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What to do in Berlin on new years eve?

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

fun in Berlin!

We have made you a selection of the coolest parties in town! Here is the TOP 10 of New Years Eve Parties in Berlin, by your  hostel in Berlin!


1. Party at ICON. Icon goes 2011/2012

It is the last party of the year, and unfortunately also the last party ever for ICON Club.

It´s one of the most popular clubs in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg.

On New Years Eve the party will be HUGE!

Headliner D.I.M., AND Sexinvaders, Marvin Suggs, Pat Ferry, Phonomat, Andre Langenfeld, The Henrik Maneuver.
2. Sylvester – Les Kitschenettes – live! (60s French Beat/F) @ Bassy Cowboy Club
The Mytch (60s Wyldestyle: Garage, Freakbeat, Soul)
Mr. Garage Records (60’s Garage, Psychedelic, Soul)
Mystic N. (Shakin’ R&B, 60’s Garage, Frantic Soul & Rock’n’Roll)
Johnny No (50s & 60s Rockin’ Soul, Garage-Beat, Rockin’ Blues)

Eine Mademoiselle und fünf Messieurs aus der Normandie erwecken auf geniale Weise Sound und Spirit der französischen 60’s zum Leben. Mit Leichtigkeit und sicherem Gespür führen sie uns zurück in die Ära von Nino Ferrer, Brigitte Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg, Ronnie Bird und all der anderen. Den ganzen Saal zum Tanzen zu bringen ist dabei gewiss das oberste Gebot. Daher sind Les Kitschenette’s die ideale Band für Soundflat Records brandneue DJ-Single-Serie.
Party starts at 21h

3. Sylvestersause at KAFFEE BURGER

Rupert’s Kitchen Orchestra & DJs Sammy D. and Cruz (Happy-Dance-Faves all over times)
Entrance: 10 Euro

4. Pop Explosion @ Magnet Club

3 Floors, different dj´s, great atmosphere!

Party starts at 22h.

Damage: 15€

5.  Go to the Mauerpark to watch the fireworks

Around 11pm, head to the Mauerpark. A lot of people gather together here, with booz and fireworks, to celebrate new year.


6. New Years Eve 2012 Alternative Berlin Anti Pubcrawl

Spend your New Years Eve at some of Berlin´s most unique bars and at one of the most amazing clubs on the Berlin club circuit. 3 floors underneath the city join the 24 hour party people on the Alternative Berlin New Years Eve 2012 Anti pubcrawl !

An incredible club 3 floors underneath the city with a labrynith of rooms and entertainment

Free Beer , wine , shots & sekt

3 Awesome bars , 1 amazing club & Fireworks at midnight !

We visit 4 unique bars/clubs and recieve FREE BEER & WINE at our first bar, FREE SHOTS (Vodka, Jäger and Tequila) at all bars.

Fireworks at midnight (FREE BOTTLE OF SEKT) and guest list entry to an amazing club 3 floors underneath the city in a massive party location.

You will need to take an elevator 3 floors below the city into a subterranean world with thousands of Berlin party people where your NYE experience takes off.  This venue is seriously huge catering for a wide variety of musical tastes. Electronic music in one room , disco house / Hip hop in another , Live rock , funk , soul in another. You might want to entertain yourself with some Black light ping pong , watch live painting, chill out in the labryinth of hidden rooms, watch a cult movie or try the obstacle course with a drink in hand. Special light and sound installations have also been prepared for this incredible party which we are proud to bring our New Years Anti pub crawl guests.

Prior to this we hit up 3 very cool rock , indie , 60-70´s-80´s , Goth rock ,alternative bars each with a special character about them. We visit the fireworks at midnight where you recieve a FREE bottle of Sekt (German Champagne) before hitting the club.

We want you to get the most bang for your buck so we are keeping our price very fair and reasonable for this event. Don´t get ripped off this year or waste your time looking for the best parties leave it us to make your Berlin New Years one to remember !

Meeting point @ EastSeven Belrin Hostel or at the YESTERDAY bar-

7. Big New Years PArty at the VOLKSBUEHNE

dressCode Chic legance Hollywood in the twenties.

