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Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Pöpcørn time


welcome to our lovely kitchen guys. whether you are a professional chef or a traveller with a tight budget, make yourself at home in the centre of our lovely hostel. we have pots, pans, all kind of spices waiting for you and a dishwasher if you are too lazy to do the dishes. ( but at least try to )
for all of you who want to safe on accmodation: cook a dish of your choice and get a bed for free – just ask us how it works. and for all of you who really know how to cook, as the receptionist if they are hungry ( yes, we are! )
enjoy your stay and see you soon

News from the EastSeven Hostel Kitchen

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011


we now also offer our guests breakfast!!

Although there are a lot of good breakfast places close by the hostel, and even some of them offer a discount to EastSeven guests only (Memory Cafe, In aller Freundschaft), we decided it would be cool to prepare our guests a small breakfast anyways!

It is always cool to eat something before leaving the hostel and doing a lot of sight seeing is easier with a filled belly!

Our breakfast buffet is daily from 8am till midday! Come to the reception to get your plates and a hot drink. The breakfast costs 2€, including a coffee, tea or hot chocolate. You can eat as much as you like!

Hope to see you all soon at our place :)!

News from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel kitchen!

Monday, April 18th, 2011
free food party!

free food party!

EastSeven Berlin hostel is cooking for her guests, every Monday and every Wednesday!

where can you find  a hostel like that? A cheap stay with a fantastic dinner on top of it, for free!
Don´t look any further, EastSeven Berlin Hostel offers it!

Twice a week the hostel kitchen is turning into a fun time cooking event. Guests who want to eat a long can also join in on the cooking, and take part in a cooking-workshop with Florian.  He knows how to slice onions without getting tears in your eyes!

Eating together is the perfect opportunity to meet other travelers, share travel-experiences and stories, and  getting your belly full while you are at it.
Usually the food is 100% vegetarian. But in summer we also organize BBQ´s.
Then we provide salads and bread, and the guests can bring the meat they like!

Here is in short how it works. We meet up at the hostel kitchen around 19h, anyone who wants can help. If you want you can bring your own ingredients too. Around 20h the food is ready! During the dinner party we have a happy hour! All our fantastic beers ( 0,5L) for only 1€!

Here is a video to illustrate it!

So that´s all for now, hope to see you soon in Berlin!!

What to do in Berlin?

Thursday, February 17th, 2011



On Mondays and Wednesdays it´s FREE DINNER PARTY at EastSeven

This is thé opportunity for you to meet other travelers and share your travel-experiences while enjoying a nice cheap dinner!

We started with our ´free food on mondays´ about two years ago. And now, as we see how fun these evenings are, we decided to do another free food event on wednesdays!

Here is in short how it works:

• Sign up at the reception till Monday 15h00
• Meet us in the lounge at 19h00
• You´re welcome to help us
• Feel free to bring your own extra ingredients
• We sell drinks at the reception

The big plus is, you get free food and  in the meantime you can get in touch with others.  During the free dinner there is always a happy hour for beer at the reception. We serve some of germanies finest beers, like Augustiner and Berliner Kindl. And than after eating & drinking you can start exploring the vivid prenzlauer berg neighbourhood. Ask your fellow travelers to join you or go on one of the many pub crawls Berlin has to offer.

For more input and information on what to do in Berlin don´t hesitate and ask our friendly staff at the reception. Also check our online staff-recommendations. Here you´ll find recommendations from all the receptionists and it gives you an insight in how the spend there time and what they like to do in Berlin.

That´s all for now, enjoy your stay in Berlin and I hope to welcome you soon to the EastSeven Berlin Hostel.

Vulcano Eruption has impact on holiday plans Guests@EastSeven

Monday, April 19th, 2010

What a crazy situation. The Vulcano eruption on Iceland had, and still has, a great impact onthe  holidayplans of our guests.

