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What to do in Berlin this week(end): A top 5

Monday, August 26th, 2013

street festival Berlin

Staying in Berlin the coming week? Then read this blog post so you can find out what is happening in the coolest city of Germany!

1. Street Festival at Dunckerstraße, Saturday the 31st of August

this Saturday afternoon there is a small and fun street-festival, not far from the hostel. It is fun to go there with kids. In the afternoon there is theater (for kids from 4 years on) and later in the evening there is live music.

Weather forecast looks good, so go there and enjoy yourself!

2. Turkish Market in Kreuzberg

the Turkish market in Kreuzberg is really worth a visit.

Explore Berlin’s multiculturalism on this vibrant and colorful market!

Every Tuesday and Friday from noon to 6 pm.

Take U8 from Alexanderplatz and get out at the Schönleinstraße

Begin at: 12:00
End at: 18:00

3. Organic market at Kollwitzplatz

On a late Saturday morning you should go to where the locals go – the farmer´s market on Kollwitzplatz – 200 Meters from EastSeven. Fresh organic vegetables, varieties of sausages and a lot more of savoir vivre. By your food of the season there, go back to the hostel and prepare it in our fancy self catering kitchen.

Begin at: 09:00
End at: 16:00

4.Vegan-vegetarian Summer festival at Alexanderplatz

this Saturday, the 31st of august,  there is a vegan vegetarian festival at Alexander platz. I can almost hear you think: hmm what is that? To give you an impression; there will be food-stands, live cooking performances, information stands on vegetarian and vegan food and life-style, live music and much more.

Alexanderplatz is very central and very close to the hostel, so I would suggest check it out for yourselves!

from 10am till 9pm. There is no entrance fee :).

5. Dine at  Restaurant `der Hanh ist tot`

They serve German-French food. It is very delicious! You can choose from two different 4 courses-menus. A menu costs only 19€.

The restaurant is very cozy and nicely decorated, there are seats outside as well, with a perfect view over the Zions Church.

Zionskirchstr. 40, 10119 Berlin


So that´s all for now. If you want more recommendations just come see us at the reception or check our Hostel Blog.

Gay pride in Berlin- The best places to go out!

Monday, July 8th, 2013
Events Berlin

We love Berlin

Come to Berlin and enjoy the great Gay Nightlife!

In Berlin there are lots and lots of cool  and kinky gay bars, also many Berlin clubs are more gay than straight. To give you a small overview we made you a slection of some of the hottest places in town, to party and relax! Further information is also to be found on If you´re visiting Berlin you are more than welcome to stay in our cozy hostel in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

1.Berghain Club
You might have heard from this one already, it is known as the best club worldwide. This famous place is nothing for weak at hearts! In this former gigantic thermal power station you’ll find the hardest of Berlin’s hardcore, pushing squares ’till way past breakfast time.  On Saturdays the club is mainly visited by gays, not only because of the big number of darkrooms that are present in this huge building.

2. Monster Ronson´s Ichiban Karaoke Bar
You enjoy singing and you just loooooooove karaoke? Then go to the Monster Ronsons Karaoke bar. A cool thing here is that you can rent small booths, go there with your friends and sing your heart out! If you are a dare you can also use the big stage and feel like a star!
Warschauer Straße 34
Open Daily from 7pm

3. Tom´s Bar
this is the place if you are looking for successful cruising, that´s  exactly what Tom´s bar is famous for! The international crowd that visits Tom´s bar is constant in search of human contact, either in the bar upstairs or in the famous darkroom that is located in the basement. I just say go there and enjoy getting in touch with nice the mix of tourists and local gay party people that visit Tom´s bar!
Motzstrasse 19
daily from 7am
4. SO36: Cafe Fatal
Ballroom dancing in the famous club SO36, every Sunday! The people who come here is a mix of gay punks, Kreuzberger Lesbians and heterosexuals, there is an extremely nice atmosphere here.
There are also dancing lessons, so if you go here make sure to put on your dancing shoes.
Where? At Oranienstrasse 190 in Kreuzberg
Hafen is a trendy and plushy bar and it is probably the most established gay club in the whole of Berlin. Located in the gay-triangle in Schöneberg it is always crowded here! It is a great place to start your night out in Berlin!

