True Italian Pizza Week 2019

obey the pizza

some facts:

1) pizza is awesome

2) yes, you can eat pizza every day

3) cats are not better than pizza, forget it!

4) neither are dogs

5) I want a pizza right now

I am just copy and pasting this , since it is self explanatory:

“True Italian Pizza Week Berlin will take place from April 4th to 10th in all of the 32 participating restaurants  Here you can ask for the event menu: you will have the chance to taste authentic Italian pizza (choosing between two kinds – vegetarian options available) and match it with an Aperol Spritz or a Campari Amalfi and an Amaro Averna paying just 12€. There are also some special offers for just 10€, scroll down to discover them all! ”

for more info, click here


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