What to do in Berlin? Visit the O2 World Berlin!

o2 world opening 2008The O2 World was opened on October 10 in year 2008. The O2 World in Berlin is about 160m long, 130m wide and 35m high. The volume of O2 World Hall is 230.000 m³ and has a seating area of 12.000 m². The O2 world has 2000 parking places. O2 World (stylised as O2 World) is a multi-use indoor arena and was 13th in the visitor ranking 2010 (230857 visitors in the first half of the year). At the O2 World Berlin, you can do very much.

There are different events. There are sports for example The Night of the jumps, which is only once a year or basketball. There are also many different kinds of music events such as Elton John. For the individual events, there are a lot of information in the link.

Another offer of the O2 World in Berlin is that you can take a tour in the O2 World. It is like going and seeing behind the scenes. For more information about O2 World Tour, visit the link.

How to get there??

The O2 World is near the underground station Warschauer Straße. You have to go to Senefelderplatz and from there it is very easy and quick to get to the Warschauer Straße. It requires 15-18 min to the S – Bahn station Warschauer Straße.

Take the U2 from Senefelderplatz, direction Theodor-Heuss-Platz, and leave the U2 at S + U-Bahnhof Alexanderplatz. From there go to the S5, direction Strausberg Nord and leave the S-Bahn at Warschauer Straße.

How to get to the o2 world Berlin from Warschauer Straße??

Here is a map.

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