Motzstrasse 19

6. Bangaluu Dinner Club

a bed restaurant where you can dine like the ancient Greeks already did, while laying and relaxing!

divas, male dancers and strippers are regularly seen here! you will be entertained!

for more tips on gay bars & clubs in Berlin just ask us at the reception!

Where to go to for live Music in Berlin?

Thursday, April 25th, 2013
Events Berlin

We love Berlin

A list of cool venues in Berlin!

If you want to go out and experience some live music in Berlin, but you don´t have a clue yet on where to go to? No worries, we have made a list of cool venues in Berlin. The places to be if you´re up for some fine tunes!

1. Badehaus Szlimpa
live music bar in Friedrichshain, located in a former GDR-bathhouse, where you can go to to experience all kinds of different music styles, from jazz to balkan. Entrance fee starts from 2€ on.
2. B-flat
One of the most beloved jazz clubs in Berlin, is the famous B-flat. And every Wednesday there are concerts for free.
Concerts usually start at 10pm.
The club  is within walking distance from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel, located in the Rosenthaler Straße 13, you can reach the pub within 20 minutes of walk. Enjoy listening to some fine acoustic jazz tunes
3. Antje Oeklesund
this bar, disco and concerthall looks like a ruin! but that´s just the concept of the place, it provides the place with an interesting atmosphere! For almost a decade now, this kind of out of the center located bar is a perfect place to go to if you like indie-rock music, besides that the place is kinda broken down it is really cosy!
4. Piano Bar van Gogh
Open daily from 6pm till late! There is daily live music, from jazz to blues. There is no entrance fee!
They serve all kinds of drinks and they make fantastic cocktails! And they have some nice paintings on the wall, I wonder what the name of the artist who painted them is :).
Where to find the piano bar? At Schiffbauerdamm 6-7! If you need help with getting there, please come ask us at the reception!
5. Lunchtime concerts at Berlin Philharmonic
Every Tuesday at Lunchtime, 1pm, there are concerts you can attend without paying any entrance fee for it.
This is a fantastic opportunity to have a delicious bite and listen to great music!!
The Berlin Philharmonic is located close to Potsdamer Platz. You can take the u2 from Senefelder Platz.

6. Yorkschlösschen
a really famous place, located in Kreuzberg and first opened its doors 100 years ago! It started as a coffee house for solders, but now its a popular venue for jazz and blues music.
There are jam sessions  every Sunday at 14.00.

Enjoy your stay in Berlin! If you are still looking for a place to stay in Berlin, just contact us!

Best of Berlin- EastSeven´s TOP 10

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Coolest Shops Berlin

A selection of some of the coolest things to do in Berlin!

If you are coming to Berlin you might at first be overwhelmed by the big amount of things to visit and things to do. With our blog we want to present some of the coolest shops, clubs, tours and museums for you to visit. Feel free to meet us at the reception for more insider tips!

1.You like shopping? Go to Glücklich am Park
They do not only sell beautiful clothes, dark sunglasses & toys…………they even have ice cream, enjoy it on there lovely terrace in the Kastanienallee.
2. Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer, Mauergedenkstätte – Berlin Wall Monument

This evocative stretch of the Berlin Wall on Bernauerstrasse is one of the few remnants of the concrete wall left untouched since 1989. The Gedenkstätte – monument – includes a Documentation Centre which chronicles the history and experience of the Berlin Wall.
3. Read a book and drink a wine at the Buchkantine!

what better way to relax than over a good book and a fine wine, at the Buchkantine this is all possible. Just take a book from one of the shelves and find yourself a nice seat at one of the comfy sofas.