It all started on friday, where lots of our friendly guests wanted to fly home, but simply could´nt. All flights had been cancelled.  Some of them tried to find a different way to get home, by train, bus or boat. But most of them stayed in Berlin, for at least one extra night. It was totally unclear when the flights where going to be allowed again, everyone hoped to be able to get a plane the next day….This wasn´t the case. At this time, on monday, still all aiprorts are closed.
Fortunateley, we had rooms available for these guest, stranded in Berlin, becuase we had a lot of cancellations on the other hand.
So sad, lots of peple who were looking forward to a lovely weekend in Berlin, had to stay home….
It is still unclear when planes will be allowed to go up in the air again.

Some guests are really happy to be staying some extra nights in Berlin at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel! An extended vacation, its nice.
Especially tonite as we will be preparing a free vegetarian dinner!!!

We feel sorry for all the travelers, stranded somewhere over the world, without being able to go home as planned.

We wish all travellers a safe flight home, somewhere in the near future!

It´s gonna be a great week in Berlin….

Monday, February 22nd, 2010


Free Meal at EastSeven

Free Meal at EastSeven

….EastSeven´s top 10 of events in Berlin from 22.2-28.2

If you are staying in Berlin this week you are surely interested in some insider tipps on parties and other cool events in Berlin. We have listed some of the best events for this week in our special top 10 of events. ENjoy your time in Berlin!!!

Our special Top 10:
1)What to do on a monday evening? Don´t think twice…. stay at the hostel for a great vegetarian dinner party at the hostel kitchen. Our cook Florian will cook you something delicious and you can meet up with other travelers . After that go for instance to Dr. Pong to play a game of pingpong with the crowd! After that go to one of the many clubs at the kulturbrauerei, it´s gonna be GREAT!

2)Go to the famous rock´n´roll club White Trash Fast Food @ schönhauser allee

live: THE FOVES (60s/Rock – FR) at the Restaurant
DJ Blowup (Garage/Punk – DE)


Every wednesday and thursday night live jazz music @ Zosch Bar

you will find Zosch in Tucholskystraße 30, 10117 Berlin

S-Bahn and Tram station Oranienburger Straße or
20mins walk from East Seven

@ Bergstübl/ Invalidenstr. 151, 10115 Berlin

It has been now three years since Born Bjorg works the crowd on the turntables around Switzerland and beyond. Holding a residency at Geneva’s famous Le Zoo (Usine) since early 2008, the young and talented duo has already shared the bill with artists such as Lee Curtiss, Seth Troxler, Christian Burkhardt, Nick Curly or Crowdpleaser (among others) in notorious clubs in Switzerland (Weetamix, La Ruche) and abroad (Social Club, Paris).

Their music witnesses a strong addiction to the groove and a reverent love for new and old school underground dance music, blending jackin’ house and techno as well as soul or funk altogether.
5)A must do: LOVELITE Club
Minimal Synth 80s Wave Flexipop Party

Ron (Duncker, Kato)
DJ Tempel (Tempel Records, Factory MD)
DJ Second Planet
DJ Graepi


Late Night Jam Session

Bleibtreustr. 1, 10623 Berlin (Charlottenburg)


VVK 5.- €* AK 6.- € *zzgl. Vvkgeb

U-Bhf Schlesisches Tor
8.) LO JAM @ Kookaburra Comedy Club

Laugh Olympis Improv show in a nearby Comedy Club
IN ENGLISH!!! Entrance only 3 EURO!
(2 mins walk from the hostel)

Sunday is fleamarket day. Close to the hostel (500 m)you find the Arkonaplatz Fleamarket and the famous Mauerpark fleamarket. You don´t want to buy something – no problem you first of all go there to see all kind of urban subjects with hangover and even sober ones. Berliners go there – you should as well.

