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Coming up events in Berlin in Summer! Our top 5!

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

karneval der kulturen(c)Daniela Incoronato

I don´t know about you but we can´t wait for the summer and the nice weather to finally drive the winter away! With this blog post we would like to inform you on some cool events and festivals that are taking place in Berlin this summer. We are already getting in the mood just by thinking of it :)!

From music festivals to art fairs, for everyone there is something he or she likes! read on and plan your trip to Berlin straight away! if you are looking for a cozy and clean hostel in Berlin, you are welcome to stay at our place!


1. Berlin Lacht

International Street Theater Festival at Alexander Platz. Takes place from the 1st of August till the 18th.
This is street theater at his best! Expect the unexpected!
There will be acrobatic, live music, clowns and a lot of more different kinds of performances!

this festival is there to make you smile and laugh!

2. Karneval der Kulturen, from the 17th till the 20th of May

The carnival of cultures is the festival of the year, and attracts lots of tourists and Berliner.

It is a festival to celebrate cultural diversity. People form all over the globe ghet together to try dishes from different countries, listening to bands from all over the world and simply just enjoy the great atmosphere. The highlight is the big Karneval Parade, that takes place on May the 19th!

3. Christopher Street Day

This is the pride parade of the year! There will be more than half a million people present at the Christopher Street Day parade, demonstrators and spectators.  It is a very diverse crowd at the parade, gay and straight, young and old, from all over the world. One thing they have in common, they are pleading fair play for diversity!

It is a political parade but also a really big party, so make sure to be there!  It takes place on the 22nd of June.

4. Fete de la musique

this vibrant music festival is celebrating the start of the summer ever year in Berlin, with a lot of live music all through the city!

This is thé festival for live music, all around town!
this amazing event takes place every year, on the 21st of June, the day the summer begins…..
Special about this festival is, it´s totally for free and really all around the city! It is an open air festival, a lot of different bands with different musical styles will perform and turn the city into one big live open air stage!

Close to the EastSeven Hostel you will find the fete de la musique at the Mauerpark, at Bassy Cowboy club and ZumDrittenman (kollwitzstrasse/sredzkistrasse)
The festival starts at 4pm, and will approximately end at 10pm….after this there will be after parties at many different locations….fete de la nuit!

5. 48 Stunden Neukölln, from the 14th of June till the 16th

a really inspiring and fun art and cultural festival that takes place in the neighborhood Neukölln!
The Festival takes place from June 14th till June the 16th, and there will be a lively and diverse program.

What can you expect?? There will be live performances, arts, readings, theater and dance. The Festival is the biggest festival of arts in Berlin, so make sure that you don´t miss out on this.

What is so cool about this festival is that the venues where it takes place are diverse and all through the neighborhood, in private homes, small galleries, in pubs,  neighborhood centers and parks.


We already wish you a fantastic time in Berlin, and we hope that the summer starts real soon!! Hey, and if you want more information on what to see and do in Berlin read our other blog posts or visit us at the EastSeven reception!


What?!!! No plans for your weekend in Berlin???

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Events Berlin


Here is our personal Top 5 of things to do in Berlin at the Weekend!

1. Berlinale Festival!

This year it is already the 62nd edition of the Berlinale international Filmfestival. The Festival starts on Wednesday the 9th of February and will go for 10 days.
In these 10 days their will be 395 new films broadcasted, all of this films are world premiers!! And of course a lot of filmstars will visit the German capitol!!

To view the festival programm klick here
For more detailed information klick here.

2.Klubnacht – Blueprinted Berlin at Berghain/Panorama Bar  //Saturday the 11th of February//

The most legendary club in Berlin. Go here for a good night of clubbing!!

Line-up /
Berghain – Blueprinted Berlin
23:59 h – 05:00 h DVS1
05:00 h – 06:00 h O/V/R (live)(Ruskin & Regis)
06:00 h – 09:00 h James Ruskin
09:00 h – 12:00 h Sigha
12:00 h – End Marcel Dettmann

Panorama Bar
23:59 h – 04:00 h Clé
04:00 h – 05:00 h Blondes LIVE
05:00 h – 09:00 h Bok Bok vs Jam City
09:00 h – 12:00 h Thomas Schumacher

12:00 h – 15:00 h Mano Le Tough
15:00 h – 18:30 h Ed Davenport
18:30 h – 22:00 h Oliver Deutschmann
22:00 h – 01:00 h Magda
01:00 h – End Nick Höppner

3. Berlin Underworlds!!! Descend with us …

Tour 1 Galerie

Experience the history of Berlin from an unconventional perspective! Since 1997, the Berlin Underworlds Association has been offering regular tours into some of the most important underground structures in the city. Although the majority of our tours are in or near the Gesundbrunnen station in the north of Berlin, we also offer tours in several other subterranean complexes that are otherwise not publicly accessible.