You find the Buchkantine at the Dortmunderstr. 1. Ask us at the receptions for directions!
4. Hamam Berlin
This is for ladies only! Located in the popular district Kreuzberg, easy to reach by public transport.
It´s getting colder outside so why not warm up a bit at  the Hamam to enjoy a really nice Turkish bathing ritual…
Hamam is a bathing ceremony of the cleansing of the body and soul. Relaxation and communication in a warm and pleasant atmosphere are key elements of the Hamam culture. Here women from different cultures and walks of life work and meet.
You’ll find the Hamam at Mariannenstr. 6 in Kreuzberg
Opening hours: daily from 15h till 23h
Entrance fee: 14€ for 3 Hrs
5. Buncker Tour

Are you interested in going beyond the popular touristic sights and explore a bit more of Berlins history?

Then go for instance on a bunker tour!

There are several different bunker tours, in english, german and spanish.
Something exceptional and very interesting! A must do!

6. Big hangover breakfast

And after partying like a madman you should have a big hangover breakfast, of course!

For instance at one of my favorite cafe´s in Prenzlauer Berg, Café Hilde. They do fantastic breakfast, serve good strong coffee and it´s nice cozy and warm inside!

Located at the Metzer Straße 11, it is just a 5 minutes walk from our hostel.

7. Blutwurstmanufaktur

This is a traditional butcher, if you like meat and sausages go here to experience the true nature of the German meat  culture…. They do lunch too, traditional food, meat! For small prices! This place is famous for its traditional black pudding. High quality!  This is really a nice experience! But nothing for you if you are a vegetarian!

great cozy place, it´s mainly students you will find here. getting together to drink really
great wine and philosophize in a relaxed livingroom-feel atmosphere.
the concept of the weinerei is quite unique. You ´buy´ a glass, for one euro, and then you
can fill and refill it as often as you like. Also there are little snacks the accompany the
wine. when you leave you can pay whatever you think it was worth.
Don´t go here to late, when the wine is out, its over and out!!

9.White Trash Fast Food
This is  a famous and legendary rock club. The name already implies it, they also have a fast food restaurant.
serving the most delicious burgers & fries I have ever had.
What else to expect at the White Trash, great live music & a great rock´n´roll atmosphere!!

10. Tempelhofer Freiheit

after the closing down of the Tempelhof Airport in 2010 the over 300 hectare are now open to public. It is a park with a special flair. A lot of people come here to kite, skate, and cycle. Or just simply to use the big green grass area for a picnic.


Enjoy sightseeing in Berlin! If you are still looking for a place to stay in Berlin, come visit us!!

What to do in Berlin around Christmas? Here is our TOP 5!

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Lucia Christmas Market

Are you coming to Berlin for Christmas? Did you already make any plans??  If not, do read on, we might have some nice suggestions for you!

Really important is to realize that on the 24th of December, after 2 pm, everything, I repeat EVERYTHING is closed!

Make sure you be prepared for this, and buy groceries in advance! At the hostel we have a fridge where you can keep your things and a kitchen where you can cook your own Christmas dinner.


Here is our TOP 5 for Christmas in Berlin:


1. Go to a Christmas Market

it is the perfect way to get in the Christmas mood!

The following Christmas Markets are open throughout Christmas, including on the 24th!

Christmas Magic at
26.11.2012 – 31.12.2012
Gendarmenmarkt, 10117, Mitte,
Daily from 11.00 to 22.00
Traditional Christmas goodies, delicious culinary delights, upmarket arts and crafts and a cultural program. Admission 1€.
 Christmas Market at Alexanderplatz
26.11.2012 – 26.12.2012
Alexanderplatz, 10178, Mitte
daily from 10.00 to 22.00
Christmas stalls, large ice-rink and daily program for the whole family

At the reception we have a list of all the Christmas Markets in Berlin, please come ask us for advice!

