The EastSeven Berlin Hostel Guestbook…

EastSeven Berlin Hostel Guestbook art- CAR
EastSeven Berlin Hostel Guestbook art- CAR

….an insight in feedback from EastSeven Berlin Hostel Guests

In the EastSeven Berlin Guestbook all EastSeven Guests get a chance to write something down about how do like (or didn´t like) the EastSeven Berlin Hostel. The Guetsbook is always lying at the reception and waiting for some nice handwriting from travellers all over the world. Hereby I also like to thank all the friendly backpackers for leaving such cool messages in the book.

Down below some cool messages directly copied from the EastSeven Guestbook, enjoy reading it and hope to see you soon again in Berlin.

Thanx for a great stay!

This was the best hostel I stayed in Germany. Loved the staff, rooms and beautiful city! I wish i could stay longer.

Love from Brisbane,


Lovin’ the EastSeven massive.

Had a great time. Thank you!

We will be back!



thank you for providing me a warm bed with a lovely ikea comfort. Also thank you so much for the soap in the bathroom. Other hostels don’t understand how important it is to wash your hands. LOL, so thanks a bunch!!

The staff is nice & you guys are very sweet.

Love from Natasha

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