Various DJ`s, Various Floors.

Party starts at 21:00.


8. Fuck me now, love me later @ Arenaclub


Line Up: Krause Duo (Freude am Tanzen) Florian Meindl (Flash) Exercise One (Mobilee) Channel X (Stil vor Talent / Bar25) Adam Port (KeineMusik / Souvenir) Till von Sein (Suol) Jake The Rapper (Bar25) Niko Schwind (Stil vor Talent) Rampa (KeineMusik) Umami LIVE (Burlesque Musique) Asem Shama (Highgrade) Red & Ron (Fuck Me Now & Love Me Later) Retro (Playplus / Wasted Unicorns) Sascha Funke (Kompakt / Bpitch Control) Justus Köhnke LIVE (Kompakt) Andres Bucci (Cynosure Recordings) Terranova (Null Recordings) Eric D. Clark (More Music) Hans Nieswandt (Ware / Mute) Sid Le Rock LIVE (Shitkatapult) Daniele Papini (Sleep is Commercial) DeWalta (Cynosure Recordings) The Mole (Cynosure Recordings) Topper (Sleep is Commercial) Andrea Ferlin (Sleep is Commercial) Hubble LIVE (Sleep is Commercial) Akiko Kiyama LIVE (Sleep is Commercial) Francesco Assenza (Sleep is Commercial) Gek (Sleep is Commercial) Peter Invasion (Riotvan) Tricus & Vitéz (Logo Records)



Channel X
Niko Schwind
Andre Crom
der E-Kreisel
Fresh Meat
Toni Haupt & Saxophone
Jan Rudolph
Leon Licht
Daniel Archut

Party starts at 22:00


10. New Years Eve 2011 @ TRESOR

Live: Octave One (Tresor/ Detroit)
Mike Huckaby (Deep Transportation/ Detroit)
Oliver Deutschmann (Vidab/ Berlin)
Franklin de Costa (Conaisseur/ Berlin)
Irie Electric (Tresor/ Berlin)
Djoker Daan (Tresor/ Berlin)
Daffy (Tresor/ Berlin)

TRESOR:     Cari Lekebusch (Drumcode/ SE)
Gary Beck (Bek Audio/ UK)
Joel Mull (Drumcode/ SE)
Mike Dehnert (Fachwerk/ Berlin)
Pär Grindvik (Stockholm LTD/ SE)
Suzi Wong (Tresor/ Berlin)
Marcel Heese (Tresor/ Berlin)

+4BAR:     Handmade & Hintergrundrauschen (Tresor/ Berlin)
We love Wax Special:
Norman Methner (We love Wax, Cookies/ Berlin)
Jochen Voller (We love Wax/ Berlin)
Kyros (We love Wax/ Berlin)

For all the parties make sure to get tickets in advance or let us help you to check if there are still tickets available!


What to do in Berlin @ the weekend. Our top 10 of clubs and parties!

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Fun in Berlin

Some of the best parties for this weekend are listed up in our personal top 10!

enjoy some of the coolest clubs and hippest parties in town!

Read on to know what, where and when!!

Top 10 of parties in Berlin for this weekend!

The best clubs, the best parties mashed together in an unique top 10, presented to you by the EastSeven Hostel in Berlin.



1. Klubnacht – Berghain 05 Release Party at Berghain/Panorama Bar on Saturday

Berghain is one of the most famous techno-clubs in Berlin! If you love techno you should go here!!!

Here some details to this Saturdays party:
doors open 23:59
Damage: 12€
Line-up /
Klubnacht – Berghain 05 Release Party
Ratio (live)(Memory Foundation)(Central)
G-Man (live)(Gez Varley)(LFO)
Sandrien (Intacto)
Norman Nodge (Ostgut Ton)
Marcel Fengler (Ostgut Ton)

Dinky (Horizontal)
Soundstream (Soundhack)
Prosumer (Ostgut Ton)
Vril (live) (Giegling)
2. Fuck Off: Sound Of Stereo at Icon, this Friday

In Berlin’s fast-changing club scene, Icon is firmly established as a venue for new sound experiences. An insider tip for cutting-edge clubbers who want to party beyond the mainstream.