2. Cook your own meal @ EastSeven

On the 24th all restaurants, bars, cafes etc. in the entire city will be closed.  Unless you don´t have plans to eat with friends and family in Berlin, than just stay at our hostel and cook a delicious meal yourself! On the 24th we serve Mulled wine too :)!

And at the reception you can get great German beers, we have a happy hour daily from 8pm till 10pm. All beers are sold for half price, only 1€ for 0,5 Liter!


3. Go visit a Museum ( on the 24th & 25th all museums are closed though!)

In this cold season, it is on some days better to stay inside. Why not visit as many museums as you can with the museum day pass!

At the museum Island you will find following museums:

Old Museum, which is in fact really Berlin´s oldest Museum! It houses classical antique collections

New Museum, with archaeological collections of the Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection, the Museum of Pre- and early History, as well as works from the Collection of Classical Antiquities.

Pergamon Museum, is world famous for its archaeological holdings. fully breathtaking monumental highlights!

Bodemuseum, is best know for its Byzantine art collection and the coin cabinet.

Alte Nationalgalerie, houses one of the most important collections of 19th century paintings in Germany.


4.Christmas time is party time!!!

Though a lot of museums and restaurants are closed, there are a lot of clubs open during Christmas. Even on the 24th of December a lot of clubs open their doors and  don´t you think dancing is the perfect way to burn all the calories after eating way too much on Christmas again.
Some cool clubs that are open on the 24th are:
Kaffee Burger: Unholy Dance Night! Starts at 11pm
Bassy Cowboy Club: Christmas swing party, with music from the 60ties

Tresor: No Silent Night, starts at mid night.

Magdalena: Resident Night!

Ritter Butzke: Krippenspiel!

M-Bia: Friedlich Feiern


for more tips on where you can find the best parties, just come ask us at the reception.


5. Go to the Berliner Dom on Christmas Eve!

Yeah, why not! It is the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful churches in berlin, and listen to Christmas music….The Berliner Dom is in fact the biggest Church in Berlin.

Services will be held on the 24th of December, at 2.30pm, 4.30pm, 6pm, 8pm, 22pm, and midnight.

It might get really crowded, so make sure to be there half an hour in advance!


We wish you all a merry, merry Christmas in Berlin!!


Things to do in Berlin in Autumn, A top 10 for Berlin!

Monday, October 15th, 2012
Autumn at the hostel

Autumn at the hostel

In this blog post we will bring to you some nice suggestions, so you will have some ideas on what to do in Berlin in Autumn time! Berlin is never boring and autumn has a lot to offer too!
Our recipe to survive the colder and darker seasons is presented to you here! Read on and find out what will make your stay in Berlin shine, even if the sun doesn´t show up!

1. Festival of lights

it is going on right now! Untill the 21st of October, Berlin´s most popular sights and buildings are being illuminated at night! This is an unique opportunity for you to do some sightseeing at night and to shoot some amazing pictures of Berlin by night!

2. Fly BerMuDa Festival at Berlin’s former Tempelhof Airport

will be back for the second time on the 5th November giving the Berlin Music Days its glorious finale.

One can expect to be enthralled by the annual gathering of the Crème de la Crème of electronic music artists. The event will be spread across 2 main floor, 2 club floors all backdropped with spectacular visuals, complete with a cozy chillout area.
All this, in the unique and ambient space of Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport.

3. Walking tours!

Rain or no rain, windy or cold, it doesn´t matter at all. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing & preparation. So make sure that you bring warm and waterproof clothes, bring your umbrellas and enjoy one of the best city walking tours in Berlin. The Brewer´s walking tours pick up from our hostel, daily at 10.15 and 12.25!

4. If it´s raining or if it´s cold, go to one of the many museums!

Some of our favorite museums, listed up for you are: the Pergamon Museum, Hamburger Bahnhof, Jewish Museum, the New Museum, the GDR Museum.

5. Go on a PUB CRAWL!!

8.45 PM –  Alternative Pub Crawl
The alternative night tour is a local, calmer affair,  taking you to underground spots hidden away from the tourist hordes.

