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This is Mr Coffee

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015




I promise, you will love this machine once you checked in. We fill it with the finest Italian beans only. It is so so delicious.

We sell it at a ridiculous low price of 1€ (yes, one euro). And yes, we can froth up some milk for your cappucciono, too.

Best thing is, you can have as much as you want with our breakfast.

Simply come to the receprion in the mornig and say hi to Mr. Coffee


Berlin with kids

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

3393829490_f4c731d162_qYou might be travelling with kids, or you wake up one morning and feel like Tom Hanks in Big.
For both occasions Berlin boast tons of possibilities to indulge in childhood mode.
Don’t we all love those funny furry things on 4 legs? Berlin has 2 Zoos to chose from, one in the east, one in the west. For all who prefer colour over fur – go to the aquarium.  Of course we do have 2of those. There is one in the west and have a guess where the other one is. I recommend going with the west zoo and aquarium since they are adjoined and can be both visited easily at once.
When I first went to Lego land I was 25 and I didn’t’ regret it at all. So colourful! So many shapes! So ouch!  I once read the lego brick is the most painful object you can step on so be careful. For those who do not like to interact with this world I recommend to go to the Computerspielemuseum. They have a fantastic collection of over 22 000 computer games and 300 consoles, including the original PONG
Your kid will probably love the Mitmachmuseum (join in museum) an ambitious combination of exhibitions, mazes, print shop, soap factory and jumping stand. If you are more of a spectator, go to Potsdam and take a tour in Babelsberg film studio. Vocano? Check, explosions? Check. Burning cars? Check
2 museums suitable for both, old and young, are the technical museum (look, it’s a plane) and the natural science museum (dinosaurs galore). A good idea might be also Madame Tussauds located Unter den Linden. There you’ll find some 2 statues with world-renowned haircuts: A. Hitler and J. Bieber

What to do in Berlin this week(end): A top 5

Monday, August 26th, 2013

street festival Berlin

Staying in Berlin the coming week? Then read this blog post so you can find out what is happening in the coolest city of Germany!

1. Street Festival at Dunckerstraße, Saturday the 31st of August

this Saturday afternoon there is a small and fun street-festival, not far from the hostel. It is fun to go there with kids. In the afternoon there is theater (for kids from 4 years on) and later in the evening there is live music.

Weather forecast looks good, so go there and enjoy yourself!

2. Turkish Market in Kreuzberg

the Turkish market in Kreuzberg is really worth a visit.

Explore Berlin’s multiculturalism on this vibrant and colorful market!

Every Tuesday and Friday from noon to 6 pm.

Take U8 from Alexanderplatz and get out at the Schönleinstraße

Begin at: 12:00
End at: 18:00

3. Organic market at Kollwitzplatz

On a late Saturday morning you should go to where the locals go – the farmer´s market on Kollwitzplatz – 200 Meters from EastSeven. Fresh organic vegetables, varieties of sausages and a lot more of savoir vivre. By your food of the season there, go back to the hostel and prepare it in our fancy self catering kitchen.

Begin at: 09:00
End at: 16:00

4.Vegan-vegetarian Summer festival at Alexanderplatz

this Saturday, the 31st of august,  there is a vegan vegetarian festival at Alexander platz. I can almost hear you think: hmm what is that? To give you an impression; there will be food-stands, live cooking performances, information stands on vegetarian and vegan food and life-style, live music and much more.

Alexanderplatz is very central and very close to the hostel, so I would suggest check it out for yourselves!

from 10am till 9pm. There is no entrance fee :).

5. Dine at  Restaurant `der Hanh ist tot`

They serve German-French food. It is very delicious! You can choose from two different 4 courses-menus. A menu costs only 19€.

The restaurant is very cozy and nicely decorated, there are seats outside as well, with a perfect view over the Zions Church.

Zionskirchstr. 40, 10119 Berlin


So that´s all for now. If you want more recommendations just come see us at the reception or check our Hostel Blog.

Be creative in Berlin, our top 5 of do it yourself-places!

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013
Street art Berlin

Street art Berlin

Going beyond the touristic sightseeing track and want to experience Berlin while creating something yourself? Read this post, we have gathered some cool ideas and places where you can do workshops and other creative stuff!


