oh no – not again

it actually still works

every year, I break my phone.

Last year this time I was in Panama and my phone fell on the ground. I had a small crack in the screen. Since everyone else had one too, and their phones were still working, I didn’t bother. It turned out I had a brand that doesn’t like even the smallest cracks. Phone died. So I was all alone, by myself, in a strange country without my beloved internet. They had only one computer in the hostel I stayed at. ONE!!!! (we have 3) and there was no chance of fixing my phone because I apparently had this fancy brand (it’s not)

nevertheless, lesson learned. I buy cheap phones now.

Also, I have this strong compassion with everyone who asks me for help fixing their screens. I don’t want to name any companies here, but if you need assisstance, please come to the reception and I am happy to help.



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