Weekend in Berlin

Right, its just Thursday. But for Berlins party hungry people the weekend starts today. There are many good Partys of all kinds of music. It is a great warm up for the coming days. So you like Drum & Base?! Then the “Cassiopeia” is the right place for you tonight. Or do you like some Hip Hop, 90’s and 80’s music? Then “Magnet Club” will be you great fun. My personal favorite for thursday nights is the “SageClub”. There you will find Live Rock and Metal Bands on vrious floors. They even have an outdoor area with a big pool. Its not recommended to go for a swim. But hanging out by the pool to cool down is nice.

Here some more Tip’s for the weekenend.

We recommend to start in the Bar areas of “Prenzlauer Berg”, “Friedrichshain” or “Kreuzberg”. There are a couple of particular streets you could visite. In “Prenzlauer Berg” its the Torstraße. In “Friedrichshain” it would be the Simon-Dach-Straße. The best area for Bars in “Kreuzeberg” is Oranienstraße.  All these streets are filled with Bars of all styles. Rockbars like “Pauls Metal Eck” or Electronic Cocktail Bars like “Künstliche Beatmung”. Close by that Bar areas there are plenty of clubs.Here are some of them:

1: Raw Tempel (an old Train Depot filled with Clubs such as Cassiopeia and Suicide Circus, Bars,art gallerys,  a big indoor skatepark, and so on)

2: Watergate (one of the top adresses to experience Berlins Electronic Nightlife. Its is specially known for the wall-to-wall LED light installation and its impeccable music policy.)

3: Berghain/Panorama Bar (the Berghain is surely the best Club in Town. Great DJ’s, the best sound system and an atmosphere that is looking for his kind. This place goes wild on Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights. Berghein is also known for havig the toughest bouncer. Its not easy to get in, and there are no particular rules on how to get in. But with a little luck, you might have the best Party night of your life….

4: Wilde Renate (Several small Floors, urban living room atmosphere, crazy theme parties and good lineups. This is the “salon Wilden Renate”. In a normal house hiding the small, stuffy club. The mood is always left out, but tired celebration friends there are many retreats such as sofas, bunk beds and winding corners. A special in this Club, is the Labyrinth.)

5: SO36 (The hall offers space for newcomers, sounds beyond those of the charts and the mainstream, as well as events and shows by all kinds of projects. Earlier, punk music dominated, while today also metal, hip-hop, crossover, techno, and drum ‚n‚ base are to be found. But concerts and discos are only one part of the event programming. Panel discussions, public readings, and political fundraisers are just as much a part, like neighborhood bingo and karaoke nights, the ballroom dancing in „Café Fatal”, or the oriental gay party „Gayhane”. )

6: Kulturbrauerei (the culture brewery offers various events, concerts and festivals -including band competitions and theater festivals- The Main places in there are Soda Club, Kesselhaus and Frannz Club)

7: White Trash (the White Trash Fast Food is just a 5 minute walk away from the Hostel and offers you Bar, Restaurant and Club atmosphere. They have Live Rock and Indie music like every night.)

8: K17 (Musically it works towards Gothic, Punk, Wave and Industrial – but  good old rock played is of course as well. Most of the patrons guests cavort from all over Europe, including repeatedly birds of paradise. One thing is common to all – the love of hard guitar sounds.)

9: KitKatClub (The atmosphere in the former Sage Club is friendly to family – its Berlin most famous fetisch Club. The DJ plays electronic, there are concerts and cabaret. Critics claim the Kitkat would unsexieste place at all, the entertainment value of the house Freakshow is undeniable. Best day: Saturday “Carnebal Bizarre”

If you have any questions about these or other Clubs or you need to know how to get there, we will be waiting for you at the Hostel reception.

Oh, and a real Berlin night should allways end with a big “Kebap” 😀

Party on!


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