doors open 23:30
Line-up /
Sound Of Stereo
Leonard de Leonard
Marvin Suggs
3. This Friday: Killekill – Acid Ist Fertig with L.A. Williams & Many More at Suicide Circus

doors open 24:00, damage 10€
Line-up /
L.A. WILLIAMS, HANNO HINKELBEIN, DJ Flush, The Marx Trukker, BeNi, Maciej Szalonek

4.  Sunday Getaway @ Rummelsburg

an unique location for chillin´, dancin and having fun with friends on a Sunday!!  Some great dj´s are to play their records this Sunday! This is the way to end the weekend, drinking a cocktail along side the river :)!
From 12:00-22:00
Damage: 8€
Line-up /
Oliver Koletzki & Fran (live), Channel X (live), Erich Lesovsky (live), Niko Schwind, Björn Störig, Juli Holz
Promoter /
“Stil vor Talent”, das spricht für sich. Fest steht: Wenn Oliver Koletzki, Head des gleichnamigen Labels, mit den anderen Svt-Acts auftaucht, dann geht’s zur Sache. Oliver tritt an diesem Sonntag mit Fran live an und wird unterstützt von seinen Kollegen Niko Schwind und dem Liveact Channel X. Niko Schwind’s neues Album heißt übrigens “Good morning midnight” – er wird beweisen, dass es auch in der Nachmittagssonne funktioniert.

5. Les Enfants Terribles at Brunnen70, Fridaynight

big club where you can easily get lost, but that´s cool. Several dance floors, a cocktail bar, mini-golf and a Labyrinth will guarantee you a fun and crazy night! Great way to start your weekend!!
doors open 23:00
Line-up /
DOMINIQUE (homesweethome | faxen dick | night-e-facts)
Johannes Fröhlich (betriebsfeier | schlafentzug | night-e-facts)
KOTELETT & ZADAK (hi freaks | golden gate)
Liefeldt & Chlass (die wiese und wir | daswohlgefuehl | night-e-facts)
SOUKI *live (einmaleins | two birds | night-e-facts)
SWERVE (night-e-facts)

6. Mitu Label Night: Audio Werner: Yapacc: Stipe: Felix Neumann at Weekend, this Saturday

Fantastic rooftop-club, located directly at Alexanderplatz.  2 Floors, unique city view, and cute elevator-boy!
Be ware, access for boys only if they are in company of a girl!

doors open 23:00
Line-up /
Audio Werner [hartchef]
Yapacc [perlon]
Stipe [mitu : lila]
Felix Neumann [mitu]

7. Fucking Network at MIKZ, on Saturday

Cool underground club in Friedrichhain! Great idea to end your pub crawl through Friedrichshain here.
doors open: 23:00
damage: 10€
Line-up /
Dark-Techno- Floor
Matt Minimal [ Code2 Rec.| Butane Rec. | France]
D-ZyBell [ Gon Records | UnterNull ]
Miro Pajic [ LAZERSLUT | LDT 400 | Harthouse ]
Jeff Rushin [ On | 303Lovers | Different Is Different | Amsterdam ]
Nicole Rosie [ Ketra Records | On-and-On | Amsterdam ]
Mike Wall [ Dilek | Smallroom | Varianz ]
House/ Tech-House
Klaus & Achim Selbst [ Fam. Selbst ]
Marc Reinkober [ UnterNull ]
Kjeeld [ WWG | UnterNull ]

8. Peaches & Cream at What?!

Cool queer party also for Hetero´s, the club is really close to Alexanderplatz!
doors open: 23:00
damage: 10€
Line-up /

9. Goldenes Zeitalter at Golden Gate on SUnday

This is a great insider tip. A really small but underground club, close to the Station Jannowitzbrücke.

damage: 9€
doors open: 22:00h
Line-up /
Constantijn Lange – LIVE – ; 123 & SWAMTHING ; HAUSMONSTER ; PHANTASTIC SPASTIC ; JASED BIEBER ; Beddermann & Dahlmann

10. YO Yo! Remember The 90s / The Game Releaseparty at Tape
We all love the nineties! Everyone knows the old songs and can sing and dance along to them! It is clear that this is gonna be a night to never forget!! N-joy ;)!!
Friday night, Tape club, damage: 10€
Line-up /
90s Hip Hop:


Enjoy Berlin at night and have a great weekend in Berlin!!!!! To find a cheap bed to sleep after dancing all night book at EastSeven Berlin Hostel.