1.FAKE FEATHERS- selfmade couture!

they have sewing workshops but above all they sell an unique sewing kit. This sewing kit provides everything you will need for sewing a real Fake Feathers Model. Do it yourself and look fabulous in your own creation! Cool! Located at the Kolonnenstrasse 29, Schöneberg. Just ask us for directions at the reception!

2.Choose a culinary recipe and cook your own dinner!

The Kochhaus shop, located close by the hostel at the Schönhasuer allee 46,  offers you a really fun concept. You can go here to buy ingredients for your dinner, just like in any normal grocery store. BUT the difference is, you can buy the exact ingredients for a dinner, and find everything in the right portions. With the ingredients you also get the recipe, of course. And they have the perfect wine suggestions to match your main course.

3. graffiti workshop and walking tour

takes you to all the cool spots to see some really fine graffiti and street art culture! there is a graffiti workshop included, really fun!

Meeting-point is at Alexanderplatz in front of the Strabucks, at the TV tower, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 12pm. Don´t forget to bring your camera to shoot some nice pictures!!

4. Make your own jewellery

Go to this cozy little shop in Berlin Friedrichshain to create your own personal jewelry. As a gift for a beloved one, or just for yourself.  You can use their equipment for free and they will be glad to advice you!

They are located at the Lenbachstraße 7, just take the s-train from alexanderplatz platform 3 to Ostkreuz.

5. Daytrip to Museumsdorf Glashütte

Glass – History – Craftsmanship – Art – Sports – Recreation

The Baruth glassworks were founded in 1716. Until 1980, glassblowers produced lampshades and bottles. Today, the ensemble of factory buildings and workers’ dwellings is a monument that conveys the spirit of the 19th century.
In the museum the visitors can experience the manufacturing of glass. The glassblower offers the opportunity to try it oneself, e.g. to blow a glass globe. The furnace is to become a forum for artists, too.

How to get there:
A13 Berlin- Dresden, exit 5b “Baruth”
B96/115 Baruth- Golßen, exit Klasdorf
Getting there by train
DB RE5 Berlin- Elsterwerda, Klasdorf or Baruth station

Horse carriage: Tel. 033704/61454
Bus transfer: Tel. 0170/2101295


That´s all for now. Please come see us at the reception if you have any questions or if you need help with how to get there and back again. Enjoy your visit in Berlin!

Top 5 of Fast Food Restaurants in Berlin

Monday, August 6th, 2012

A top 5 of the best places for fast food, all close by our hostel in Prenzlauer Berg.

If  you are hungry and looking for a snack, or a nice place to have a quick bite, in between sight seeing and shopping, then read on for some amazing tips on delicious fast food!

Prater Beergarten

Prater Biergarten

1. The Bird

A well deserved number one position for the famous New York style fast food restaurant THE BIRD. This is the all time favorite of most of the EastSeven Staff.
At the bird they really know what it takes to make a good burger, really good meat!
They have a variety of different kinds of burgers and the serve delicious home made potato fries. If you are going here with a bigger group make sure to reserve a table, it gets quite crowded!

2. Babel

it is our favorite place in Berlin for eating Lebanese Fast food. They make the best Fallafel and Haloumi sandwiches in town, so this is also a very good option if you are a vegetarian.
A sandwich costs around 3,50€ and you can get a plate, with lots of fresh vegetables, starting from 6,50€. It is located in the Kastanienallee, only 5 minutes away from the EastSeven Hostel.

3. Doloros- Wraps & More

this is a unique little fast food restaurant, specialized in Mexican food. They serve the best Wraps in town, and the cool thing is, you can decide exactly what goes in your wraps, from veggies, till sauces and toppings!

It is located in the Rosa- Luxemburg Strasse 7, really close by Alexander Platz. Perfect to combine with a visit to the famous TV TOWER, at Alexander Platz.

