Viewpoints in Berlin

Walking around Berlin City all day, gives you a great idea what Berlins architecture is like and how big it might be. But to get to know how BIG Berlin actually is, you would need to see it from a higher spot. Like Paris has the “Eiffel Tower” and London has the “London Eye”, Berlin also has a great viewpoint. The Berlin “Fernsehturm”. Situated at Alexanderplatz, the 368 meters high TV Tower is the tallest building in Germany and the fourth tallest freestanding structure in Europe. It was and still is used for TV and Radio broadcast. It was build during 1965 and 1969. And on October the 3rd 1969 the first guests could visit the TV Tower. With around 1,2 million visitors each year, the Tower is one of Germanys most popular attractions. On a good day you can see up to 80km wide. You can visit the Tower every day from 10am until midnight. It costs 13€ for adults and 8,50€ for kids. You could also book a table at the Restaurant that is above the visitor’s platform.

The TV Tower is not only viewpoint in Berlin that is worth a visit. There are several other places where you can enjoy a fantastic view all over the city. The ”Siegessäule“ in Tiergarten is definitely the most beautiful viewpoint in Berlin. It was build in memory of the victory by the Prussian in the German-Danish war from 1864. The “Siegessäule” was actually build infront of the “Reichstag”.      But in 1938, Hitler’s chief architect Albert Speer decided to move the statue to Tiergaten. The statue is 67 meters high, and for only 3€ you can climb the little stair up to the top.

Another special Viewpoint in Berlin would be the “Weltballon”. This balloon takes you to a              150 meters height. With 20€ for a ticket the “Weltballon” is the most expensive of all the Viewpoints in Berlin. But also the most spectacular one!

And if you don’t want to pay at all to see Berlin from the top, then visit the Victoria Park in Kreuzberg.  In the center of this Park there is a small mountain. On top of the 66 m high mountain is the “National Monument” by Schinkel (1818-21), which commemorates the liberation wars against Napoleon. The view from up there is great! And it’s close to Berlins hippest upcoming area.

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