A week in Berlin, some amazing things to do!!

Monday, July 18th, 2011

EastSeven Hostel

Are you coming to Berlin and you don´t know what to do yet? No worries, just read this Blog. For every day of the week there is some cool activity we recommend to do. Have fun exploring Berlin.

Miss any movies last season? – no worries: watch them open air
In 2011 there will again be a daily changing program with highlights from the current cinema season as well as classic and cult movies. With films from countries as diverse as Japan, Norway, Israel, Palestine or Spain we aim to present true world cinema and where possible we present foreign films in original versions with German subtitles and German films with English subtitles.
WHERE: Freiluftkino Kreuzberg
5 minutes  from U-Bhf Kottbusser Tor , am Mariannenplatz | entry opposite Adalbertstraße 73
start: 21:30 – but be there by 21:00 to get tickets
tickets: 6,50 Euro

At the “Turk’s market” at “Maybachufer” in Berlin Neukölln it is brightly:
Vegetables, Turkish specialties and a lot of fabrics. If you need vegetables or fruits – you won’t get them cheaper anywhere else, esp. if you come close to the ending time.
The market takes place every Tuesday and Friday between 11.00 and 18.30. The market is at line U8 (U-Bhf Schönleinstrasse)

Explore the district of Kreuzberg with great bars, cheap food and an amazing nightlife
Get there with Tram M10 from Eberswalder Str. and go til the final stop (Tram runs all night long).  Walk into driving direction of the tram over the bridge and go “Schlesisches Tor”
Eat the best Hamburger in town at Burgermeister (in an old toilet building directly underneath the train track – expect waiting time, have a seat and watch the bustling surroundings) or go over to “Bagdad” to eat one of the best Döner Kebaps in town. Or meet some new friends at  “Runde Mini Pizza” (Round Mini Pizza), a store that is doing exactly that and known under that name city-wide. Don’t leave without buying Cookies from the Turkish bakery around the corner (they are baking all night long). A stroll around Schlesische Strasse lets you pass dozens of nice bars, do it like the Berliner’s and buy a cheap beer at the Späti (corner shop) between your bar visits (a local favorite is Sternburg beer for around 70 cents, or buy quality with Augustiner beer). If you walk along Schlesische Strasse you will reach a small canal which once was the border between East and West Berlin (the last remaining sniper tower of the GDR border guards is located here). At the canal you’ll find a nice floating restaurant on a house boat and directly across a nice floating club.
Back at the bridge is the famous Watergate Club, long lines expected, finest electronic music. Opens at midnight but won’t fill up before 02:00. If that is not your style or line is too long, walk back over the bridge and follow the crowd towards Revaler Strasse. There you’ll find the RAW Temple, an old train department now filled with several clubs (all styles) and a paradise for alternative nightlife. Not far away is Simon Dach Strasse, a street dotted with pubs.

If you like electronic music, TRESOR would be an interesting option: located in an old power plant, it is an amazing location. They have one techno floor in the basement and one floor with house, minimal. No dress code, entrance is around 5 €. Doors open at midnight, fills up between 01:00-02:00.
Tresor Club
Köpenicker Str. 70
10179 Berlin
(U8, U-Bahnhof Heinrich-Heine-Strasse)

Yes…we do have beach bars in Berlin…. one of my favorites is at the river by the Eastside Gallerie
Strandbar Oststrand
Mühlenstraße 24-26
10243 Berlin – Friedrichshain
open daily from 10am till late
Five mins walk from S-Bahn station Ostbahnhof

At the “Turk’s market” at “Maybachufer” in Berlin Neukölln it is brightly:
Vegetables, Turkish specialities and a lot of fabrics. If you need vegetables or fruits – you won’t get them cheaper anywhere else, esp. if you come close to the ending time.
The market takes place every Tuesday and Friday between 11.00 and 18.30. The market is at line U8 (U-Bhf Schönleinstrasse)

The Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Stasi Memorial
Old Stasi Prison
The site of the main remand prison for people detained by the former East German Ministry of State Security (MfS), or ‘Stasi’, has been a Memorial since 1994. Since the vast majority of the buildings, equipment and furniture and fittings have survived intact, the Memorial provides a very authentic picture of prison conditions in the GDR and gives another view of the divided Berlin.
Tours of the prison are usually led by former inmates, who provide first-hand details on prison conditions and the interrogation methods employed by the GDR’s Ministry of State Security (MfS).
It is only possible to view the extensive prison complex on a official guided tour as Visitors require detailed guidance in order to understand the various sections of the prison.
Public tours every Saturday and Sunday, every hour from 10am to 4pm in various languages, but better call ahead to ask at what time it is in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish or Norwegian…
Phone Visitor’s Service: Phone: +49 – (0)30 – 98 60 82-30 / ask at the reception and we call for you!
Regular fee 5,00 Euro, concessions*) 2,50 Euro, Students 1,00 Euro
*) university students, senior citizens, handicapped persons, Berlincard-holder
How to get there:
Take the Metro U2 from the Hostel and go 2 Stops to Alexanderplatz. From here you take the Tram M5 to the stop “Freienwalder Strasse”. The Memorial is then about a 10 minute walk down Freienwalder Strasse in Genslerstraße 66.

Have brunch at Simon Dach Strasse in Friedrichshain

(Tempo Box on the corner of Grünberger Strasse is a good option, starts at 10:00, 8,50 €). Then afterwards explore the area and go to Boxhagener Platz where you’ll find a nice fleamarket.
Get there with Tram M10 from Eberswalder Str. and go til “Grünberger Strasse” (one stop before the final stop)
Alternatively go to the big fleamarket at Mauerpark (close to the hostel), which also has an amazing happening in the park right next to it with artists, musicians,…


Have fin in Berlin!! Hope to see you soon at EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Events in Berlin this weekend! Our personal TOP 10

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

events in berlin

events in berlin

Just some great parties and things to do in Berlin, all events were recommended by the EastSeven Hostel STAFF!!

Parties and events on Friday the 15th of April
The Film Festival of New German Cinema from Berlin-Brandenburg
From April 13-20, 2011, Berlins third biggest film festival achtung berlin – new berlin film award will again present new motion pictures, documentaries and short films which have been produced or shot in Berlin-Brandenburg.

With a focus on film creation in the German capital city region, the film festival has made an unmistakable and distinctive mark on the film landscape. In the meantime, achtung berlin – new berlin film award has become the third-largest film festival in Berlin (next to the famous “Berlinale”), attracting a lot of attention from moviegoers and film professionals alike.

Annually, the festival presents around 70 contemporary feature and documentary films that have been either partially or completely made with a film production, producer or director in Berlin or Brandenburg – among these are numerous premieres held at the new berlin film award before their official theatrical release!

The variety of different genres and themes couldn’t be better with a combination of promising films from a new generation of film makers, artistic, low-budget films presented with award-winning productions and international co-productions. From documentary dramas and auteur films to thriller, horror zombie and splatter films and feel-good-movies – achtung berlin will present the pearls and unknown secrets of the current film year.

The competition is topped off with a retrospective and various film series:

The beloved documentary film section of “Homeland Documentaries” is devoted to selected documentary films, which define the term “homeland” very differently – with a strong local color, but also in the figurative sense.

The film festival achtung berlin – new berlin film award has created a yearly retrospective with a focus on actual events that reflect a rich film history. In the last three years, a retrospective has been created with the city of Berlin with numerous inside perspectives.


