GDR Museum

Hello, my name is Karla and I’m doing a student internship at the Eastseven hostel for 3 weeks.

My task was to write something about the sights of Berlin so I chose the GDR museum.

This museum is about the time that exited from 1949 to 1989 when Germany was divided into two states.

You can see all sorts of things from that time there and you can learn much about the history of Germany.

They have really much original stuff you can watch, touch and hear.

I liked it a lot because you can live through real insights there.

I especially liked the fact that they have a flat there from the GDR time issued and i also really liked the insights into the Stasi how they monitored everything and everybody.

What I like best about the museum is that you have an authentic  GDR specimen for each information.

The museum is pretty central and easy to get there by tram and Subway.

It’s best to check it out yourself you will not regret it.

A day ticket is available from only 5.5€

yep. that a prison cell
living room

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