4.  Marienburger

A traditional place for excellent take away burgers! They have a broad variety of vegetarian burgers too. We always go here for lunch! This small burger restaurant is located in the Marienburger Strasse 47, that´s where it got the name :)

Right next to the Marienburger is a big park, it is called Marie. So of the weather is nice, take your burger and enjoy it in the beautiful park. It is perfect to bring your kids too, there is a really big playground and you can play table tennis here as well.

5. Prater Beergarten
This is Berlins oldest, and in our opinion most beautiful, Beer Garden. It is really a must visit if you are in Berlin. Besides the fact that they serve good and tasty beer, they have fast food too. And what is typical fast food in a beer garden? Yes, of course, sausages and fries!

The beer garden is located in one of the most popular streets in Berlin prenzaluer Berg, the Kastanien Allee. here you´ll find lots and lots of shops selling hip clothes and souvenirs. A lot of young people go here, and found out for yourself why the Kastanien allee is called Casting Allee among locals :).


For more insider tips on places to grab a quick bite, don´t hesitate and just come ask us at the hostel reception!


Hope to welcome you soon in Berlin

1 SQM House in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

The 1 SQM House

The cheapest place to stay in Berlin and an extraordinary experience!


The Berlin-based architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel invented the smallest House of the world, the 1 squaremeter house.  It was designed especially for the Guggenheim LAB, which is an open air festival all about design, innovation, do it yourself culture and gentrification in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

What is a One SQM House, what does it look like and how does it function as a house?? In the next lines I would like to give you an idea.

The One SQM House is made out of wood. The construction is waterproof, it has a slide-window and a lockable slide-door. It also has a small for your laptop. Inside the tiny house you´ll find a chair and a matress (180 x 70 cm). In order to sleep you can easily turn the house on its side. It is perfect for people up to 1.75m.

What is really special about this house is that you can easily move it from one place to another. The house weighs only 40 kg, it has rolls, it fits through doors, in elvators and also in the Berlin subway. So you can move the house to your favorite spot, even without using a car.

The Inventor of the One SQM House, with this project, he wants to enable people from all over the globe with low income but a big curiosity to experience Berlin and the program of the BMW Guggenheim Lab (all the workshops are for free!)

have a closer look at the one sqm house, klick here for some fotos.

The EastSeven Hostel in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg really likes this project and therefore offered to be a homebase for the people that are spending a night in the 1 SQM House.  At the hostel you can leave your luggage in our secured storage room. Also you are welcome to use our kitchen, our bathroom and you can get a code for the Wireless internet. We have a small bar where you can get hot and cold drinks for small prices.

How does it work?

The Costs are extreem low, for 1€ per night you can sleep in the 1 SQM House.

For this you get a key to a 1 SQM House, you can use the showers and the kitchen at EastSeven, and you are free to use the Wifi at EastSeven and in the BMW Guggenheim LAb area.

Please don´t forget to bring your own sleeping bag!

How to apply?

If you want to stay a night in the One SQM House you need to apply first. You can do so by visiting the EastSeven Hostel Facebook site and leave a message on our wall starting with : ´´I need the ONE SQM HOUSE because….“  The most original, awesome and provocatove ideas will make it.

Also you can apply by contacting Van Bo directly.

If you like you can apply with another friend for two houses.

We are looking forward to your posts on our facebook wall! Hope to see you soon in the 1 SQM house!

What?!!! No plans for your weekend in Berlin???

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Events Berlin


Here is our personal Top 5 of things to do in Berlin at the Weekend!

1. Berlinale Festival!

This year it is already the 62nd edition of the Berlinale international Filmfestival. The Festival starts on Wednesday the 9th of February and will go for 10 days.
In these 10 days their will be 395 new films broadcasted, all of this films are world premiers!! And of course a lot of filmstars will visit the German capitol!!

To view the festival programm klick here
For more detailed information klick here.

2.Klubnacht – Blueprinted Berlin at Berghain/Panorama Bar  //Saturday the 11th of February//

The most legendary club in Berlin. Go here for a good night of clubbing!!