Dia (Vinyl Did It, WIP / USA)
Miz Kiara (Female Cuts / Rome)
P.Toile (Mothership / Berlin)
Peter van Hoesen (Time to Express, Curle / Belgium)
Tatjana Sünder (Wien)
TAG (Tresor / Berlin)
Ein Abend mit jeder Menge starken Frauen im Tresor. Clique Bookings initiiert monatlich ein
internationales come together in der +4Bar. Heute geben sich gleich drei DJanes die Klinke in
die Hand. Dia, die ursprünglich aus Kalifornien kommt, und mittlerweile zwischen Berlin und
Bologna pendelt, ist bekannt für ihre beeindruckende Plattensammlung. Gleichzeitig hat sie mit
einer klassischen Klavier- und Gesangsausbildung einen soliden musikalischen Hintergrund, was
man ihren eigenen Produktionen anhören kann. Mit Miz Kiara geht es dann italienisch weiter, sie
kommt aus Neapel und legt seit fast 15 Jahren europaweit ihren persönlichen funky Electro-
Techno-Style auf. Ihr Sound ist eine Mischung aus Electronic Dance, Acid und Deep House, der
immer auch belebt wird durch groovige und rockige Elemente. Komplettiert wird das Trio durch
P.Toile, die bei all den Spielarten elektronischer Musik niemals vergisst den nötigen Funk
Parallel dazu begrüßen wir im Keller einen immer wieder gern gesehenen Gast: Peter van
Hoesen. Mit ihm an den Decks: Tantjana Sünder und TAG.

Begin at: 23:59


Berghain – SUB:STANCE
Illum Sphere
DJ Pete
Necta selecta

Panorama Bar – Vidab Nacht
Stephan Hill
Shed (DJ-Set)
Oliver Deutschmann (live)

Parties and more on Saturday the 16th of April


We are full of fear, hate, lady Gagas and weapons of mass destruction
and, nevertheless, over and over again like a virgin. Would be bad if
everyone would be a sex bombs, then there would only be polluted love
because everybody can’t get enough of anybody!
We say: Don’t stop me now, oh Johnny!
If someone is trotting out now: Man, I doesn’t want to go yet, I want
to dance with somebody, we ask him what this has to do with Whitney
Aren’t we all Californian girls on the highway to the hell anyhow??
And why does it smell like teenager spirit in here??
Find out … at the Astra… at PARTY PARTY HITS HITS and always stay
sober, because, otherwise, there comes the prison rock.

and if you understood that, you know where to go …

Astra Kulturhaus
Revaler Str. 99
10245 Berlin

Begin at: 23:00


off to an individual, unique night of theatre!

For the 3rd Long Night of Opera and Theatre there are 60 venues and over 200 productions to choose from, spanning opera, dance, theatre, chanson, classical and popular music, literature, cabaret, puppets, youth theatre, improvisation and acrobatics.

The programme includes both sections of current repertoires and programmes specially assembled for the Long Night. Anyone who thinks they have seen everything the Berlin stage has to offer or been to every cutting-edge venue has a surprise in store at the Long Night of Opera and Theatre. Or have you already experienced an underwater opera? For those who would rather take part than watch there are opportunities for this too, whether in improtheatre, as a criminalist or at the Neuköllner Parade. Let yourself be inspired by Schillers motto: “man is only really complete when he is acting…”

Simply plan your own theatre evening and we’ll take you there, with shuttle buses following seven different routes.

The programme runs from 7pm – 1am, and with performances lasting approx. 30mins each, there is plenty of time to catch many different shows over the night with just the one ticket. What better way to get to know the theatre? Maybe you’ll combine a first night at the opera with a spot of cabaret, check out the action behind the scenes and then watch a live rehearsal! Astonishing discoveries of venues, genres and performers are guaranteed- and not just for tourists and theatre-novices; Berliners and regular theatre-goers are bound to be impressed by the night’s exclusive line-up.

