The 6th Berlin Festival of lights, from Oktober 13 till Oktober 24

Festival of Lights Berlin
Festival of Lights Berlin

Come to Berlin and experience  fantastic light shows all through the city center.
This year more than 60 sights, squares and buildings in Berlin will be amazingly illuminated during the coming two weeks. If you visit Berlin during this time, go for sightseeing by night!!!!

All major sights like Brandenburg Gate, Berliner Dom and the TV Tower are being put in a different artistic light. For a list of all illumated sights and buildings klick here.

The Festival kick off will be held at Potsdamer Platz, at the new festival centre. The city Mayor Klaus Wowereit will be there to open the festival.

This is a must do for all (hobby) photographers wo will be strolling around the Berlin sights at night with camera and tripod to shoot some really unique pics of Germanys beautiful capital.
More than 60 Berlin buildings and landmarks are atmospherically illuminated during the Festival of Lights 2010. The festival centre DomAquarée, the TV Tower, the boulevard Unter den Linden, the Brandenburg Gate and the Funkturm are just some spectacular highlights in the Festival of Lights 2010. Many more unique illuminations at a high artistic level are waiting for you to see!
From the 13th until 24 October, Berlin will sparkle as a range of illuminations and projections light up more than 60 famous landmarks and spaces.

Special “lightseeing” tours on the Light-Liner bus, by boat on the Light-Ship, on foot with the Light-Cruso or by rickshaw with the Light-Velo will give locals and visitors alike the chance to experience the creative compositions up close.
Complementary to the festival, there will be numerous cultural events dealing with the subject “light”. On the 16th of Oktober, for instance, the night of open doors takes place. This offers visitors a chance to actually go inside some of the illuminated buildings and offers a look behind the scenes. Klick here to find out which buildings will be open for a visit. For a programm of the festival check the festival homepage HERE.

Furthermore there is an amazing Jazz Feast, Jazz at the Minister Gardens, on October 22nd and a spectacular Finish on Oktober 23rd, the CITY LIGHT RUN!

Have fun exploring Berlin by night!

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