Line-up /
Berghain – Blueprinted Berlin
23:59 h – 05:00 h DVS1
05:00 h – 06:00 h O/V/R (live)(Ruskin & Regis)
06:00 h – 09:00 h James Ruskin
09:00 h – 12:00 h Sigha
12:00 h – End Marcel Dettmann

Panorama Bar
23:59 h – 04:00 h Clé
04:00 h – 05:00 h Blondes LIVE
05:00 h – 09:00 h Bok Bok vs Jam City
09:00 h – 12:00 h Thomas Schumacher

12:00 h – 15:00 h Mano Le Tough
15:00 h – 18:30 h Ed Davenport
18:30 h – 22:00 h Oliver Deutschmann
22:00 h – 01:00 h Magda
01:00 h – End Nick Höppner

3. Berlin Underworlds!!! Descend with us …

Tour 1 Galerie

Experience the history of Berlin from an unconventional perspective! Since 1997, the Berlin Underworlds Association has been offering regular tours into some of the most important underground structures in the city. Although the majority of our tours are in or near the Gesundbrunnen station in the north of Berlin, we also offer tours in several other subterranean complexes that are otherwise not publicly accessible.

4. Live Music at Bassy Cowboy Club
On Saturday the 17th of February The Mokkers + The Purcells (Garage, Rock’n’Roll, Rockabilly, Postpunk)
DJ (club): Johnny No (50s & 60s mashed potatoes, rockin’ soul, garage-beat, rock’n’roll, rockin’ blues)
DJ (lounge): Mohair Sam (wild rock’n’roll, pounding blues, obscure garage, southern soul, new orleans r’n’b)

The Mokkers sind eine All-Girl-Band aus Berlin. Seit ihrer Gründung im Jahre 2007 spielen sie sich beeinflusst vom Sound der 60er Jahre von der Garage hinauf in die Herzen dieser Stadt. Doch nicht nur Garage, sondern auch andere Genres wie Rockabilly, Blues und Postpunk inspirieren die vier Mädchen. Handgemacht, tanzbar, charmant.

The Purcells:
Going into pop 60’s, psychedelic direction lead by inspired melodies, The Purcells deliver powerful rock’n’roll on any of their appearance and laid down on the vinyl, 9 of their gems, as a Mini-Album dealing with love issues, smell of females, generation gaps, wet dreams, romanticism, hard times, guess games and wonder cats kingdom.

5. Visit the Neue Nationalgalerie
Following Exhibition is on from now till- Late 1. Quarter 2013
Divided Heaven.
1945 – 1968. The Collection. Neue Nationalgalerie

After ‘Modern Times. The Collection 1900-1945′, the second instalment in the showing of the National Gallery’s collection of 20th-century art will go on display in November 2011.

Germany’s ‘economic miracle’ and the building of the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Crisis and Vietnam War, Sputnik and Apollo, Kennedy and Mao-stark contrasts, entrenched positions and clear fronts mark the eventful years between 1945 and 1968. Fine art from this period was significantly influenced by the atmosphere of the ‘Cold War’ and the political ideologies connected with it. In art, two major paths essentially separated East and West, the figurative and abstraction. The West held aloft the open structure of abstract or ‘informal’ art as a symbol of freedom. And it was certainly no coincidence that the pop art that followed it arose in the major capitals of the West, where the phenomena of mass production and a rising tide of consumer culture were everywhere to be seen. In the Eastern Block, by contrast, socialist realism became the prevailing trend and a defining basis for all developments in the art that came after it. In all of this, the individual became the point by which all things were measured, artists made the ‘human condition’ the core focus of their work.

Under the title ‘Divided Heaven’ (echoing the novel by Christa Wolf), the New National Gallery introduces us to the key figures from this epoch. In its focus, however, the exhibition deliberately looks beyond barriers, geopolitical and artistic, and concentrates instead on universal artistic ideas, held by both camps at once. At the heart of ‘Divided Heaven’ stand the international disparities: the juxtaposition of styles and art forms, the contemporaneity of the non-contemporaneous.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe..

Enjoy your visit to Berlin! Love from the youth hostel in Berlin, EastSeven!!!

Dinnerparties at the EastSeven hostel kitchen, amazing food for free!!

