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TOP 10 of things to do in Berlin, for FREE!!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011


Summer Berlin

We have made a TOP 10 of amazing things to do in Berlin, all free of charge!!

Berlin is an amazing city, and it doesn´t need to be to expansive to have a good time in Germany´s Capitol! If you are traveling on a budget there are still plenty of cool things to do, that are totally free of any charge!!! Read on and we will give price some of the best things to do, for free!

Here is our TOP 10:
1.Tacheles – One-time department store then SS headquarters in the heart of Berlins
former Jewish quarter, the Tacheles was taken over by squatters in 91. Behind the
buildings bombed out façade is a wealth of art studios.  Just opposite youll find delicious French fries served from a dodgy looking
trailer called Beckers Fritten
2.Gendarmenmarkt – Touted by many guidebooks as the prettiest square in Berlin,
Gendarmenmarkt is famous for its two churches – one Protestant, one Catholic – each
built opposite each other by the opposing religion. Not often that happens. TIP:
Fassbender & Rausch, possibly the worlds greatest chocolate shop, is on the corner of
3.Kollwitzplatz – Käthe Kollwitz, the famous left-wing, anti-war artist, would no doubt
take great pride that not only is there a square named after her (complete with bronze
statue) but that its one that was once a meeting point for intellectuals and artists during
Prenzlauer Bergs nasty East Germany days. Dont miss Kollwitzplatz`s famous market on
Enjoy amazing cakes and delicious coffee at the Anna Blume café on the corner of
Sredzkistrasse and Kollwitzstrasse.
Just round the corner is Rykestrasse Synagogue, Germany’s largest synagogue.
4.Topography of Terror – Back in 1987 a group of students excavated, with little more than their bare hands, the cellars of Berlins former Gestapo and SS headquarters. The Topography of Terror is the fruit of their labour, an open-air exhibition documenting what happens when a totalitarian regime tortures its people to death for fun.
TIP: Pickup a headset from the reception for English audio commentary.
TIP: Next to the Topography of Terror is an excellent art museum called Martin-Gropius-Bau
5.Reichstag– The German parliament building, re-opened in 1999 after the government
and most of the ministries moved from Bonn to Berlin. British architect Lord Norman Foster
redesigned this place, complete with a huge glass dome with public access, so you can
watch the politicians at work.
You can get in for FREE. Try to avoid the queues at the Reichstag, make a reservation at
Kaefers restaurant at the top of the glass dome. This should get you in the side door.
6.Holocaust Memorial Berlins ultra-controversial memorial for the murdered Jews of
Europe, 2,711 concrete blocks jutting off at offensive and suffocating angles.
Co-incidentally only a stones throw away from the site of Adolf Hitlers former underground
lair, the Führerbunker.
Walk through the memorial, youll quickly realise its not the kind of place you want to have
a summer picnic at.
7.Free Dinner Party at EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Every Monday an Wednesday we cook a vegetarian meal for all our guests, and it is for free!! We even have a happy hour for beer!!
8.Volkspark Friedrichshain -A beautiful park, excellent for jogging or having a picnic or
barbeque. In the middle you’ll find Friedrichshains highest hill, which provides a 78-metre
high view over Berlins flat terrain. The hill was actually man-made to cover up a destroyed
anti-aircraft bunker from World War II, as well as several tonnes of bombed out rubble.
Also you can play beachvolleyball for free here. They have a special area reserved for
beachsports. Its free to use for anyone but you´d have to bring your own equipment.
9.Fleamarket -Sunday is fleamarket day. Close to the hostel (500 m) you find the
Arkonaplatz Fleamarket and the famous Mauerpark fleamarket. If you don´t want to buy
something – no problem, you first of all go there to see all kind of urban subjects with
hangover and even sober ones. Berliners go there – you should as well, and ofcourse
there is no entrance fee here!
10.Brandenburg Gate -Every 10, 20 and 50 cent German Euro coin is minted with a
picture of this big city gate on its reverse side. Stranded in a lonely no-mans land between
1961 and 89 thanks to the East German government, no other structure in Berlin better
symbolises the temporary division of the city. Just go to foot from Unter den Linden and
take a closer look at this immense Gate. This Beautiful sight in Berlin is also admission
free to visit.
Have fun exploring Berlin on a low budget! If you are still looking for a cheap bed in Berlin you are welcome to stay at our cozy hostel in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg!

EastSeven Berlin Hostel Blog: a weekend in Berlin

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Fiesta in Berlin

Fiesta in Berlin

parties & events from friday the 4th till sunday the 6th of June

If you are coming to Berlin for the weekend, and you have no plans yet, then just read on. We have made a selection of cool parties, interesting exhibitions and amazing events.

On Friday:
1. go to the famous club WHITE TRASH, for some stunning live music!


live: C.AARMÈ (PostGarage/ SWE) at the Diamond Lounge


live: HOW TO LOOT BRAZIL (Post-Punk/New Wave) at the Diamond Lounge

2. Pay a visit to the arthouse TACHELES

Been to Tacheles yet? This squat-turned-art-center boasts art galleries, clubs and bars on every floor. Tonight Cafe Zapata (bottom floor) hosts a session of refined electronic music. Tacheles: Oranienburger Str. 54-56


Who Knows Tomorrow – this piece of worldly wisdom, heard everyday over large parts of Africa, provides the title for a remarkable project held by the National Gallery, for which it has invited five internationally acclaimed artists, whose work is primarily shaped by their African origins, to join together in creating a major exhibition in Berlin.

