Top 5 of venues for concerts and music nights, free of any charge!!


If you are traveling on a budget please read on, we have made you a list of cool places where you can go listen to fantastic music, without paying for it.  We have made you a TOP 5!


Events in Berlin
Events in Berlin

Top 5

1.    B-flat
One of the most beloved jazz clubs in Berlin, is the famous B-flat. And every Wednesday there are concerts for free. Check their website to see what´s up:  B-flat
Concerts usually start at 10pm.
The club  is within walking distance from the EastSeven Berlin Hostel, located in the Rosenthaler Straße 13, you can reach the pub within 20 minutes of walk. Enjoy listening to some fine acoustic jazz tunes

2.    Lunchtime concerts at Berlin Philharmonic
Every Tuesday at Lunchtime, 1pm, there are concerts you can attend without paying any entrance fee for it.
This is a fantastic opportunity to have a delicious bite and listen to great music!!
The Berlin Philharmonic is located close to Potsdamer Platz. You can take the u2 from Senefelder Platz.  Check the map for the exact location : MAP BERLIN PHILHARMONIE

3.    THE LONGPLAYER @ Bar Saül
Inspired by Classic Album Sundays, a monthly event in North London.
A growing number of music lovers unsatisfied by the way music is enjoyed in a pick-and-mix fashion decided to take action.
The Berlin-based iCrates magazine heard the call and created a fortnightly event with two hosts presenting two theme-based LPs to be listened to in full.
The Longplayer.
In collaboration with the artists themselves who introduce the music coloured with their personal stories, the Longplayer aims to be a collective strike against “‘download culture” and the sense that music has just become an endless compilation of random songs used as background noise.
The rules are strict. No talking. No texting. You must listen to every song on the album.
One Night, 2 Full Albums, 2 Awesome Hosts
Every first Wednesday at:
Bar Saül

4.Thursday concerts at Duncker Club

A free concert and free after party with DJ´s. The Dunckerclub is located in the Dunckerstrasse and is very close to our hostel.
Music style: indie pop, rock & electro!
Dunckerstrasse 64

5.  Go for a Burger at the White Trash Fast Food

A unique combination food and music, we love it!

At the White Trash they serve fantastic burgers and fries, and if you reserve a table you can stay for the concerts afterwards! Check for the program!

If you are vegetarian, you should go here to, the have the  best vegetarian burgers I have ever tasted in my whole life :)!


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