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Walk Berlin City Guide

Book your personal French and German speaking  city guide at Walk Berlin!

In this blog we like to present to you the Walk Berlin City guide who takes care of tours throughout Berlin. Tour guide and passionate Berlin resident, Anne Lainaut,  started the Walk Berlin Tour company in June of this year.

She is French but moved to Berlin already in 2006, so you can also call her a Berliner.  She studied German, History and Journalism. Anne can give you a personal tour, in German or in French.

As long as she can recall, Anne has had a big fascination for Berlin and the rich history the city has.  Working as  a museum tour-guide  since 2008 and a city tour-guide since 2013 she has a lot of knowledge about Berlin and  she loves to share this  with the people who join her on the tour.

You can choose between 3 different tours with different historic subjects and accents.

Tour 1: The Berlin Wall

this tour takes you back to the time of cold war in Europa….a walk where the wall used to be and some rests of the Berlin wall will give you a good idea of what it used to be like in Berlin during that time. Tales of people who wanted to flee from east Berlin to West Berlin will make you shiver at some points….this is really a good tour for all of you who are  interest in this young history of the city, it´s only 24 years ago since the wall came down….

Tour 2: Hitlers Berlin

takes you back in the time where the Nazi´s ruled Germany. In 1933 Hitler turned Germany in a national-socialistic dictatorship and everything changed for the worse slowly but surely….This tours takes you to historical points in Berlin where the Nazi-regime took its place, also it tells tales about the resistance against the ´brown power`.

Tour 3: French Tracks in Berlin

the French have a long term relationship with the city of Berlin. It goes back till the 30 years´war in  the 17th century, where a lot of French people moved to Berlin, in 1806 with the Napoleon War and in 1945 where the French Sektor in Berlin emerged a lot of French came here. The French come to Berlin  therefore has a real historic meaning, so there are really a lot of tracks to follow!

Besides city tours Anne Lainault also offers museum-tours, at the Allies Museum and at the German-Russian Museum in Berlin-Karlshorst.

The City tours, information on prices and times:

Duration of the tours: 2,5 hours

Prices: 12h, or 8€ reduced

Reduced prices for groups over 7 people

Tours on request are possible, just contact Anne at Walk Berlin!


On her website you can also find a really  interesting and historical Blog on Berlin, really worthwhile your time!

For thorough information on each of these tours, in German or in French,  please visit the website. Here you can also directly book a personal tour.


Enjoy your visit in Berlin and if you are still looking for a comfortable hostel feel free to contact EastSeven Berlin Hostel!!



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