Parklife in Berlin, a top 5 of cool parks in Berlin!

Wasserturm in Prenzlauer Berg

We made you a list of some cool parks in Berlin!
It is summertime and the living is easy….. It is the perfect time to visit one of the many beautiful parks in Berlin. Lay back, hang out with your friends, have a picknick, there are so many ways to enjoy the parklife in Berlin. Closely to the hostel, in Prenzlauer Berg, there are a number of nice parks! We have gathered them and made a top 5!
1. Volkspark am Friedrichhain
Volkspark Friedrichshain -A beautiful park, excellent for jogging or having a picnic or
barbeque. In the middle you’ll find Friedrichshains highest hill, which provides a 78-metre
high view over Berlins flat terrain. The hill was actually man-made to cover up a destroyed
anti-aircraft bunker from World War II, as well as several tonnes of bombed out rubble.
Also you can play beachvolleyball for free here. They have a special area reserved for
beachsports. Its free to use for anyone but you´d have to bring your own equipment.
2. Mauerpark
If you are over 20 and still like to play (particularly with beer bottles), then this is your playground. Its the best place in Berlin for relaxed outdoor boozing and there are hilltop swingsets which are a great spot for watching the sun sink lazily in the West.
Dont miss the fabulous flea market on Sundays.
3. A spooky park in Prenzlauer Berg, the LEISE PARK
A bit spooky and scary, you may think, this park is located on the grounds of a former cemetery. It is called Leise-Park, which means as much as quiet park. You find here lots of nice playgrounds for your kids, also there are still some grave-stones maintained.  It is a beautiful park, with many nice flowers and plants. Go there during the dawn and you might see a fox running through the park!
Go here to get away from the busy center and to let your thoughts flow and your kids play.
4. Park & playground at Wasserturm
The Wasserturm is the unofficial symbol of Prenzlauer Berg, this 30m high tower was built in 1877 as the local water reservoir. Once used by the Nazis as a prison, today the round brick Wasserturm has been converted into trendy apartments.
Check for art exhibitions next to the tower, in the underground reservoir. The park that surrounds the Wasserturm is relaxed! there is a huge playground, a fountain, trampolines and a table-tennis spot!
5. Park Tiergarten
this is the park where you should go to when the city gets too hot. After visiting all major
sights in the city centre you can easily walk from Brandenburg Gate to this big innercity
oasis! This park has a lot of big old trees, so there is plenty of shade, all the locals go here
for a picnic or to do some sport excersises. You might also witness a class of art students
trying to catch the beautiful sceneries the parc offers.
Since it is such a big park you can also take a bike and cylce your way through it!And after a hard day´s walking, why not recover in EastSeven´s lush garden with some selected German beers!
For more great information on parties and events in Berlin check our hostel blog!
Hope to see you soon in Berlin!!

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