Monday, November 21st, 2011


Traveling on a budget? Book a cheap bed in Berlin  at EastSeven and join in on one of the dinnerparties!
Although Berlin is not too expensive when it comes to eating out, still it is always nice to
safe money when you are traveling on a budget.
For over a year already, we started with the concept of free dinner parties. At first, only on
Mondays. A short description on how it works.  Everyone who is staying at the hostel can sign up for the dinner.  Also, if you love cooking too, you
can join in, which is always a lot of fun! Our cooks usually start preparing the dinner around 6pm, so just come to the kitchen and have a look what is going on.

During the dinner party we have special prices for drinks at the reception, meaning happy
hour for all our fantastic beers, not for one hour but at least for four hours.



The idea of cooking and eating togehter was to help travelers, not only to safe some
money, but also to get in touch with fellow travelers. Not seldom do people get together
after the dinner for a night of clubbing.
After the great succes of our Monday dinner parties we started cooking for our guests on Wednesdays as well!


What´s next? Maybe wel will be organizing more of these events in future :) we will keep you posted here!! Enjoy your stay in Berlin.

Parties in Berlin!! Our top 10 of cool clubs and parties for this weekend!

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Fiesta in Berlin

EastSeven Berlin Hostel listed up some of the coolest parties for this weekend, 23rd of September till the 25th of September!

If you are coming to Berlin for the weekend, check this TOP 10 and enjoy Berlin at night!


1) GYPSY & THE CAT playing live at LIDO on Friday the 23rd!!

if you are into some fantastic live music go to the famous club LIDO in Kreuzberg.

this Australian band plays great electropop!!

2) LIVE! rock´n´Roll music @ Bassy´s on Friday the 23rd!

The Bassy Club is Berlin’s best kept secret and offers a wide range of good music – STRICTLY BEFORE 1969!
> From Hot Jazz, Dirty Blues, Western Swing, Country, 50’s black R&B, Rock’n’Roll, to 60’s Beat, early Soul, Sixties Garage Punk, Blues, Trash, Surf, Exotica and more…
The Branded – Live! (Garage R’n’R/Swe)
DJ (Club): Mystic N. (Shakin’ R&B, 60’s Garage, Frantic Soul & Rock’n’Roll)

DJ (Bar): Lobotomy (Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, 60s Garage)

Maximum garage-R’nR with a shot ‘o blues from Sweden. “Well, it sounds like the middleground between 13th Floor Elevators and The Who when they were still playin’ in function rooms above pubs. Man, this is Maximum R&Beer!” (Mof Gimmers, Electric Roulette)

3)   Live music at the legendary White Trash Fast Food Club on Friday the 23rd!


live: AQUASERGE (Krautrock/Progressive/Psychic Pop – FR) + support: THE BRIMSTONE DAYS (Blues/Rock/Soul – SWE) at the Restaurant
+ DJ DennisConcorde (Indyfreshrock vs. Wildstyledancecore)

Starts at 10pm BUT you can go there before that and have some really good BURGERS & FRIES!!!

4) Go to Berlin´s most Famous Club: BERGHAIN!
Berlin’s premier techno club, housed in a former power generation plant near the Berlin Ostbahnhof train station. The building is enormous — the dancefloor 18 metres high and there’s room for around 1500. The main design elements are steel and concrete. The first room at the entrance near the cloakroom displays a 20-30 square meter black & white painting of the artist Piotr Nathan. On the upper floor, the Panorama Bar contains a large-format painting by Wolfgang Tillmans.
Fridays is usually upstairs Panorama Bar only.
Saturday night through Sunday both rooms are open.

5) For some great Drum´n´Bass Music on Saturday night go to ICON!!

RECYCLE – Berlin’s finest Drum’n’Bass: COMMIX

6) Fish N Slips at Golden Gate

Line-up /
Ryan Dupree *live* (Stil Vor Talent)
The Chosen Two (Powder & Louder/Supdub)
Promoter /
The monthly Fish n Slips assessement center to calibrate your party skills and tune your karma !

No peace for the wicked since 2006 !

