What to do in Berlin on new years eve?

fun in Berlin!

We have made you a selection of the coolest parties in town! Here is the TOP 10 of New Years Eve Parties in Berlin, by your  hostel in Berlin!


1. Party at ICON. Icon goes 2011/2012

It is the last party of the year, and unfortunately also the last party ever for ICON Club.

It´s one of the most popular clubs in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg.

On New Years Eve the party will be HUGE!

Headliner D.I.M., AND Sexinvaders, Marvin Suggs, Pat Ferry, Phonomat, Andre Langenfeld, The Henrik Maneuver.
2. Sylvester – Les Kitschenettes – live! (60s French Beat/F) @ Bassy Cowboy Club
The Mytch (60s Wyldestyle: Garage, Freakbeat, Soul)
Mr. Garage Records (60’s Garage, Psychedelic, Soul)
Mystic N. (Shakin’ R&B, 60’s Garage, Frantic Soul & Rock’n’Roll)
Johnny No (50s & 60s Rockin’ Soul, Garage-Beat, Rockin’ Blues)

Eine Mademoiselle und fünf Messieurs aus der Normandie erwecken auf geniale Weise Sound und Spirit der französischen 60’s zum Leben. Mit Leichtigkeit und sicherem Gespür führen sie uns zurück in die Ära von Nino Ferrer, Brigitte Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg, Ronnie Bird und all der anderen. Den ganzen Saal zum Tanzen zu bringen ist dabei gewiss das oberste Gebot. Daher sind Les Kitschenette’s die ideale Band für Soundflat Records brandneue DJ-Single-Serie.
Party starts at 21h


3. Sylvestersause at KAFFEE BURGER

Rupert’s Kitchen Orchestra & DJs Sammy D. and Cruz (Happy-Dance-Faves all over times)
Entrance: 10 Euro

4. Pop Explosion @ Magnet Club

3 Floors, different dj´s, great atmosphere!

Party starts at 22h.

Damage: 15€

5.  Go to the Mauerpark to watch the fireworks

Around 11pm, head to the Mauerpark. A lot of people gather together here, with booz and fireworks, to celebrate new year.


6. New Years Eve 2012 Alternative Berlin Anti Pubcrawl

Spend your New Years Eve at some of Berlin´s most unique bars and at one of the most amazing clubs on the Berlin club circuit. 3 floors underneath the city join the 24 hour party people on the Alternative Berlin New Years Eve 2012 Anti pubcrawl !

An incredible club 3 floors underneath the city with a labrynith of rooms and entertainment

Free Beer , wine , shots & sekt

3 Awesome bars , 1 amazing club & Fireworks at midnight !

We visit 4 unique bars/clubs and recieve FREE BEER & WINE at our first bar, FREE SHOTS (Vodka, Jäger and Tequila) at all bars.

Fireworks at midnight (FREE BOTTLE OF SEKT) and guest list entry to an amazing club 3 floors underneath the city in a massive party location.

You will need to take an elevator 3 floors below the city into a subterranean world with thousands of Berlin party people where your NYE experience takes off.  This venue is seriously huge catering for a wide variety of musical tastes. Electronic music in one room , disco house / Hip hop in another , Live rock , funk , soul in another. You might want to entertain yourself with some Black light ping pong , watch live painting, chill out in the labryinth of hidden rooms, watch a cult movie or try the obstacle course with a drink in hand. Special light and sound installations have also been prepared for this incredible party which we are proud to bring our New Years Anti pub crawl guests.

Prior to this we hit up 3 very cool rock , indie , 60-70´s-80´s , Goth rock ,alternative bars each with a special character about them. We visit the fireworks at midnight where you recieve a FREE bottle of Sekt (German Champagne) before hitting the club.

We want you to get the most bang for your buck so we are keeping our price very fair and reasonable for this event. Don´t get ripped off this year or waste your time looking for the best parties leave it us to make your Berlin New Years one to remember !

Meeting point @ EastSeven Belrin Hostel or at the YESTERDAY bar-

7. Big New Years PArty at the VOLKSBUEHNE

dressCode Chic legance Hollywood in the twenties.

Various DJ`s, Various Floors.

Party starts at 21:00.


8. Fuck me now, love me later @ Arenaclub


Line Up: Krause Duo (Freude am Tanzen) Florian Meindl (Flash) Exercise One (Mobilee) Channel X (Stil vor Talent / Bar25) Adam Port (KeineMusik / Souvenir) Till von Sein (Suol) Jake The Rapper (Bar25) Niko Schwind (Stil vor Talent) Rampa (KeineMusik) Umami LIVE (Burlesque Musique) Asem Shama (Highgrade) Red & Ron (Fuck Me Now & Love Me Later) Retro (Playplus / Wasted Unicorns) Sascha Funke (Kompakt / Bpitch Control) Justus Köhnke LIVE (Kompakt) Andres Bucci (Cynosure Recordings) Terranova (Null Recordings) Eric D. Clark (More Music) Hans Nieswandt (Ware / Mute) Sid Le Rock LIVE (Shitkatapult) Daniele Papini (Sleep is Commercial) DeWalta (Cynosure Recordings) The Mole (Cynosure Recordings) Topper (Sleep is Commercial) Andrea Ferlin (Sleep is Commercial) Hubble LIVE (Sleep is Commercial) Akiko Kiyama LIVE (Sleep is Commercial) Francesco Assenza (Sleep is Commercial) Gek (Sleep is Commercial) Peter Invasion (Riotvan) Tricus & Vitéz (Logo Records)



Channel X
Niko Schwind
Andre Crom
der E-Kreisel
Fresh Meat
Toni Haupt & Saxophone
Jan Rudolph
Leon Licht
Daniel Archut

Party starts at 22:00


10. New Years Eve 2011 @ TRESOR

Live: Octave One (Tresor/ Detroit)
Mike Huckaby (Deep Transportation/ Detroit)
Oliver Deutschmann (Vidab/ Berlin)
Franklin de Costa (Conaisseur/ Berlin)
Irie Electric (Tresor/ Berlin)
Djoker Daan (Tresor/ Berlin)
Daffy (Tresor/ Berlin)

TRESOR:     Cari Lekebusch (Drumcode/ SE)
Gary Beck (Bek Audio/ UK)
Joel Mull (Drumcode/ SE)
Mike Dehnert (Fachwerk/ Berlin)
Pär Grindvik (Stockholm LTD/ SE)
Suzi Wong (Tresor/ Berlin)
Marcel Heese (Tresor/ Berlin)

+4BAR:     Handmade & Hintergrundrauschen (Tresor/ Berlin)
We love Wax Special:
Norman Methner (We love Wax, Cookies/ Berlin)
Jochen Voller (We love Wax/ Berlin)
Kyros (We love Wax/ Berlin)

For all the parties make sure to get tickets in advance or let us help you to check if there are still tickets available!


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