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New EastSeven Berlin Hostel VIDEO

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Pierre testing the beds

Pierre testing the beds


It´s been already a couple of months since Leonie came up with the fantastic idea of making a video about the EastSeven Hostel staff, inspired on the ´Amelie Intro`.
I found the idea magnificent and that´s when we started brainstorming together! The intro of Amelie is where all characters are being introduced, showing the likes and don´t likes that are typical for them.

At that moment the EastSeven Berlin Hostel counted 12  staff members, including the 2 managers of the hostel. So for each character we were imagining what he or she desires or dislikes the most. Some of our staff members came with their own idea. For instance Caroline, who really really enjoys making coffee and she just loves the smell of our Italian coffee beans!! Or Lena, who in real life really is allergic to the sound of chalk on a black board. In the end, all of us show something really personal, although it still only is a small feature of our characters. It does give the viewer an impression on who the individual staff members of the EastSeven Hostel are.
Our special thanks goes out to BRM for making the music and to Frank Dukowski for the voice-over, thank you guys!!!

So if you are coming to Berlin, and if you are still looking for a nice and friendly, relaxed hostel in a great location…you are more than welcome to check in at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel!!

Here is the video, have a look!!

What to do in Berlin?

Thursday, February 17th, 2011



On Mondays and Wednesdays it´s FREE DINNER PARTY at EastSeven

This is thé opportunity for you to meet other travelers and share your travel-experiences while enjoying a nice cheap dinner!

We started with our ´free food on mondays´ about two years ago. And now, as we see how fun these evenings are, we decided to do another free food event on wednesdays!

Here is in short how it works:

• Sign up at the reception till Monday 15h00
• Meet us in the lounge at 19h00
• You´re welcome to help us
• Feel free to bring your own extra ingredients
• We sell drinks at the reception

The big plus is, you get free food and  in the meantime you can get in touch with others.  During the free dinner there is always a happy hour for beer at the reception. We serve some of germanies finest beers, like Augustiner and Berliner Kindl. And than after eating & drinking you can start exploring the vivid prenzlauer berg neighbourhood. Ask your fellow travelers to join you or go on one of the many pub crawls Berlin has to offer.

For more input and information on what to do in Berlin don´t hesitate and ask our friendly staff at the reception. Also check our online staff-recommendations. Here you´ll find recommendations from all the receptionists and it gives you an insight in how the spend there time and what they like to do in Berlin.

That´s all for now, enjoy your stay in Berlin and I hope to welcome you soon to the EastSeven Berlin Hostel.