welcome to Berlin

this could be your home for a while

Many of our guest want to make Berlin their new home. As the first step you will need a place to live in. Since you are not the only one with the same idea it might take a while to find a proper place. It all depends on your budget and preferences, like location.

The first word you need to learn is not “bitte” or “danke”  but WG, short for Wohngemeinschaft or shared flat.

There are some helpful sites to find a WG. Here are just a few:
wg-gesucht this is the biggest site for shared flats, you can adjust your price range and location
immoscout is good for both, shared flat and whole places
ebay yep, we have come this far…

You might be quite lost at the begining, full of questions and confused about some German stupidity. You better get used to bureaucracy!  This expat site might be quite useful

Otherwise don’t hesitate to ask our staff. We have been living here for years and might know somebodey who knows somebody…

They will  also extend your stay 🙂


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