X-mas party at EastSeven Hostel Berlin

Christmas party @ EastSeven
Christmas party @ EastSeven

Tonight we are celebrating X-mas with the entire hostel staff!

As every year, also this year, we throw a Christmas party for all the people who work at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel. For all the guests we have free mulled wine and happy hour beers!

Traditionally, as every year, hostel owner Jörg will cook the finest curly Kale for all. It is a typical German dish, eaten only in wintertime! It is served with potatoes and sausages. Since there are also vegetarians among us, there will also be tofu-sausages, yeah!

One of our staff members, Walter, is making a dessert, tiramisu! That is going to be tasty too!

What is a Christmas party without presents??? As every year, also this year we will all bring small gifts and than we play a game, which is called in German: Wichteln.  At the beginning everybody will get a present to start with, after that we all will throw the dice, and try to change the presents for other presents…..so that in the end, everybody has something he or she really likes!
We wish you all a fantastic Christmas Time!! All the best and take care!


If you are now staying at the hostel, please note that the kitchen might be too crowded to use tonight. BUT we will have free mulled wine to compensate for that!


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