Dark Worlds – A Tour Through a Bunker from WW II

Tickets/info : U-Bhf. Gesundbrunnen

Have a great time in Berlin!! See you @ EastSeven Berlin

EastSeven Berlin Hostel News

Monday, December 14th, 2009


home-made mulled wine!

home-made mulled wine!


it´s almost christmas time and its really cold in Berlin…to get into the mood and to warm up a little, we now sell mulled wine (glühwein) at the reception. Everyday from 5pm on you can smell the glühwein from miles away, hmmm.
Do(n`t) drink too much, this stuff really makes you drunk…

Last friday there was a filmcrew at the hostel. They were from the ZIBB programm on RBB-Tv, a local channel.

Somewhere next week the EastSeven Berlin hostel will be featured in ZIBB, which is ofcourse really exciting.
They interviewed Jörg Schöppfel, one of EastSeven Hostel owners, and also a couple of our guests.

Today there is, as always on mondays,  the amazing free food party. It´s still a big surprise what our friendly cook Florian is going to cook  for us tonight. But one thing is for sure, it´s gonna be delicious and lots of fun. To join you need to sign up at the reception. Meet up with Florian and other hungry travelers at 7pm in the hostel lounge and kitchen.

Tomorrow there is the yearly Christmas party for the entire  EastSeven Staff….We will all eat together, Jörgs famous  ‘Grünkohl’, play a game of Wichteln, and of course we will be drinking lots of mulled wine, beer and so on….

If you´re staying in Berlin during the Christmas Holidays I would recommend to visit one of the many christmas-markets in Berlin, check out our Christmas-market-Blog for more detailed information.

For parties around christmas and new years eve check out the personal recommendations of the EastSeven staff ONLINE.

That´s all for now! See you soon in Berlin at EastSeven :)!

No need for a monday to be boring!

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009


free food party!

free food party!

Every monday at Eastseven Berlin hostel there is a free vegetarian dinner party organized for all guests staying at the Hostel.

It´s a really nice happening, an opportunity for travelers to meet other travelers. Here is how it works; you need to sign up at the reception till 3pm on monday. Then meet up with the crew in the kitchen at around 7pm . If you like you could even join in on the cooking, or bring your own ingredients. We sell cheap but good german and chech bier at the reception!

Singer/songwriter Jennifer Logue once did a performance on a monday at the EastSeven Lounge, a volunteer show. We filmed during here show, just check out our youtube video.

At that  time she was touring across Europe with her `Paint the World Pretty Tour` staying at different hostels and performing for free in hostels and in orphanages aswell!
Listen to some of Jennifer Logue´s songs on Myspace

Our friend Todd, from the amazing band Calico Soul (Hawaiian / Rock / Punk music), is also a well seen musician at our hostel. And if you are lucky you might even catch him playing on the guitar during one of our Monday-evening happenings.
And as usual our cook Florian will be there on Mondays, cooking  delicious vegetarian meals! To join and enjoy the cooking come to the Hostel Kitchen at 7pm.
So hope to see you all soon at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel.

How to spend a great week in Berlin?

Monday, November 16th, 2009
Enjoying a lovely meal at the EastSeven Hostel

Enjoying a lovely meal at the EastSeven Hostel

Our amazing TOP 10 of cool and exciting activities, parties, museums etc.

1. as always on mondays, there is a Free Food spectacle at the EastSeven Hostel. Our cook Florian prepares, together with the guests, a delicious vegetarian meal. A nice way to start your evening and an opportunity to meet other travellers too!

2.Experience Berlin’s most famous multi-cultural market, the turkish market at Maybachufer. Shop for food or even a pretty souvenir. Cafés and bars are close by as well. The market is on tuesdays and fridays.

