the wonderful joy of smoking in a cinema

(and drinking)


welcome to berlin’s open air cinemas.


(c) Freiluftkino Insel Andrea Stosiek
(c) Freiluftkino Insel
Andrea Stosiek


there are plenty of wonderful summer cinemas, most of which show original versions with german subtitles. Usually films in germany are all dubbed – this explains partially why ze germans have such a lovely accent. throughout the city you will find a big range, from  really big blcokbustery- surround sound cinemas and the rather small ones with odd european movies.

i raelly like the freiluftkino kreuzberg (located in the courtyard of bethanien, a former hospital, later squatted and turned into a huge art gallery) and the freiluftkino cassiopeia (located in a former train yard, now an awesome playground for the grown up urban child)

both cinemas offer a wie range of well picked movies at a rather affordable entrance fee.


go there –  have fun

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