6. Visit the TOPOGRAPHY of TERROR (number 17 on our flyer map)

During the “Third Reich” the headquarters of the Secret State Police, the SS an dthe Reich Security Main office were located at the site. Now it is a documentation center. On Sundays there are guided tours oat this historical site.
A guided tour in german starts at 2PM
A guided tour in English starts at 3.30PM
You need to be there 30 minutes in advance!

7. Go play PING PONG!
8.00 PM – till LATE
At Dr. Pong!!
Dr. Pong is a rugged little dingy bar in the heart of Prenzlauerberg, reminiscient of a teenage clubhouse with its minimal decor.
Stick to what’s important here: the table tennis in the middle of the storefront main room and the constantly circling multi-player ping-pong action around it. The International crowd and relaxed vibe at Dr. Pong make it an enjoyable place for some pure and simple ping pong with plenty of spectator/eliminated-player seats available around the perimeter. Good honest fun and a great place to up your skills and have a beer.
Eberswalder Strasse 21. Number for on the back of our flyer!

8. Go to the movies!
Tuesday is CINEMA DAY!!!
Reduced admission for everybody! The CineStar at the Sony Center or the Babylon in Kreuzberg have original versions! We can check the program for you, just ask us at the reception!!

9. Live Music @ White Trash Fast Food
Go here if you like rock ´n´ roll & fantastic home made fast food!
Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month they have a rock´n´roll BINGO!!!
Open Daily from 4pm
Schönhauser Allee 6-7, just around the corner from the EastSeven hostel

10. Enjoy some great night life, in a small and cozy jazz bar!
Fishday at B-SIDE BAR
Every Thursday at B-Side bar LIVE DJ´s serve different music dishes that are perfect for listening, relaxing, talking but also for dancing. From jazz to punk, from nu-jazz to futer punk, from hiphop to soul, electronic, reggae, dupstep and world fusion.
Brunnenstrasse 115, close to U-bahn Voltastrasse


Enjoy your Autumn in Berlin!!

Happy Birthday Deutsche Einheit!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012
Tag der Deutsche Einheit

Tag der Deutsche Einheit

On the 3rd of October it is the Tag der Deutsche Einheit,  the Day of German Unification. Celebrated are 22 years of German unity!

The 3rd of October, the day Germany was officially reunified is now a public holiday. This reunification is of course a good reason to throw one heck of a party! If you want to celebrate together with the Germans you must head to Brandenburg Gate. Here you will find live entertainment, music, dancing, food and drinks.

The celebration is not only for the locals, who have been separated for over 40 years by the  Berlin Wall. The organizers of this big celebration emphasize the pan_European dimension of 1989, when the breaching of the Wall showed that the cracks in East European Communism were starting to split wide open, letting unity between East and West flood through.

Festivities will be organized from October 1st till October 3rd. The party at Brandenburg Gate is on all day and free of any charges!

What is to be expected? There will be a huge stage at the Brandenburg gate On this stage some really cool artists from all over Germany will perform!

But there are more parties going on!For instance there are parties in various clubs in Berlin, tonight, on the second of October!

Your want to party tonight, then go to the Ankerklause! To celebrate the unification DJ Olli Goolightly will play Indie, Trash, Club-Pop, 80s, Wild style. You can also go to Ankerklause for its fantastic burgers!!

Also the Ballhaus Berlin dedicates tonights night to celebrate into the 3rd of October. DJ Chris will make sure everybody is gonna dance!

On the actual day of the unification, the 3rd of October,there will be a big party at Brandenburg Gate. A big stage in front of the BrandenBurg Gate will host various of artist, and the entire Strasse der 17.Juni will be in party mode.

Also there are activities especially for families with kids, like pony-riding. There is a big Ferris Wheel too, a great opportunity to have a view over Berlin!

Enjoy your visit to Berlin!



Der Karneval der Kulturen – Top 10 things to do at the festival!

