This weekend in Berlin: A top 5 of things to do!!

Prater Beergarten
Prater Beergarten

There is a lot going on in Berlin this weekend, not only this weekend, every weekend! Sometimes it is hard to decide what to do and where to go. Therefore we have put some things together.  Some small ideas to get you on your way!  Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!


if you love exploring the city by exploring its artists, then this is your weekend!
51 galleries, 51 openings, 3 days, 3 nights. feel invited!! From April 27th till April 29.
klick here for a list of galleries that our in: Gallery Weekend

2. Go clubbing on Saturday night!!
For instance you can go to the club night at Berghain/ Panorama bar.
If you are not into techno you can go to the Bassy Club for rock´n roll music!
More info on where to go clubbing you can find in the ZITTY

3. Go to an exhibition!
There are so many interesting exhibitions to choose from, really. One thing you should definitely see is this:
´´ Arrested in Hohenschönhausen“
The exhibition displays items from the everyday prison life at the GDR, but also rare testimonies of the resistance of political prisoners. Among the objects is a holed shaver, with which secret messages were transported, as well as a Monopoly game made by the prisoners. Also prison books with hidden finger nail markings and a knife made out of a toothbrush are shown. © Museumsportal Berlin
In addition to this exhibition, you should  take the guided tour through the stasi prison!
Location: Gensler str. 66

4. Go to the ZOO
..something tells me it´s all happening at the zoo….

It is going to be lovely weather this weekend, perfect for a visit to the Berlin ZOO.

The Zoo in Berlin is actually the oldest zoo in entire Germany! It´s the home of around 15000 animals from 1500 different species.

5. Lazy Sunday
On Sunday you should first go for a lazy breakfast at café Entweder Oder at the Oderbergstraße 15.  They have the most delicious breakfast in Berlin, yummy yummy!
After that you can stroll down to street and go to the famous Mauerpark Flea market!
Here you have a full program for the afternoon. You can shop, eat a snack, and also enjoy a broad variety of artists performing in the park.

Afterwards you go to the famous  Prater Beer garten, located in the Kastanienallee, not far away from the hostel! drink a beer, eat a sausage and enjoy!

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