Map of bus routes and venues (


Ivan Smagghe (Kill the Dj / Paris)
Howie B (Fabric / London)
Future Beat Alliance (Tresor Rec. / Berlin)
Tresor: Damage Music Release
Live: Alexander Kowalski (Damage Music)
d_func. (Damage Music)
Secam (Konsequent Records)
Für Ivan Smagghe läuft es auch 2011 weiterhin Bombe. Alle lesen seinen Blog, alle mixen seine
Tracks. Musikalisch ist er erfolgreich solo oder gemeinsam mit Tim Paris als Teil von It’s A Fine
Line. Immer mit etwas „french flavour“ im Gepäck schüttelt er heute Nacht den Globus mit
feinstem Techhouse. Derweil packt im Keller Alexander Kowalski die Platten auf den Teller, ein
Live Act der schon viele Jahre mit dem Tresor verbunden ist. Daher kann man nur Gutes
erwarten, vor allem eine anständige Show zu basslastigem Techno, tiefen Harmonien und
zackigen Beats. Quirlen, schütteln, Bass!
Begin at: 23:59


DJ’s: PEPE VARGAS & BORIS VIANDE – Best of Worldmusic: Balkan, Latin, French, Oriental, African & Classics.
Live: • TARA LA LOBA – Gipsy Tribal Dance.
Start: 23.00
Where: SO36, Oranienstr. 190 (close U-Bhf. Kottbusser Tor, U-Bhf. Görlitzer Bahnhof).
damage: 6 Euro.
What to do on Sunday the 17th of April??

Stargarder Str. 24
10437 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)

U-Schönhauser Allee

15mins walk from East Seven


If you are looking for a cheap place for breakfast or lunch, have a look at “Kiezkantine” in Oderberger Straße 50 near Kastanienallee (blue house).
They open their doors on week-days from 10am until 5pm. For lunch you have the choice of five different meals starting by 2,-€ per dish for students. Regular price is 2,80€. You need to buy the voucher at the cashier in Kiezkantine…afterwards have a seat…the waiter picks the voucher and will serve your choice within five minutes.

They do also serve delicous cake 😉

Ask the receptionist for directions…it is just 8mins walk from East Seven


»Radical Jewish Culture« war Anfang der 1990er Jahre eine avantgardistische jüdische Musikbewegung, die sich aus der New Yorker Underground-Szene entwickelte. Sie war nicht zuletzt durch die Beschäftigung mit der nationalsozialistischen Massenvernichtung der europäischen Juden motiviert, die bislang von der Generation der Überlebenden und Immigranten erfolgreich verdrängt worden war.


7. April 2011, 19 Uhr

8. April 2011 bis 24. Juli 2011


4 Euro, erm. 2 Euro

In ihrer Musik verschmolzen freie Formen des Jazz mit Klezmer-Improvisationen, Experimentalmusik mit Rock, Blues und Punk. Musiker wie John Zorn, David Krakauer, Marc Ribot, Anthony Coleman und Frank London untersuchten leidenschaftlich die Möglichkeiten einer neuen jüdischen Musik und emanzipierten sich von einer Haltung, für die Anpassung und gesellschaftliche Unauffälligkeit kennzeichnend war. Sie spielten in Clubs und auf Festivals und gründeten eigene Musiklabels.

Die Ausstellung »Radical Jewish Culture« stellt diese Musikszene mit audiovisuellen Dokumenten, vielen Musikbeispielen und zum großen Teil unveröffentlichtem Material vor.

Eine Ausstellung des Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme, Paris.
Im Begleitprogramm zu »Radical Jewish Culture«

Zur Sonderausstellung »Radical Jewish Culture. Musikszene New York seit 1990«, die am 7. April eröffnet, bietet das Jüdische Museum ein spannendes musikalisches Begleitprogramm: In der Konzertreihe »New Voices in Jewish Music« stellt das Museum zusammen mit dem Jazzbassisten Greg Cohen zeitgenössische jüdische Musik vor. Den Anfang machen am 4. Mai das polnische Bester Quartet und die New Yorker Sängerinnen von Mycale. Das Montagskino gibt Gelegenheit, in drei dokumentarischen Filmen die Protagonisten der »Radical Jewish Culture« näher kennen zu lernen.

That´s all for now! Hope you enjoy your visit to Berlin! If you need more insider information just come ask it at the reception OR check out our online recommendations!

What to do in Berlin this weekend?

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010


bbq party @ eastseven

bbq party @ eastseven

EastSeven Berlin Hostel made you a top 10 of some amazing events in parties for this weekend!

Are you coming to Berlin for the weekend? And you don´t have any plans yet? Just read on, to find out some of our personal recommendations on parties and events in Berlin.

