Vulcano Eruption has impact on holiday plans Guests@EastSeven

What a crazy situation. The Vulcano eruption on Iceland had, and still has, a great impact onthe  holidayplans of our guests.

It all started on friday, where lots of our friendly guests wanted to fly home, but simply could´nt. All flights had been cancelled.  Some of them tried to find a different way to get home, by train, bus or boat. But most of them stayed in Berlin, for at least one extra night. It was totally unclear when the flights where going to be allowed again, everyone hoped to be able to get a plane the next day….This wasn´t the case. At this time, on monday, still all aiprorts are closed.
Fortunateley, we had rooms available for these guest, stranded in Berlin, becuase we had a lot of cancellations on the other hand.
So sad, lots of peple who were looking forward to a lovely weekend in Berlin, had to stay home….
It is still unclear when planes will be allowed to go up in the air again.

Some guests are really happy to be staying some extra nights in Berlin at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel! An extended vacation, its nice.
Especially tonite as we will be preparing a free vegetarian dinner!!!

We feel sorry for all the travelers, stranded somewhere over the world, without being able to go home as planned.

We wish all travellers a safe flight home, somewhere in the near future!

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