Their works, completed and installed, for the most part, in prominent positions outside four of the National Gallery´s separate venues (Old National Gallery: El Anatsui, New National Gallery: Pascale Marthine Tayou, Friedrichswerder Church: Yinka Shonibare MBE, Hamburger Bahnhof: Zarina Bhimji, António Ole), will together serve to spark a dialogue over questions that are now more topical than ever before, thanks to the radical upheavals currently sweeping political, social and economic systems that had, until now, been considered unshakeable. These questions include: is uncertainty over the future now the greatest certainty we have today? Whose history needs to be told and faced up to now? What is art´scontribution to helping overcome (art) historical constructs, clichés and stereotypes?

Who Knows Tomorrow eschews the common practice of presenting artists in group exhibitions as representatives to speak for an entire continent. Instead, the participating artists reflect and interpret our own history and present us with their views of our culture, against the back-drop of four of the National Gallery´s iconic buildings, which themselves reflect German national identity at various points in the country´s past.


schön schön
Wareika LIVE
Sammy Dee(Perlon)
Zip (Perlon)


Dream Passage’ marks the first major retrospective by American artist Bruce Nauman in Berlin. The exhibition, hosted by the National Gallery in the Hamburger Bahnhof and set to open in summer 2010, has been occasioned by the successful installation of the spectacular architectural sculpture entitled ‘Room with My Soul Left Out, Room That Does Not Care’ from 1984 that was accepted by the National Gallery as a gift and which is now due to be permanently erected in Hall 5 of the Hamburger Bahnhof’s Rieckhallen in accordance with the artist’s own instructions. The whole-room sculptureintended for visitors to walk through is the high point of a series of works entitled ‘Dream Passages’ inspired by a dream dreamt by the artist himself. The work has not been seen since its first installation in 1984 in the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York.
While the exhibition is taken up with the artist’s ‘architectures of experience’ and his exploration of the themes of violence and brutality in the museum’s main hall, in the Rieckhallen, the focus is placed on the diversity of the sculptural pieces and Nauman’s work with language and the gestural. The bulk of the exhibition is made upby the unique collection of the artist’s works currently found in the National Gallery on loan from the Friedrich Christian Flick Collection. The collection contains key works from nearly all the artist’s main periods and are presented here together with a few pieces on loan from other collections.

Accompanying the exhibition is a catalogue that has been devised around some 35 keywords, each considered to play a significant part in forming an understanding of Bruce Nauman’s work. The catalogue features a short text on each word and also includes a collection of source material that offers the reader an insight into the intellectual context of the artist’s work.

Tue-Sunday: 11-18h

Begin at: 11:00
End at: 17:59

On Saturday:


nice Pub in Berlin-Mitte

Bergstraße 2, 10115 Berlin

12mins walk fr East Seven

open every day from 8pm till late


Geiom (Berkane Sol/Soul Motive//Nottingham, UK), Ike Release (Infrasonics) b2b 2krazy (Freak Camp), J-Trex (Freak Camp)

bass bass and MUCH more BASS !!!!!


On a late Saturday morning you should go to where the locals go – the farmer´s market on Kollwitzplatz – 200 Meters from EastSeven. Fresh organic vegetables, varieties of sausages and a lot more of savoir vivre. By your food of the season there, go back to the hostel and prepare it in our fancy self catering kitchen.

Begin at: 09:00
End at: 16:00

On Sundays

9. And on sundays ……SUNDAY FLEAMARKETDAY


Sunday is fleamarket day. Close to the hostel (500 m)you find the Arkonaplatz Fleamarket and the famous Mauerpark fleamarket. You don´t want to buy something – no problem you first of all go there to see all kind of urban subjects with hangover and even sober ones. Berliners go there – you should as well.

10. go to the one and only RAMONES MUSEUM BERLIN

Punk rock legends The Ramones come from New York, but their biggest fan might just be from Berlin. Florian Hayler collected hundreds of Ramones-related items, and attended more than 100 Ramones concerts, then decided to collect his expertise and souvenirs in a museum. It debuted in 2005, a year after the death of founding band member Johnny Ramone.

The current museum opened in October 2008 after a move and an expansion. On display are childhood photos of the group, gig set lists, fliers from the band’s early days and a vast collection of concert t-shirts. If you bop ‘til you drop, the Ramones Museum’s Café Mania has drinks, snacks and light meals on offer.

The museum, located just off Oranienburger Strasse near art house Tacheles and the New Synagogue, also hosts movie screenings, acoustic shows, and Ramones-related special events. Closed Mondays and Wednesdays.

Address: Ramones Museum Berlin
Krausnickstr. 23
10115 Berlin
Opening Hours: Tue-Thu 8.30-18, Fri 8.30-20, Sat 10-20, Sun 12-18
Admission Fee: 3,50 Euro
Public Transport: Train station:
S Oranienburger Str.: S1, S2, S25
S Hackescher Markt: S3, S5, S7, S75

11. It´s sunday, you got a  HUNGOVER?

The best way to spend a hungover Sunday: Get up around noon and have a tasty brunch at An Einem Sonntag im August (Kastanienallee 103). Then visit the flea market at Mauerpark and find a nice place to laze on the lawn. Have the world’s best burger for dinner at the legendary Bird restaurant (Am Falkplatz 5).

12. wonderful sandsculptures at the SANDSATION 2010

Again, the most renowned sand sculpture artists from all over the world will come together for the International Sand Sculpture Festival SANDSATION. Welcoming up to 120,000 fascinated guests each year, the only urban sand art festival in Europe easily established itself in Berlin’s vast cultural landscape.

You´ll find the sandsation right next to the main train station!
Admission fee: 6€
opening hours: Sunday- Thursday: 9-20h
Friday & Saturday: 9-23h

we wish you a great weekend in Berlin! for more information on parties and events in Berlin Please check our online staff-recommendations.