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This is Mr Coffee

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015



I promise, you will love this machine once you checked in. We fill it with the finest Italian beans only. It is so so delicious.

We sell it at a ridiculous low price of 1€ (yes, one euro). And yes, we can froth up some milk for your cappucciono, too.

Best thing is, you can have as much as you want with our breakfast.

Simply come to the receprion in the mornig and say hi to Mr. Coffee

record store day

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

don’t miss out, the record store day starts in 1 dVinylay and 7hrs. (just in case you read this blog right NOW)










here are some of my favs:

1) VoPo Records, Danziger Str. (Punk/Garage/Rock/Alternativ)
2) Wowsville Records, Ohlauer / X-Berg (Garage/Punk/Blues/Soul)
3) Bis aufs Messer, Friedrichshain, (Indie/Hardcore/Punk/World)
4)Freak Out Records, Prenzlauer Al. (Rock/Indie/Soul)
5)Record Store (Mitte / Przlbrg) Schönhauser Al. (Rock/Garage/Soul)
5)Static Shoc (Punk/Hardcore) Kreuzkölln
6) Gallactic Supermarket, Petersburger (F-Hain) (alles vor 1990, + Repress)
7) OYE, Oderbergerstrasse (soul, hip, hop, global grooves)
8) hardwax, Paul Linke Ufer (techno)



rendom fact. the biggest vinyl reseller in the world is urban outfitters.


The Sunday dilemma

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

a place where dreams come true: a späty (C) Daniel Gregors

So you wake up in the morning and realise you have nothing to eat. Or lack some other important personal items, like clean undies .
Thing is, all shops are closed on Sunday in Germany so what are you going to do? Well, you could stay in bed and wait.
On Chorinerstr. corner Fehrbellinerstr iIs a späty which is always open. They have basics but be aware, they are more expensive than normal grocery stores. If you are not satisfied with their range, here is a list with shops open all year round:
Kaisers at main train station 8am – 10pm
Edeka at Friedrichsstrasse S-bahns station 0am – 10pm
Rewe and Lidl at Ostbahnhof ( next to eastside gallery) 7am – midnight
Apotheke im Hauptbahnhof ( main train station) open 24/7
Apotheke at Alexanderplatz:  1pm-6pm
Apotheke at Friedrichstrasse: 9am – 8pm
There are also emergency pharmacies, please ask us at the reception. We are happy to find one for you
Drug store:
Rossmann at main train station : 8am -10pm
Rossmann at Alexanderplatz: 8am -10pm
there are 2 flea markets in walking distance from the eastseven hostel. Alternatively you can find some official ones at Alexanderplatz station . (open 08amUhr -8pm)

Oh, 2 things you don’t need to worry about: booze and fags. These essentials are available everywhere all year round.

News from the EastSeven hostel garden

Monday, August 5th, 2013

EastSeven garden

We are so lucky to have a garden to chill out in. Especially in summer it is great for relaxation after a day of sight seeing. In the morning you can eat the breakfast out side, and in the afternoon most parts of the garden are shady! In the evening you can use our BBQ and play kicker.


we have a big BBQ area with a huge Grill you can use for free.  On top of that we offer coals for free and organize BBQ-parties. There is an organic supermarket just down the road. here you can get high quality meat and also veggie-burgers.

Just come ask us at the reception if you need any help with getting started!

EastSeven garden

Herbs.… we are growing some herbs, free to use if you are going to cook yourself a nice meal at the hostel kitchen. We have thyme, rosemary and mint.

Hammock area….for a nap or just to hang out and read a book…

this is perfect if you arrive early at the hostel and you still have to wait for the room to be ready. You can then already take a rest in the hammock, it is really comfy and relaxing.

Outdoor shower…after a couple of really hot days and more hot days to come  we decided to install an outdoor shower. Here you can really cool off, since it is cold water only…. This weekend we had temperatures of almost 40degrees, and it looks like it is gonna stay summer for more days.


A Kicker-table

if you want to play table football, you can at EastSeven. We actually extended our terrace so that we have space for the table. This is your change to do some fine motor activity and exercise your skills.

At the reception you can get cold drinks. We sell 4 different high quality beers, sodas, and ice tea.
Enjoy summer in Berlin at our cozy hostel!

If you are planning a trip to Berlin we would be happy to accommodate you at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel!

Rent a boat in Berlin!

