Top 5 most boring museums in Berlin

The beautiful Bode Museum. Home to some fine coins


Please don’t get me wrong – this list is far from complete.
My top picks of boring museums are:

  • Deutsch-Russisches Museum Berlin-Karlshorst

You might get the problem instantly. This otherwise fascination place where the 3rd Reich signed its unconditional surrender is only suitable for people who speak either Russian or German. You speak English? You lose. There are no English signs anywhere. Well done!

  • Hemp Museum

There is everything you could possibly want to know about hemp, except for where you can get it.

  • Bode Museum

Beautiful (really) building boasting one of the biggest coin (yes, really coins) collections in the world. Last year a 4 KG gold coin was stolen so at lest there was some action there.

  • Humboldt forum

A replica of an old Prussian Castle. 95% of Berliners hate it. It will be completed soon and there are still no ideas what to do with it.

  • Grünauer Water Sports Museum

No disrespect to the fun of water sports my fellow American friends! Russian water sports are great fun I heard.

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