR with a shot ‘o blues from Sweden. “Well, it sounds like the middleground between 13th Floor Elevators and The Who when they were still playin’ in function rooms above pubs. Man, this is Maximum R&Beer!” (Mof Gimmers, Electric Roulette)

3)   Live music at the legendary White Trash Fast Food Club on Friday the 23rd!


live: AQUASERGE (Krautrock/Progressive/Psychic Pop – FR) + support: THE BRIMSTONE DAYS (Blues/Rock/Soul – SWE) at the Restaurant
+ DJ DennisConcorde (Indyfreshrock vs. Wildstyledancecore)

Starts at 10pm BUT you can go there before that and have some really good BURGERS & FRIES!!!

4) Go to Berlin´s most Famous Club: BERGHAIN!
Berlin’s premier techno club, housed in a former power generation plant near the Berlin Ostbahnhof train station. The building is enormous — the dancefloor 18 metres high and there’s room for around 1500. The main design elements are steel and concrete. The first room at the entrance near the cloakroom displays a 20-30 square meter black & white painting of the artist Piotr Nathan. On the upper floor, the Panorama Bar contains a large-format painting by Wolfgang Tillmans.
Fridays is usually upstairs Panorama Bar only.
Saturday night through Sunday both rooms are open.

5) For some great Drum´n´Bass Music on Saturday night go to ICON!!

RECYCLE – Berlin’s finest Drum’n’Bass: COMMIX

6) Fish N Slips at Golden Gate

Line-up /
Ryan Dupree *live* (Stil Vor Talent)
The Chosen Two (Powder & Louder/Supdub)
Promoter /
The monthly Fish n Slips assessement center to calibrate your party skills and tune your karma !

No peace for the wicked since 2006 !

7) A great party for a Sunday @ HoRST KRZBRG

It starts at 8pm
Location is at: Tempelhofer Ufer 1; Kreuzberg; 10961 Berlin
DAmage: 7 Euro
Rabih Beaini (aka Ra.H) LIVE, Mark Pritchard, Mark Cremins, DJ Pete
…on the KILLASAN sound system.
East caribbean food available from Cris’s Roadside Cuisine. Yummie yummie :)!

8 ) Go to the legendary Klub der Republik!   
Cosy first floor lounge club with with a distinctive eastish charme & interior, DJs every night, from funk to house and dubstep.
Just 100m from Eberswalder Strasse Station, entrance is in the yard.

9) Sports & Nightlife?!! Yeah; go to Dr.Pong

here you can play table tennis all night!! great dj´s and great fun!!

10) Disco party at the NBi (Kulturbrauerei) this saturday night!

Dance dance dance!


Allright, that´s all for now, enjoy partying in Berlin!!

We hope to see you all in Berlin, book a bed at EastSeven Berlin Hostel!!

Are you coming to Berlin? Visit the Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial

Monday, October 4th, 2010
Stasi Prison (c) Sulamith Sallmann

Stasi Prison (c) Sulamith Sallmann

The EastSeven Berlin Hostels recommendation for this Autumn:  visit the former stasi prison and learn more about the GDR and the Stasi

The site of the main remand prison for people detained by the former East German Ministry of State Security (MfS), or ‘Stasi’, has been a Memorial since 1994 and, from 2000 on, has been an independent Foundation under public law. The Berlin state government has assigned the Foundation, without charge. The Foundation’s work is supported by an annual contribution from the Federal Government and the Berlin state government.

The Memorial’s charter specifically entrusts it with the task of researching the history of the Hohenschönhausen prison between 1945 and 1989, supplying information via exhibitions, events and publications, and encouraging a critical awareness of the methods and consequences of political persecution and suppression in the communist dictatorship. The former Stasi remand prison is also intended to provide an insight into the workings of the GDR’s political justice system.

Since the vast majority of the buildings, equipment and furniture and fittings have survived intact, the Memorial provides a very authentic picture of prison conditions in the GDR. The Memorial’s location in Germany’s capital city makes it the key site in Germany for victims of communist tyranny.

In 2006 the Memorial could reach a new record with more than 171,000 visitors in total and 50% of these being students. Since the Foundation came into effect in July 2000, the number of visitors has more than doubled (figures as of 31.12.2006). Tours of the prison are usually led by former inmates, who provide first-hand details on prison conditions and the interrogation methods employed by the GDR’s Ministry of State Security (MfS).

The Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial regularly holds events designed to encourage critical reflection on the communist dictatorship in East Germany. The spectrum of events ranges from elaborately planned exhibition openings to panel discussions, lectures, and book presentations, as well as film, music, and readings, with events frequently combined with a tour through the former prison.

Despite the Memorial’s rather out of the way location in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, previous event evenings have usually met with a very positive response. For example, over the last few years the “Long Night of the Museums” has often attracted more than 1000 visitors to the former Stasi prison for that event alone. The Memorial has enjoyed similar success during the “Open Memorial Day” each year in September, with visitor figures usually at around 1500. The “Long Night of the 17th June” in summer 2003 marked a special highpoint in the Memorial’s history, with numerous events to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the 17th June uprising in the GDR. With various partner institutions, the Memorial also organises a number of events that take place at venues in the centre of Berlin.
If you are planning to visit the Memorial as a group, you can register with the Visitors’ Service either by phone, letter, or email. The Visitors’ Service then appoints a guide for your tour and coordinates the times with you, confirming the planned date of your visit and providing the details for payment. The Visitors’ Service also offers a fee-based service for accompanying film teams (permission to film has to be obtained in advance).

It is only possible to view the extensive prison complex on an official guided tour. The guided tours team has more than 30 freelance members, most of them former inmates, who also relate the tour to their own experience in the remand prison. Since our tour guides were imprisoned for a variety of reasons during different periods of persecution, they provide an insight into a broad spectrum of political persecution in the GDR. As part of the Memorial’s civic education programme, our guides are also available for longer eyewitness interviews.

Tour Times

Public tours in English for individual visitors
Every Wednesday at 2.30 p.m. and Saturday at 2 p.m.
and upon request by mail, fax or phone.
Admission: € 4 / concessions, € 2; students free
Free admission on Mondays.

Guided tours for non-German groups
The Memorial offers guided tours in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish and Norwegian, daily between 9am and 4pm.
Groups are requested to register 7 to 8 weeks in advance of their proposed visit.
Please contact the Visitor’s Service: Phone: +49 – (0)30 – 98 60 82-30, Fax: +49-(0)30 – 98 60 82-34, Email:

Regular admission

* Groups with no more than 12 participants pay an allowance of 48 Euro.

* Groups with at least 13 participants pay 4 Euro each.

* Groups with no more than 18 participants pay an allowance of 36 Euro.

* Groups with at least 19 participants pay 2 Euro each.


For more info on  Events, Museums and clubs in Berlin you can also check our online staff-recommendations