OV, OmU or where to watch movies in English in Berlin

Kino Central

hello traveller.

You don’t have to wait till you get home to watch the movie you have been waiting for for months.
You don’t have to avoid press, the internet and your family because you are afraid of spoilers.

Berlin boats a wide range of theatres/theaters wich offer movies in original.
Movies you want to look for are marked with OV for original version or OmU for subtitled instead of dubbed.

There are plenty and here are just a few.

Lichtblick Kino (Kastanienallee 77, 5 minutes from EastSeven)
a cinema as OFF as it gets, offering a wide range of rare, arthouse and retrospective movies.

Kino Central 
also pretty old school and laid back, however showing current movies. They also set up a neat outdoor cinema in summertime.

Cinestar at Potsdamer platz
the mall version of a cinema. Go there to watch the movie of your choice and come back home quickly. But they show ALL new movies in OV.

go there  – have fun


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