The 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics Berlin 2009, 12-23 August


Events in Berlin
Events in Berlin

The IAAF World Championships in Athletics, is much more than just “running”, “jumping “, and “throwing”

The abbreviation IAAF stands for International Association of Athletics Federations, which is made up of the national athletics associations (currently 213 countries, including the DLV (Deutsche Leichtathletik-Verband), the German Athletics Association). The IAAF headquarters is located in the Principality of Monaco.
The IAAF World Championships in Athletics  berlin 2009™ will be the 12th World Championships. The first World Championships took place in 1983 in Helsinki.
Since the beginning of the modern Olympic Games, athletics has formed the core sport of the event, and the World Championships were held as part of the Olympic Games until 1980. Following the commercialisation of athletics, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) began to organise its own World Championships. From 1983 (Helsinki) to 1991 (Tokyo), the IAAF World Championships in Athletics took place every four years; thereafter they were held every two years.
The IAAF World Championships in Athletics will take place on nine consecutive days of events from August 15-23, 2009.
In order to determine the winners (world champions) from among the numerous athletes competing in each discipline, there will be qualification rounds for almost every discipline; there will be qualifying heats, quarter-finals and semi-finals for many of the running and sprint disciplines. In order to complete the expansive scope of the 47 disciplines in only nine days, the competitions will take place in both morning and evening sessions.
The IAAF World Championships in Athletics  berlin 2009™ will be housed in the Berlin Olympic Stadium (seating capacity of 74,218) in the district of Charlottenburg in Berlin.

Moreover, for the first time in the history of the IAAF World Championships in Athletics, the marathon and walking competitions will completely take place – including the starts and finishes – in the Berlin city centre.

In order to be able to compete at the IAAF World Championships in Athletics  berlin 2009™, the athletes must pass the qualifications. The IAAF provides a list of international guidelines for the times, heights, and distances required. In order to allow the participation of athletes from every member association, up to two athletes, including at least one woman, may participate in every discipline regardless of whether or not the qualifying guidelines have been met (excluding the 3000m steeplechase, the 10000 m, heptathlon, and decathlon events).
The top three male and female athletes in each discipline receive medals (gold, silver, and bronze). As there are four men and women in each of the relay events, a total of 59 gold medals are given for the 47 disciplines. The first-place individuals and teams not only receive a gold medal, but are also given the coveted title of world champion. In addition, the champions and next seven rankings also receive graded monetary prizes from the IAAF.
The organisers of the IAAF World Championships in Athletics  berlin 2009™ expect a total of about 500,000 spectators; that means about 55,000 spectators per day. In addition to the stadium spectators, many Berliners and city visitors will line the streets in order to support the participants in the marathon and walking events.
in front of the Berlin Olympic Stadium there will be a Market Place set up throughout the event, where a colourful programme of entertainment will be offered.

In addition, an inviting programme of diverse events and activities will also be offered in the city. Further information will be coming soon.
The first tickets for the different event days are on sale since April 2nd under Tickets or the following hotline: 0180 5 1 2009 1 (0,14 € / Min.).
The state of Berlin and the organisers of the IAAF World Championships in Athletics  berlin 2009™ are already looking forward to welcoming about 2,500 athletes and officials from 213 member associations at one of the most important sporting events in the world.


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