The EastSeven Top 10

On Friday:



a list that sums up a couple of nice places where you could watch the games:

* from the 26th of june till the finales at the 11th of July, all games will be broadcasted and shown to a big audience, between Brandenburg Gate and the Yitzhak-Rabin-Straße.There is no entrance fee!!!
* close to the hostel, you´ll find the Pfefferberg. All games will be shown here. this place is famous for its multiculti audience. No entrance Fee.
*  Another option, also not far from the EastSeven Hostel, is the kulturbrauerei:they offer: a big LED Screen, cold beer and great sausages!

Begin at: 18:00
Open End


only 8 euros !

Panorama Bar Efdemin Album Release „Chicago“
Efdemin – Dial
Rndm – Dial
Map.ache & Sevensol (kann)

Begin at: 00:00
Open End


I ♥ SHARKS Dancepunk . Indie . Berlin
DADAJUGEND POLYFORM Elektrorock . Nürnberg+Erlangen


Begin at: 23:00
End at: 23:59


You Look Good (Disko/ Party )

On Saturday:


The Berlin Biennale is the forum for contemporary art in one of the most attractive cities for art. Taking place every other year at changing locations throughout Berlin it is shaped by the different concepts of well-known curators appointed to enter into a dialogue with the city, its general public, the people interested in art as well as the artists of this world.


Flowing (Audioware Rec./ Amsterdam)
Kinder Live PA (Audioware Rec./ Berlin)
Photy (Audioware Rec./ Köln)
Danilo Schneider (Audiware Rec./ Berlin)
Björn Larsen (Partysan/ Berlin)

Steinmüller (Phunkit Rec., Quanted Rec./ Berlin)
Alfred Brumme (Quanted Rec.)
Felix Würz (Partysan/ Berlin)

Begin at: 00:00


Being Singular Plural: Moving Images from India

Being Singular Plural: Moving Images from India is oriented toward coproducing new work, facilitating research, and assembling a community of practitioners. A resolutely heterogeneous and ultimately unresolved exhibition, it attempts to avoid some of the pitfalls of surveying contemporary production in a given region. The exhibition brings together a number of moving-image works by a select group of media practitioners who currently live in India and who are working in film or video rather than “new media.” These images do not serve as windows onto the world, nor point to any transcendent truths, but are presented as they are, distinguished by their evidence. Jean-Luc Nancy formulates the screen as a “sensitive membrane [that] stretches and hangs between a world in which representation . . . [is] in charge of the signs of truth, of the heralding of a meaning, or of the warrant of a presence to come; and another world that opens onto its presence through a voiding where its thoughtful evidence realizes itself.” The act of “voiding” or emptying out of representation, which is the resting place of evidence, points ontologically to the moving image as an end in itself rather than a means to an end that may lie outside of its surface. This embodiment of truth as it resides within the very structure and materiality of the image (or idea) overturns previous expectations of how the moving image communicates with the world. The artist-filmmakers Sonal Jain and Mriganka Madhukaillya of Desire Machine Collective, Shumona Goel with Shai Heredia, Amar Kanwar, and Kabir Mohanty reveal a craft that is based on the principles of practice, process, and perception. In each instance, the singularly plural and plurally singular nature of being and of art remains central.

open: daily from 10 till 20

Unter den Linden 13-15

On Sunday:


Sunday is fleamarket day. Close to the hostel (500 m)you find the Arkonaplatz Fleamarket and the famous Mauerpark fleamarket. You don´t want to buy something – no problem you first of all go there to see all kind of urban subjects with hangover and even sober ones. Berliners go there – you should as well.

Begin at: 11:00
End at: 16:59


Tatjana, Mark Ernestus w/ Tikiman, Errorsmith, DJ Pete

…on the Killasan sound system.
East Carribean food available from Cris’s roadside cuisine.

Begin at: 18:00
Open End


sunday morning you should go out for a brunch, and spend at least 2hours on eating and drinking….

there is a very good brunch-buffet at the bar Gagarin (knaackstrasse 22)

also at the Entweder Oder (oderbergerstrasse 15)

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