7) A great party for a Sunday @ HoRST KRZBRG

It starts at 8pm
Location is at: Tempelhofer Ufer 1; Kreuzberg; 10961 Berlin
DAmage: 7 Euro
Rabih Beaini (aka Ra.H) LIVE, Mark Pritchard, Mark Cremins, DJ Pete
…on the KILLASAN sound system.
East caribbean food available from Cris’s Roadside Cuisine. Yummie yummie :)!

8 ) Go to the legendary Klub der Republik!   
Cosy first floor lounge club with with a distinctive eastish charme & interior, DJs every night, from funk to house and dubstep.
Just 100m from Eberswalder Strasse Station, entrance is in the yard.

9) Sports & Nightlife?!! Yeah; go to Dr.Pong

here you can play table tennis all night!! great dj´s and great fun!!

10) Disco party at the NBi (Kulturbrauerei) this saturday night!

Dance dance dance!


Allright, that´s all for now, enjoy partying in Berlin!!

We hope to see you all in Berlin, book a bed at EastSeven Berlin Hostel!!

EastSeven Berlin Hostel in Berlin´s hippest district “Prenzlauer Berg”

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Our top 10 of things to do in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
If you are coming to Berlin we could recommend you to pay a visit to the vivid district
Prenzlauer Berg.
here you will find loads of small shops, bars, markets and parks. For all the people who
don´t have any idea what to see and do in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, we have made a handy
top 10 of great activities in our amazing neighborhood. All of these sights and bars are
within walking distance to the East Seven Berlin Hostel. If you are planning to come to
Berlin you are more than welcome to stay at our cozy hostel, right in the heart of Berlin
Prenzlauer Berg.
Here is our personal TOP 10:
1.It´s summertime, Yeah!! a must visit: Berlins largest and oldest beer garden – the
2.Wasserturm The unofficial symbol of Prenzlauer Berg, this 30m high tower was built in
1877 as the local water reservoir. Once used by the Nazis as a prison, today the round
brick Wasserturm has been converted into trendy apartments.
Check for art exhibitions next to the tower, in the underground reservoir.
3.enjoy Berlin´s great bars/clubs/cafes all around us – e.g. White Trash, Prater
(Berlin’s oldest beergarden),
Week End, Icon Club, Kaffee Burger, Bassy Club,
Tacheles etc. till you drop in Berlin´s off-beat fashion shops on Kastanianallee
5.find some of Berlin`s best fleamarkets near the Hostel, they are on every sunday!
6.Helmholzplatz. According to local legend, Prenzlauer Berg has one of the highest birth
rates in all of Germany. Helmholzplatz is just one of the places in the district where
mummies and daddies come to push their new-borns around in expensive pushchairs and
gorge on a little brunch.
Visit the best affordable Japanese restaurant in East Berlin: Sasaya
Alternative and strictly limited Berlin fashion and graphics: Supalife Kiosk in Raumer Str.
7.Kollwitzplatz: Käthe Kollwitz, the famous left-wing, anti-war artist, would no doubt take
great pride that not only is there a square named after her (complete with bronze statue)
but that its one that was once a meeting point for intellectuals and artists during Prenzlauer
Bergs nasty East Germany days.
Dont miss Kollwitzplatz`s famous market on saturdays
Enjoy amazing cakes and delicious coffee at the Anna Blume café on the corner of
Sredzkistrasse and Kollwitzstrasse.
Just round the corner is Rykestrasse Synagogue, Germany’s largest synagogue.
8.Kulturbrauerei This huge complex of night-time hangouts originally housed Berlins
Schultheiss brewery for more than 150 years. By night the Culture Brewery turns into a
popular meeting point for determined drinkers, eager to explore the buildings wealth of
bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants, or just hang out in the huge courtyard.
The Kulturbrauerei is also a popular venue for famous live acts.
9.Mauerpark If you are over 20 and still like to play (particularly with beer bottles), then
this is your playground. Its the best place in Berlin for relaxed outdoor boozing and there
are hilltop swingsets which are a great spot for watching the sun sink lazily in the West.
Dont miss the fabulous flea market on Sundays.
10.and after a hard day´s walking, why not recover in EastSeven´s lush garden with
some selected german beers!
If you are looking for a small and friendly hostel in Berlin come stay with us!!
looking forward to see you all in Berlin!!