Winter Spaß

Winter is always that time of the year when most people try to spend as  little time as possible outdoors. Just because it is cold outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the snow. One nice way to enjoy the snow is toboggan. Berlin is not a City where you will find hill next to hill. But hidden in the Center-Parks there are some nice little hills that just wait for you to slide down on them.

The closest one to the Hostel would be the “Weinbergspark”. You will find it along Kastanienallee. Its maybe a 5 minute walk from the Hostel. This little Park offers a beginners slide. Thats something for you and your kids.

Fotos of Weinbergspark

If you are looking for some more speed and action, i recommend the “Mauerpark”. Here you will find young and old having fun on the hill. Between sundays flea market and the Max-Schmeling-Halle, it can be perfect sledding. The nearly 40-meter-high hill features on a length of 100 meters a lot of space. Nevertheless, it is very crowded especially on the weekends, Caution is advised!

Fotos of Mauerpark

Here some other toboggan hotspots that are nice but not that close to the Hostel.

1. Volkspark Prenlauer Berg

The right toboggan run for beginners! Short downhill, but sparsely populated. Small, but nice. The triple peaks of the mountain of rubble measures 91 meters at its highest point.

Map / Fotos

2. Teufelsberg

The different slopes provide the right level of difficulty for every skill level and therefore also skiers and snowboarders romp at the station. A great getaway, but be careful: sometimes very steep.
Map / Fotos

3. Volkspark Friedrichshain

This run is something for professional carriage driver, 78 meters downhill guarantee high speed and pure thrills. Caution: fast and steep descents! The small mountain bunker 48 meters it does well.

Map / Fotos


If you now think “i wnt to go toboggan” just come to the reception and we will help to find the right place for you. For a 5 € deposit we can even lent you a snow glider. 🙂

Enjoy the Winter!

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