Friday, May 11th, 2012

karneval der kulturen (c) daniela incoronato

karneval der kulturen (c) daniela incoronato

Hura, it’s Carnival again! warum ist der Karneval die beste Party in Berlin? Dazu könnte ich unglaublich viel schreiben aber ich werde mich aufs Wesentliche beschränken.
Bei der Masse von Menschen ist es wirklich erstaunlich wie friedlich alles bleibt. Da ist eine halbe Million Menschen Auf den Straßen unterwegs und trotzdem bleiben die Aggressionen aus. Warum das so ist kann ich mir nur mit der Musik erklären. Von überall her erklingen Samba, steeel drum oder andere freudvolle Klänge. Hinzu kommt, dass sich alle verschiedenen Lebensstile Berlins einmal im Jahr treffen um zusammen friedlich und ausgelassen zu  feiern.  Dieser Mix ist einzigartig.

Ob Queere Kultur, Jamaikanische Partygruppen oder Türkische Gruppen, alle treffen sich um hauptsächlich in friedvoller Weise zusammen ihrer eigenen Kultur zu frönen. Vielleicht liegt das Geheimnis eben da. Alle dürfen so sein wie sie sein wollen. Hier gibt es keine Leitkultur die über allem hängt und alle mehr oder weniger gleich machen will. Wo jeder so sein kann wie er will kann ja gar kein Spannung entstehen. So sollte es in einer Stadt sein die weltoffen sein möchte.

Hier meine Favoriten  oder anders ausgedrückt:

10 things to do at the festival

1) unbedingt den Umzug  am Sonntag mitmachen! Sucht euch eine Wagen eurer Wahl aus und versucht den nicht aus den Augen bzw. Ohren zu verlieren

2) am Kottbusser Tor, mitten auf dem Kreisel ein Bier eurer Wahl trinken

3) dieses verdammt leckere jerk chicken direkt vor der Amerika Gedenkbibliothek essen, LECKER!

4) partyalarm hinter dem Horst Krzbg. Das legendäre Killasan Soundsystem wird einmal im Jahr draußen aufgebaut und drückt euch mit den Bässen das gerade gegessene Hühnchen nochmal tiefer rein.

5) parallel dazu, meine Empfehlung : Carnival Weekend Open Air Africa Special at Gretchen.

6) laßt am Sonntag das Fahrrad  oder das Auto am besten stehen. Ihr kommt wahrscheinlich zu Fuß und U-Bahn schneller voran und holt euch keinen Platten; höchstens platte Füße ;)

7) Karneval der Kulturen: das Strassenfest  vom 25. – 28. Mai geht ja manchmal  unter, deswegen hier ncohmal, exclusiv für euch die Zeiten:
Freitag 16 – 24 Uhr
Samstag / Sonntag 11 – 24 Uhr
Montag 11 – 19 Uhr

OK, ich muss zugeben die anderen 3 Punkte müsste ich mir wahnsinnig aus den Fingern saugen. Geht hin, verliert euch und findet neue wundervolle Eindrücke unserer Heimatstadt. Berlin ist nicht nur eine knisternde Partsytadt für Techno und Elekto. Es ist auch eine Oase des Zusammenlebens. Wer behauptet Multikulti wäre gescheitert, der befindet sich gerade im Wahlkampf oder war niemals auf dem Karneval er Kulturen.

Viele Grüße aus der Jugendherberge in Berlin EastSeven!

This weekend in Berlin: A top 5 of things to do!!

