What to do in Berlin in winter?? A top 5 of relaxing activities!

Welness Berlin
Wellness Berlin!

Berlin is a really vivid city where there is so much to see and do. From sightseeing to visiting museums to partying all night and shopping, for instance. But besides being a busy tourist, why not take your time in Berlin to relax!! in these busy times, a lot of people are just running without taking time for themselves. Therefore, for all the people who want to enjoy Berlin in a laid back way we have made you this top 5!


1.  Go to the Ars Vini Restaurant to try delicious Cheese Fondue

this is the perfect restaurant to visit with some friends and enjoy a cheese fondue! They serve all kinds of different cheese fondues, from Italian, to Israeli to classical Swiss Cheese Fondue. Perfect to end a cold winter day in this cosy restaurant!!

Located close to our Hostel  you can find the Ars Vini in the Zionskirchstr. 69.


2. Read a book and drink a wine at the Buchkantine!

what better way to relax than over a good book and a fine wine, at the Buchkantine this is all possible. Just take a book from one of the shelves and find yourself a nice seat at one of the comfy sofas.

You find the Buchkantine at the Dortmunderstr. 1. Ask us at the receptions for dorections!

3.  Raum der Stille– Room of Silence

right at the historic heart of Berlin, at the Brandenburg Gate, where the city never sleeps and where it is crowded at all times, that´s where you find a quiet place to relax, the `Raum der Stille´. You are welcome to come here to simply relax, mediate, pray, enjoy the silence….

The Room of Silence is located IN the Brandenburg Gate!!


4.  Cowshed Spa at the Soho House Privatclub

The Cowshed Spa, located at the Torstrasse 1 in the Soho House, is not only accessible for members but to everyone. It is a divine wellness oasis, with a variety of wellness products for you to enjoy. A head massage `Quicky` costs 15€, and besides relaxing massages you can also go to the integrated Hamam & Sauna. There is also a fitness studio!


5.  the ultimate way to relax: Floating!

after a busy day of sightseeing FLOATING is the ultimate way to relax. You will be floating in a bath with salty water. Your muscles and your mind will become in a state of relaxation! There is underwater music too, and you can treat yourself with a massage afterwards.

Akazienstrasse 27, that´s where you will find the Floating experience. Just ask us at the reception, if you need help to find out how to get there!




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