What to do in Berlin around Christmas time??

Lucia ChristmasMarket
Lucia ChristmasMarket

No idea yet, what to do and see in Berlin around Christmas time? Read on, we will give you some great ideas!

Christmas time in Berlin, is the darkest time in the year, but it´s always a beautiful time with a lot of lights everywhere brightening up the night time :).

On the 24th of Berlin almost everything is closed! Even most of the restaurant-keepers close their restaurants to stay at home with their families and celebrate Christmas.

As we don´t want to see our guest hungry or bored we asked our cook Sophia to prepare a Christmas Dinner for all the guest staying at the  EastSeven Hostel in Berlin.

On the 24th of December all Museums are closed BUT on the 25th and the 26th they are open regularly!

A lot of Restaurants are also closed on the 25th and the 26th. Here are three Restaurants that are open, and we recommend them! Better to be sure and make a reservation!

1. Schusterjunge

This traditional German Restaurant will be open on the 25th and on the 26th.

2. Schneeweisschen & Rosenrot

This modern german restaurant willa also be open on the 25th and the 26th. They have a special Christmas menu. Please check their website!

3. Schwarzwaldstuben

is a really popular german restaurant, make sure to reserve in advance!

Will be open on the 26th!


For directions and help with making a reservation, please come to the reception.


For groceries we can suggest the Fresh´n´Friends at the Kastanienallee ( 5 minute walk from here).

They will be open on the 24th till 4pm, on the 25th and 26th  from 10am till midnight.


Then there are also a couple of clubs closeby the hostel that will be open during the Christmas periode.

Check out Kaffee Burger! This is a great local club. It´s always full, great place to dance to indie, rock, electro music.

Then there is the  Bassy Cowboy Club, also open during Christmas.  Expect rock´n´roll and live music!! It is also really closeby the EastSeven Belrin Hostel.


Enjoy Christmas time in Berlin!!




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