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Prater Beergarten

Prater Beergarten

There is a lot going on in Berlin this weekend, not only this weekend, every weekend! Sometimes it is hard to decide what to do and where to go. Therefore we have put some things together.  Some small ideas to get you on your way!  Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!


if you love exploring the city by exploring its artists, then this is your weekend!
51 galleries, 51 openings, 3 days, 3 nights. feel invited!! From April 27th till April 29.
klick here for a list of galleries that our in: Gallery Weekend

2. Go clubbing on Saturday night!!
For instance you can go to the club night at Berghain/ Panorama bar.
If you are not into techno you can go to the Bassy Club for rock´n roll music!
More info on where to go clubbing you can find in the ZITTY

3. Go to an exhibition!
There are so many interesting exhibitions to choose from, really. One thing you should definitely see is this:
´´ Arrested in Hohenschönhausen“
The exhibition displays items from the everyday prison life at the GDR, but also rare testimonies of the resistance of political prisoners. Among the objects is a holed shaver, with which secret messages were transported, as well as a Monopoly game made by the prisoners. Also prison books with hidden finger nail markings and a knife made out of a toothbrush are shown. © Museumsportal Berlin
In addition to this exhibition, you should  take the guided tour through the stasi prison!
Location: Gensler str. 66

4. Go to the ZOO
..something tells me it´s all happening at the zoo….

It is going to be lovely weather this weekend, perfect for a visit to the Berlin ZOO.

The Zoo in Berlin is actually the oldest zoo in entire Germany! It´s the home of around 15000 animals from 1500 different species.

5. Lazy Sunday
On Sunday you should first go for a lazy breakfast at café Entweder Oder at the Oderbergstraße 15.  They have the most delicious breakfast in Berlin, yummy yummy!
After that you can stroll down to street and go to the famous Mauerpark Flea market!
Here you have a full program for the afternoon. You can shop, eat a snack, and also enjoy a broad variety of artists performing in the park.

Afterwards you go to the famous  Prater Beer garten, located in the Kastanienallee, not far away from the hostel! drink a beer, eat a sausage and enjoy!

Karaoke in Berlin, a top 5 of good places to sing karaoke!!

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Party in Berlin

I think everybody loves to sing!! Maybe not everybody is as talented, but that doesn´t
matter at all.

It is all about  music, singing, and of course and maybe above all it is about  having FUN! It is just great sharing your favorite songs by performing them yourself, for a (small) crowd.
What are the options in Berlin, if you want to take your chance and sing your favorite
tunes? You don´t know where to go to? We have made a selection of cool places to go to
to do karaoke in Berlin!
1.Monster Ronson´s Itchiban Karaoke bar
is probably one of the most popular and famous bars for karaoke! It is located really
central, at warschauer straße, and is therefore easy to reach!
This bar is perfectly suited also for people who are a bit shy, then there are cabins you can
rent so instead of singing to a big crowd you can intimately sing to and with your friends. Of course there is also a big stage!
They have over 85000 songs to choose from!
2. Hafen Bar: Kaptains Karaoke Party
at the Hafen Bar in Berlin-Mitte there is a karaoke party every Saturday. The Karaoke
begins at 9pm and goes for about 3 hours.
You can choose from about 5000 international and German songs. Their rule is a song can
only be sung once an evening! Afterwards you can hang around here for a great dance party!
3. Green mango karaoke
though it is an insider tip, if you want to go here during weekends, it is better to reserve a table
in advance. They have a really big song-archive you can choose from, and also they serve delicious cocktails!
The bar is located in the Bülowstraße and very easy to reach from our friendly hostel in Berlin. Just take the u2, it will bring you straight to bülowstraße.
4. Bear pit Karaoke at Mauerpark
open air karaoke on Sundays in the vibrant Mauerpark, you can´t miss out on this!
It is a really fun thing to do!! Maybe you want to sing, but it is also great to just be in the
crowd and enjoy the different performances. I have never witnessed such a warm and grateful crowed as at the bear-pit karaoke!!
5.Kim´s karaoke bar
This is a Korean karaoke bar with an unique mix of Asian and non-Asian pop songs!
At the beginning the people who came to Kim´s bar where mainly Korean people. But over the years karaoke started to become a lot more popular in Europe. Now you will find people from all over the globe coming to Kim´s bar to sing a song!


We wish you a lot of fun in Berlin and a lot of fun singing karaoke!!!