take a ride on the wild side

Cycling in Berlin is fun. Cycling outside of Berlin even more!

Last week I joined Asaf, on one of his organised tours along the former wall. I have to admit it took us 2 days. Bike enthusiast could probably do it on 1, but hey, I am slow and there is so much history to explore.

If you are interested in an organised tour here is a link to Asaf’s wonderful tours, otherwise the whole 170 or so Km are well marked throughout the city so you can just follow the signs.


I highly recommend the fish shop in Henningsdorm for a stop – so good!

Asaf at the exact spot where the iron curtain fell at 10 am 17th February 1990
one of the last watchtowers
this is actually what Berlin looks like!
you can swim in there – if you can swim



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