3.It´s getting colder outside so why not go to the Hamam to enjoy a really nice turkish bath and relax…
Hamam is a bathing ceremony of the cleansing of the body and soul. Relaxation and communication in a warm and pleasant atmosphere, are key elements of the Hamam culture. Here women from different cultures and walks of life work and meet.
You’ll find the Hamam at Mariannenstr. 6 in Kreuzberg
Please Note: It´s for women only!!!!
4. This friday only: the New Model Army live at Kesselhaus!
5. The White Trash Fast Food Club, just around the corner from our Hostel offers a broad variety on events. Often you will find live bands playing here, rock´n´roll dj´s and you can always stop by for a great burger and other fast food!! for an up to date programm klick HERE.
Photographs of the frontier’s opening at the Berlin Wall document the revolutionary events from 1989 and their consequences (Mon, Wed-Fri 10a.m.-6p.m., Sat+Sun 11a.m.-6p.m.)
Date: Sun, 08.11.2009(till 06.12.2009)
Location: Max-Liebermann-Haus, Pariser Platz 7, 10117 Berlin (Mitte)
Opening hours: Mo, Mi-Fr 10.00-18.00, Sa+So 11.00-18.00
7.More Markets: On saturday there is a really cool (but a bit expensive) organic market! check this out, also just to watch the hipp folks of the prenzlauerberg Neighberhood! And when you are there try for instance the turkish pancakes, they are good and cheap!
8. A new club just opened its doros : the Feinfeierei, They have cool parties on friday night. This friday: Sven Teet, drauf&dran,Nicorus & 2Komponentenkleber. For location and info´s klick HERE!
9.For a real German experience you should definately go watch the Berlin soccer team play this saturday at the Olympia Stadion (take the U2 subway from senefelder platz)
Berlin’s soccer team, Hertha BSC is playing vs. southern VFB Stuttgart at the Olympic Stadium.
This sporty event starts at 12:00.
10. A  typical thing to do on a sunday in Berlin is to go out for a Brunch. Lots of different cafes offer delicious brunches from early in the morning till about 17h. For instance you could go to the Gagarin, Schneeweisschen und Rosenrot or SchwarzSauer.

Okay, hope you all got on impression on how to spend your week or weekend in Berlin. Ofcourse, there is lots and lots more to do and to discover in Berlin. For more ideas I would like to invite you to check out the Staff Recommendations made by the EastSeven Berlin Hostel Staff.  Also check the Zitty Magazine for ALL events and parties in Berlin. Hope to see you soon in Berlin!!!!!

This weeks top 5 of cool events & Parties in Berlin

Monday, September 7th, 2009
Garten BBQ Party

Garten BBQ Party

EastSeven Berlin Hostel made a fine selection of amazing things to do in Berlin…

1.)FREE FOOD: as always on a monday our cook florian prepares a delicous vegetarian dinner served at the eatseven hostel kitchen, lounge and in summer in the garden. It is free to join for all our guests, and if you like you can bring your own ingredients and join in on the cooking. Mostly, after eating together, the party really starts when travellers meet travellers. After the nice dinner it’s time to explore the cool pubs and clubs that the EastSeven Hostel is surrounded by.
Just walk from the hostel to the helmholzplatz, it will take you about 15 minutes by foot.
Here are lots of nice shops, bars & restaurants.
One of my favourite ‘helmholz-bars’ is the EKA. It is a really small and cosy bar. Take the local disocunt card with you (ask for it at the reception) and get a 10% discount on all portuguese drinks. Try the portuguese beer, I loved it!!!
Also visit the bar wohnzimmer! It is decorated as one big living room. Really nice to hang out, drink a beer or a coffee. With our famous discount card you get one coffee for free.
a cozy bar/klub just  round the corner from the eastseven berlin hostel, at the pappelallee 81
Go here for a drink &  lounge while listening to cool dj´s…


Every thursday night there’ s an amazing rock and indie party  at sage club. With different live acts every week! go check it out, its only a 25minutes ride from the EastSeven Hostel.
Köpenicker Straße 76
U-Bhf. Heinrich-Heine-Straße


When visiting Berlin, you should visit some historical sites aswell. for instance the sachsenhausen concentration camp. It’ s not going to be a fun trip, but you will learn so much more about the terrible second world war and its victims.
Opening Hours
15 March until 14 October: daily 8:30 – 18.00
15 October until 14 March: daily 8:30 – 16:30
Entry is free.