The Berlin Wall Trail

The Berlin Wall was more than just a Wall, it was a symbol for the misery and the most visible sign of the struggle between two systems. For almost 30 years the Wall divided the City in 2 parts. But not only the City has been divided. Lovers, Friends and even Families got separated by the Wall. As most  West-Berlin citizens didn’t want to move to the East, and East citizens were not allowed to cross the border to the West, the only chance to get back together was escaping the GDR for the West. The stories around the Berlin Wall and the East German secret police (Stasi), are many, from the funny, to the tragic, to the unbelievably absurd.

If you would like to get to know a little more about the Berlin Wall, we would like to recommend you to rent a Bike and take a Ride along the Wall. The Berlin Wall Trail traces the course of the former GDR border fortifications encircling West Berlin, the former western half of the city, along a total of around 160 kilometers. The trail is marked, at regular intervals to help bikers and pedestrians to find their way along the Wall. Various information points will provide you important historical facts about the Wall in several languages.

The Wall Trail is divided into 14 individual sections. Each section is between seven and 21 kilometers long, and you can reach the beginning and end of each route easily with public transportation (If you take your bike on the public Transport, you will need an extra Ticket for it). There are many famous places along the Wall such as “Brandenburg Gate”, “Checkpoin Charlie” or the “Wall Documentation Center” at Bernauer Straße. But there are also lots of rather unknown places that are worth to visit. A list of all these places you will find under the following link.


If you now feel like “i want to know more about the Wall”, then come to to Hostel Reception, rent a bike, and have nice day exploring the history of this world changing monument. We rent bikes for 10€ per day….

Have a great time!

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