4. Live Music at Bassy Cowboy Club
On Saturday the 17th of February The Mokkers + The Purcells (Garage, Rock’n’Roll, Rockabilly, Postpunk)
DJ (club): Johnny No (50s & 60s mashed potatoes, rockin’ soul, garage-beat, rock’n’roll, rockin’ blues)
DJ (lounge): Mohair Sam (wild rock’n’roll, pounding blues, obscure garage, southern soul, new orleans r’n’b)

The Mokkers sind eine All-Girl-Band aus Berlin. Seit ihrer Gründung im Jahre 2007 spielen sie sich beeinflusst vom Sound der 60er Jahre von der Garage hinauf in die Herzen dieser Stadt. Doch nicht nur Garage, sondern auch andere Genres wie Rockabilly, Blues und Postpunk inspirieren die vier Mädchen. Handgemacht, tanzbar, charmant.

The Purcells:
Going into pop 60’s, psychedelic direction lead by inspired melodies, The Purcells deliver powerful rock’n’roll on any of their appearance and laid down on the vinyl, 9 of their gems, as a Mini-Album dealing with love issues, smell of females, generation gaps, wet dreams, romanticism, hard times, guess games and wonder cats kingdom.

5. Visit the Neue Nationalgalerie
Following Exhibition is on from now till- Late 1. Quarter 2013
Divided Heaven.
1945 – 1968. The Collection. Neue Nationalgalerie

After ‘Modern Times. The Collection 1900-1945′, the second instalment in the showing of the National Gallery’s collection of 20th-century art will go on display in November 2011.

Germany’s ‘economic miracle’ and the building of the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Crisis and Vietnam War, Sputnik and Apollo, Kennedy and Mao-stark contrasts, entrenched positions and clear fronts mark the eventful years between 1945 and 1968. Fine art from this period was significantly influenced by the atmosphere of the ‘Cold War’ and the political ideologies connected with it. In art, two major paths essentially separated East and West, the figurative and abstraction. The West held aloft the open structure of abstract or ‘informal’ art as a symbol of freedom. And it was certainly no coincidence that the pop art that followed it arose in the major capitals of the West, where the phenomena of mass production and a rising tide of consumer culture were everywhere to be seen. In the Eastern Block, by contrast, socialist realism became the prevailing trend and a defining basis for all developments in the art that came after it. In all of this, the individual became the point by which all things were measured, artists made the ‘human condition’ the core focus of their work.

Under the title ‘Divided Heaven’ (echoing the novel by Christa Wolf), the New National Gallery introduces us to the key figures from this epoch. In its focus, however, the exhibition deliberately looks beyond barriers, geopolitical and artistic, and concentrates instead on universal artistic ideas, held by both camps at once. At the heart of ‘Divided Heaven’ stand the international disparities: the juxtaposition of styles and art forms, the contemporaneity of the non-contemporaneous.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe..

Enjoy your visit to Berlin! Love from the youth hostel in Berlin, EastSeven!!!

Transmediale 2012

Monday, January 30th, 2012
© Vibek Raj Maurya

© Vibek Raj Maurya

 Transmediale 2012 in Berlin, from 31/1 till 5/2. When everything fails;

Incompatibility is the condition arising when things are not working together. Given the current worldwide proclamations of crisis, be they political, financial, technological or environmental, it may seem as if incompatible elements and situations are everywhere, that everything is failing. Ironically, it is the supposedly ever-more compatible media-scape, where everything connects, that render such crises instantly visible. This raises the question if connective media and all-present data collection are even complicit in the production of crisis itself? Where do incompatibilities arise and how are they integrated in a world-order built on the paradox that it is predicated on convergence, but is in fact also constantly leading to divergence?