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013


Rent a boat (c)

Our top 5 of boats to rent!

Spring has finally started yeah!How much we all longed for this to happen :)!
Now it is the right time to fully enjoy the potential of good weather! Go outside, hang out in the parks, eat ice cream, cycle, jog, enjoy a coffee in the sun, go sightseeing, sit in our garden, wear t-shirt and shorts,…., and go on a boat tour or rent a boat and explore the city of Berlin from the water, it is a totally different perspective, and I am sure you will enjoy it. If you want to do a small sightseeing tour through the city centre just go to the museum island! Here you find, alongside the spree, several boat companies offering tours that usually take up 1 hour of your time! If you want to rent your own private boat, read this blog and find out where to get out on the water in Berlin!

1. Rent a raft!
At the Boat rental Rübezahl, located at the Lake Müggelsee in Berlin you can rent beautiful rafts for up to 8 people. The Müggelsee is a beautiful lake, where you can easily spend several hours on or in the water!
For the raft you don´t need a special licence. If you like you can rent a barbeque too.
It is easy to get here by public transport, ask us at the reception if you need help.
2. Spreecab
you can rent this small water cab that offers space for up to 9 people from the Spreekreuz, Charlottenburg. For one hour you pay 65€, including the Cab driver! Lay back and enjoy cruising on the river spree!
3. Hauptstadtfloß

this is a raft build completely out of wood, it offers space for up to 45 people and costs 900€ for 2,5 hours. The raft is located at Rummelsburger Bucht, Rummelsburg. Check their website and reserve in advance!
4. Salonschiff Ms. Marple
This ship is a classic boat from the 1930´s! You can take this ship and ride along the river Spree through Berlin. Ms. Marples offers space to 27 people, and the boat can take you wherever you please to go.
the boat is waiting for you at the Rummelsburger Bucht, opposite to the Treptower Park.  If you need help to find out how to get there, please come ask us at the reception.
5. Grill-Boot-Berlin, grill & chill
this boat is designed with a grill in the middle, so you can float on the water while preparing sausages for lunch!
A unique experience, that costs around 45€ per hour. You don´t need a license for this round shaped boat! make sure to reserve in advance!

That´s all for now! Enjoy the summertime in Berlin and if you want further information and tips on what to see and do in Berlin, just stop by at the reception!

A restaurant guide for Berlin Prenzlauer Berg – EastSeven´s top 10!

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013
German food Berlin

Restaurants in Berlin

Here is a blog post with a list of good and popular restaurants all within walking distance from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel. Mmmmh I already get appetite just by preparing this blog post :).


1. EntwederOder

this is the oldest coffee bar in Prenzlauer Berg. they have art exhibitions and also alternative concerts.

They serve German food and they have a broad variety of Breakfast dishes you can choose from!

Oderbergerstr. 15

2. Restaurant Ermitage

If you want to eat Russian food this is the place to go! Here you can get everything from Borscht to Blinis and of course ice cold vodka!

Schönhauser Allee 140

3. Alois S.

This spanish tapas bar was named after Alois Senefelder, the inventor of lithography. This place is perfect to visit with kids because the outdoor terrace is located on the playground.

Senefelder Str. 18

4. Weinstein

it is a fusion between wine bar and taverne. The cool thing is, they have a price-fixed menu, which includes 3 courses, 2 wines and a coffee for only 22€. They use top quality reginal products, which is really cool I think.

Lychener Str. 33

5. Feminamorta

authentic Italian food and fantastic Italian wines, that is what makes this restaurant the perfect place to wine and dine! It has a really cosy atmosphere and there is a separate room for smoking.

Winstrasse 30

6. Altberliner Restaurant Die Kaffeestuben

here you will find traditional German and Berlin food. It is a family owned restaurant with a really friendly atmosphere. They have a seasonal menu so you can eat fresh food from the right season. The outdoor terrace offers a nice view over the famous Arkona platz, where there is a great flea market on Sundays!

Fürstenberger Str. 1

7. I Due Forni

the place to go if your in for pizza.  all the young and hip people go here, it is always full!

There is a big outdoor terrace!

Schönhauser Allee 12

8. Salsabil

a small restaurant for Libanese specialities, they also do take away. They make the best falafel in town.

Good for eating fresh prepared food and saving money.

