Visual Berlin Festival 2010

Berlin 2010
Berlin 2010

From June 10-12 Berlin’s original Videokunst Club Visual Berlin presents the Visual Berlin Festival

Berlin’s original Videokunst Club, Visual Berlin reflects the
richness of the city. With members from nine countries it is
a diverse family bound together by a shared commitment to
the progression of the projected image. Founded in 2005 the
collective has become an institution in Berlin with members
specializing in everything from underground party visuals
to hardware-hacking, programmed arts, experimental
performance and media philosophy. The group includes
established local VJs as well as internationally renowned
artists and AV performers who collectively illuminate countless
venues and stages across Berlin every week.
Since 2003 members of Visual Berlin have hosted international
artist meetings and exchanges, promoting a network
of dialogue and support across the global visual community.
In 2010 they proudly present their third installment in one of
the city‘s most fascinating industrial spaces: the legendary
Tresor complex.

AVIT BERLIN 2010 10.11.12 JUNE

Three days of exploration into the evolution of screen
culture and expanded visual and performance possibilities,
with seminars, AV performances and special presentations
by guest artists from across Europe.
Guided projects and advanced workshops in audiovisual
creation and performance (Incite), performance technologies
VDMX (fRED), Modul8 (Synsinplus and Ilan Katin),
CoGe(Lumabeamerz) and visual programming environments,
Processing (Kim Asendorf), VVVV (Tonfilm, Cyper),
Quartz Composer (GOTO10). Plus hardware hacking and circuit
bending (goto80, Tonylight, Servando Barreiro), surface
mapping (Neon Golden) and more

All workshops are offered for just €10 and require no preregistration.
A discounted ticket for the entire festival workshop
program is available. Lectures, research and discussion
on live cinema, performance and social and technical topics
related to AV performance will be presented daily and are
The Festival Opening party transforms the Betahaus front
lounge. The night kicks off with live AV performances
from Lance Blisters (USA) and a stunning new audiovisual
performance from FF & FRZ (FR) aka EXYZT. Guest VJ sets,
surface mapping and open jams follow with sonic pleasure
provided by MoGreens, Carlo von LynX, Seagle and Monkeyking.

Friday night it‘s music versus visual projections as Visual
Berlin proudly presents ‚Breaking The Vault‘ an audiovisual
onslaught across both floors of the legendary Tresor club.
Upstairs in the Globus Bar, Techno Geeks battle Pixel Freaks
for a night of 8bit/Chiptunes/Electro with internationally renowned
acts such as Goto80 (Bleepstreet, SWE) vs. Raquel
Meyers (LightRhythmVisuals, ES) and Stu (SWI ) vs. Decrepticon
(VisualBerlin, US) and Tonilight (IT) vs Notendo (US).
Meanwhile downstairs it‘s Local Heroes vs. Outside Punks in
the Dubstep Bassment; Berlin stalwarts Tanith, Saetchmo,
Fassa Ben and Mr. Boogie battle it out against a carefully
selected team of guests artists from across Europe. Brace
Saturday evening starts early with a very special showcase
of transdisciplinary performances from Electromoon, Aude
Francoise & Servando Barreiro, Rafael,
übermutanty, Rep, Nohista, Instant Delay, and ExLex, in the
serene contemporary setting of the Collegium Hungarian
Then the party moves just down the road to DMY Festival‘s
official closing party at the Picknick Club. VisualBerlin continue
their collaboration with DMY with VisualBerlin Festival
VJs gracing all 4 stages of Picknick plus AV acts Incite (HH),
Abstract Sound Project (FR) and many more VJs from Berlin
and beyond.
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