Top 10 walks through autumn Berlin

So, the days are getting shorter and darker. The only escape is to embrace every sunny minute and to go out.
1)    Russian Memorial in Treptow
Take the circle S-Bahn and get off at “Treptower Park”. The monument is one of three Soviet memorials built in Berlin after the end of the war. The Soviet War Memorial is a vast war memorial and military cemetery in Berlin’s Treptower Park.  If you haven’t been to Russia and you don’t plan on going there this might be the best spot to “feel” the soul of this country.
2)    Spreepark
an old abandoned GDR-era amusement park flanked by the River Spree at the edge of Treptower Park in Berlin. You might need to jump the fence. Spreepark has been left to rot for more than 10 years so expect some real creepy one eyed clowns.

3)    Teufelsberg
get off at S-Heerstrasse and walk into the forest toward the hills. What expects you is a abandoned spy station from the cold war. The gates of the former US spy station are locked and secured by a high fence. However, you might be lucky to sneak in through one of the holes as many Berliners consider getting in a kind of sport. Once you are in you will be rewarded by a zombie apocalypse thrill and a breathtaking view over the city.

4)    Grunewald
the biggest stretch of homogenous forest in Berlin.  It I she best getaway if you are sick of the city. It is situated in the far west of Berlin where you  will find the Teufelsberg  as well.

5)    Schloss Charlottenburg
Queen Sophie-Charlotte was the driving force behind this sprawling palace and garden complex (and gave her name to both building and district) – her husband King Friedrich I built it in as a summer home for his queen. Later kings also summered here. It was severely damaged during World War II, but has now been restored, and stands as the largest surviving Hohenzollern palace.
6)    Jewish Cemetery
Located in the district of Weißensee it is the second largest Jewish cemetery in Europe. It was established in 1880 and has roughly 100 acres. You can rent a kippa a t the entrance and explore this gem of Jewish life in Berlin.
7)    Weissensee and Orankesee
Next to the Jewish Cemetery lie 2 of the most peculiar lakes in Berlin. You can swim in both of them in summertime. However during winter you can have a mulled wine at on e of the kiosks surrounding the lakes. A stroll through this neighborhood will show you a completely different and not touristic part of the city. A bit further south of the lakes you will find “Sportforum Hohenschönhausen”, the center of the infamous DGR gold medal factory.

8)    Landwehrkanal
This is a 11 kilometre  long canal parallel to the Spree river built between 1845 and 1850. It connects Friedrichshain with Charlottenburg, flowing through Kreuzberg and Tiergarten.
Especially the part flowing through Kreuzberg is perfect for a stroll. Along the canal you find many cafes, shops and Turkish markets.

9)    Tempelhofer Freiheit
always my favourite, whatever the weather. This is an airport in the middle of the city. Best is, it is abandoned and therefore open to public. It is bigger than most of the towns our guests come from. Enjoy
10)    You would like more suggestions? Ask us at the reception. We make sure to find something awesome for you.

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