These are among the difficult questions we aim to tackle at transmediale 2012. With the theme in/compatible, the festival probes the productive and destructive sides of incompatibility as a fundamental condition of cultural production. To be in/compatible means to refuse a quick return to business as usual. It means to instead dare an investment in the unusual: aesthetic, ambiguous and nervous expressions of politics and technology that are contingent with the dark sides of network culture.


The too old and the too new are two sides of the same coin: nothing ever works perfectly.


Since years we have heard about the coming “promised land” of convergent technology, culture and economy as proclaimed by new media entrepreneurs, neo-liberal economists and development experts. Instead of a smooth operation, it is increasingly clear that processes of convergence bring about new tensions in everyday life,economy, politics and technology. Tensions and states of crisis are not contradictory to convergence which is instead a process that should be understood as dependent on the production of the incompatible.


“The media age proceeds in jerks, just like Turing’s paper strip,” Friedrich Kittler wrote, and in this he could just as well have been talking about technological development in general where the production of incompatibilities is central to having any development at all.


The simultaneous monumental failure and global ubiquity of technology seems to move us beyond the polarity of utopia and dystopia. Instead we are entering the blurred environments of the unadapted, monstrous and “uncorporated”. The increasingly unclear tension-states between open and closed, freedom and control, idealistic and commercial are giving rise to a new kind of “techno-cultural uneasy”. The in/compatible in this context is a singular moment of transversal reflection. Artists, hackers and tinkerers engage the imperfect nature of technology. They give it a cultural shape, developing a modular reflexivity that responds to the ever-changing social and economical terrains of the networked world.


transmediale 2012 is an in/compatible being, moving not necessarily forward.


More than a failed operation, incompatibilities lie at the heart of the governance of the inherent differences in network culture. This means that the incompatible is not the outside of networks but it is an internal and constant state of disruption which is necessary in order to enable the “open” state of a never completed system. Capitalism evolves according to the principle of “creative destruction”, as Joseph Schumpeter once formulated it. Allowing for incompatibility is central to the capitalist logic of always being “open to business”, the constant integration of new areas of production. But this does not necessarily mean that incompatibility always leads to co-optation. The in/compatible moment produces a gap in capitalist production, a temporary moment of stasis which may be used to reflect on where we are going, if anywhere at all, and on what conditions.


As an in/compatible being, transmediale 2012 highlights projects and cultural phenomena that saviour this stop in the incessant flow of things and posits it as a moment of tension that allows for a redefinition of our initial terms of engagement. The in/compatible being is one that moves with the particular rhythms of this tension, but not necessarily forward. Contrary to the fear of the incompatible, so prevalent in the age of cloud-computing, the festival raises the question of what happens when incompatibility is brought to the fore rather than hidden away in the dark underbelly of digital culture?

image: Photos of e-waste found on Flickr (2009) by Vibek Raj Maurya
© Vibek Raj Maurya

Klick here to view the Programm

If you are planning on visiting the Transmediale and still looking for accommodation in Berlin, don´t look any further! We are a nice and clean hostel in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg and we offer a 10% discount for Transmediale Visitors.  In order to get the discount all you need to do is make a booking through our website and at check in mention the code word TRANSMEDIALE!  We are looking forward to welcome you!!

JAZZFEST BERLIN: From November the 3rd till November the 7th

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Visit Berlin and visit a Jazz concert!!

the yearly organized Jazz Festival , which has brightened up the Berlin fall for over 40
years now, attracts a lot of visitors, not only from Berlin but from all over the globe. The
Festival has always been an exciting international meeting point for jazz-musicians and
This years festival puts an emphasize on European jazz and the full and varied programm
focuses on traditional and progressive jazz, and on big bands and large ensembles. It´s a
5-day `jazz marathon´ and has a special place in the Berlin Jazz calendar.
Two highlights we like to mention here:
1.On Saturday & Sunday @ the legendary A-TRANE jazz club:
a performance by Magnus Lindgren : ´Batucada Jazz`
Starts at 10pm
2. On Sunday @ Haus der Berliner Festspiele:
ʻBetween Shoresʼ Kocani Orkestar meets Municipale Balcanica & Roberto Ottaviano
Starts at 3pm
To view the complete programm klick HERE
For online tickets klick HERE

This was just one highlight for this weekend, but as you might know….there is a lot more
going on in the big metropole Berlin. For more tips just check the EastSeven Berlin Hostel
Staff-recommendations: always up to date, always exciting!