Wörther Str. 16

9. Zum Dritten Mann

this restaurants prepares delicious Austrian food and it is served  in a modern ambient.The service is really good and the quality of the food is outstanding. One of my personal favorites here is the Käsespätzle, yummie!

Kollwitzstr.  87

10. White Trash Fast Food

Go here for the best  (vegetarian) burgers in town and ask for the home-made lemonade, which is fantastic. After diner, hang out here for a while, there is always a concert going on!


If you are still looking for a good sleep in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, we are more than happy to welcome you to our hostel!

All right, that´s all for now! Enjoy your culinary time in Berlin!








Hoscars 2011, We won an AWARD!!

Monday, February 13th, 2012
Hoscar 2011

Hoscar 2011

We, your hostel in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg,  were voted  number 6 in the category of best medium sized hostel in 2011.

Hereby we want to say thank you to Hostelworld for sending us so many cool and friendly guests from all over the world!!

Also of course we want to say thank you to all the guests that were staying here and voted for us through Hostelworld!! Thanks  a lot!!

Last but not least, thanks to the EastSeven Berlin Hostel Staff for always giving their best, service with a smile!!
We will keep on giving the best we can, to stay a top hostel.

We hope to see you all again, someday!!


News from the EastSeven Hostel Kitchen

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011


we now also offer our guests breakfast!!

Although there are a lot of good breakfast places close by the hostel, and even some of them offer a discount to EastSeven guests only (Memory Cafe, In aller Freundschaft), we decided it would be cool to prepare our guests a small breakfast anyways!

It is always cool to eat something before leaving the hostel and doing a lot of sight seeing is easier with a filled belly!

Our breakfast buffet is daily from 8am till midday! Come to the reception to get your plates and a hot drink. The breakfast costs 2€, including a coffee, tea or hot chocolate. You can eat as much as you like!

Hope to see you all soon at our place :)!

ITB BERLIN 2011, the world´s leading travel trade show from 9-13 March

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011



Staying in Berlin during this time? Then pay a visit to the ITB Travel Trade Show.

At the ITB you will find information on everything that has to do with travelling. From hotels to tour operators,from destinations to booking systems.
They will show how travelers can make the most out of their vacation.

Ofcourse the ITB is the place to be for trade-visitors. It offers a teriffic opportunity for business people to meet business partners and to do business. This is the time and the place to learn about new trends, explore new concepts and cooperation possibilities. But beside this, the ITB gives the visitor a unique chance to explore and discover the world within a couple of hours.

There is a seperated hall reserved soley for Youth travel, ECOtourism, Adventure tarvel, economy accomodation and travel for disabled people. You can imagine how big this trade show is! There is so much to see and learn. Luckily the exhibition area is clearly structured, divided into geographical aspects and markt segments.

Other things you will find at the ITB are for instance: Training and Employement in Tourism, wellness, Travel technology, culture tourism and wellness.

A map of the exhibition grounds can be found here KLICK.

The ITB has over 10000 exhibitors from 180 different countries, and more than 180000 visitors. It´s easy to tell that the ITB is the leading B2B Platform of all tourism.

For a complete programm of events at the ITB klick HERE!

For a complete programm of the convention klick HERE!

Hope to see you soon in Berlin at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel .

For more events in Berlin check our online staff-recommendations!!

Berlin Balboa Weekend 18th / 19th / 20th of march 2011

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

balboa weekend berlin

balboa weekend berlin

Berlin Balboa Weekend is a weekend full of Balboa Swing Dancing Classes and Parties with some of the world’s best Balboa Dancers from the United States and Sweden as teachers and over 150 Balboa dancers coming from all over Europe.

This is our teachers line-up!

→ Mickey and Kelly (USA)
→ Adam and Nelle (USA)
→ Laura and Jeremy (USA)
→ Andreas and Joana (SWE)

As always, a very good programm with 3 parties, live bands, beautiful and crazy locations…

Make a Dinner’s Reservation at the Friday Party

Check here to see who is coming!
The registration is now open!
You can sign in to our newsletter to get the updates and stay in the loop!

Parties & Bands

Friday Party

Band: The Rathaus Ramblers
DJ: Wuthe am Grammophon
Location: 3 Schwestern
Saturday Party

Band: Django Lassi
DJ: Mr. Tumbleweed
Location: Bebop
Sunday Party

DJs: Efi and Thomas (Berlin)
Location: Franzz Club

For more events and recommendations please check our online staff-recommendations!

See you soon in Berlin!