Swing Dance in Berlin: a top 5 of venues for Swing Dance!

Swing dance Berlin
Swing dance Berlin

It is the revival of the twenties! swing is back and it is hot!

it is not only the dance that is hot again, it is also the clothing style from the 20ties that is at the moment totally in!

At the hostel we first got in touch with swing dance as the organisation of Berlin Swing Patrol contacted us in order to work together. We provided beds with a special discount for the swing dancers attending the swing patrol festival. It was such fun, seeing them practicing the dance in our garden. Such joy!

Besides the festival, a lot of clubs have special swing evenings. We have listed some of the best places to dance swing or to attend a swing dance  class.


1. Kater Swing

maybe this is one of the most popular clubs in town, the KATER HOLZIG. They have created a special evening,  a swing dance  evening every Tuesday night. The dancing starts at 21.30 and the entrance fee is 3€.  Adress: Michaelkirchstrasse 23


2. Jeder ist Tanzbar

It is a dance school, but the party evenings are open for every one! Monday evening there is swing dance on the program!

Located in Friedrichshain, Rudolfstr. 1-8. There is no entrance fee. the dancing begins at 21.15h.


3. Clärchens Ballhaus

this is the place to be if you are a beginner! Every Wednesday, from 19h on, you can try your moves on the dance floor. There is no entrance fee. The Ballhaus is located close by the EastSeven Berlin Hostel, at AugustStr. 24.


4. Volksbar

On Mondays at the Volksbar, A course for absolute beginners starts at 19.15. At 20.30 there is a course for advanced learner. Afterwards it is time to practice what you  have learned. Sometimes there is a band with great live music, otherwise they´ll play great records you can dance to!

Volksbar is located at Rosa Luxemburg Str. 39, and there is no entrance fee!


5.  Swing & Wine

Starts at 19.15 with a course for beginners, followed by a course for advanced dancers at 20.30. Then from 21.30 on there will be dj´s on to floors, you can choose between classic swing music, or electro swing.

Where? At Frannz Club, in the Kulturbrauerei, schönhauser allee 36. There is no entrance fee here either.


Some addresses for creating the perfect 20s look:

Herr von Eden

for the perfect suit

Alte schönhauserstr. 14, 10119 Berlin

Fiona Bennett

for the finest headwear

Alte schönhasuer str. 35, 10119 Berlin

Frozen Hibiscus

for fantastic custom fashion design

Langhansstr. 33 , 13086 Berlin

Charming styles

Mode from the 20s, 30s and 40s, that suites you!

Oranienburgerstr. 27, 10117


Enjoy shopping and dancing!






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