what would you like to drink kowalski?



I wanted to title this blog Processed meats do cause cancer – WHO
but since you are on vacation I didn’t
I also didn’t want to write another boring “top 10 vegan places in Berlin”

so here is my list of exciting vegan/vegetarian places:

crave a dumpling? you can have it. Go to Momos ( Fehrbellinerstraße 5); handmade, delicious and organic
(BTW, I stole the picture from their homepage, cheers guys)

you scream ice cream? you can have it. Go to Eislabor ( Raumerstraße 32); no milk, no msg. You should hurry though, they close in November for winter

fancy a vegan breakfast buffet? Go to Morgenrot (Kastanienallee 85), down to earth, lefty institution with a big past and a great vegetarian menu.

up for a hungover? no worries mate! Chaostheorie (Lychener Straße 4) proviede vegan cocktails (along gluten free food)

OMG it’s so f@#%ing hot!! well it’s Mexican, what did you expect? Go to Dolores ( Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 7) for delicious burritos

if you don’t get the title, just google it 😉

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