Top 5 of swimming pools and lakes in Berlin

Badeschiff Berlin

Here is our Top 5 for the  coolest and hippest swimming pools and lakes in Berlin

Hot time summer in the city……
The weather is far to beautiful too go visiting Berlin´s sights and museums. Instead of doing  that you should cool down in one of the hippest swimming pools, or some of the loveliest lakes in Berlin. Did we get your intention? then please read on, choose a place to swim, get your swimming suite and off you go!!!

1. Badeschiff Berlin

By far the most hippest swimming pool in town! Also it is the most extraordinary swimming pool Berlin knows. It is floating on the river spree!

It is  one of the coolest meeting points in town. There is a cool open air bar and a beach-like sunbathing area. They organize events, they serve food and drinks, it is perfect for a day of relaxing and chillin´.
It is really centrally located and easy to reach by public transport or by bike!
3€ entrance Fee.

2. Krumme Lanke
Located at the forest of Berlin Grünewald, this nice and clean swimming water and the perfect green surroundings almost makes you forget that you are in the exciting metrople Berlin.  It is easy to reach by Public transport, also you can take your bike in the subway so you can do a little bike tour through the forest.  It is really refreshing to end your bike tour with a cool dive into the lake, yay!!
no fee

3. Flugahfen See
This lake is located really close to the Tegel Airport. While swimming you can see the airplanes take off, at least you can until the airport closes down in the near future…

really nice city feeling, and still the water is so pure, you can see the fishes swimming…
no fee!

4. Wannsee Beach complex
Together, the Wannsee Lake and the surrounding Grunewald and Düppel forests form one of the most popular recreational destinations in southwest Berlin. The Wannsee, which is actually a large bulge of the Havel River, offers a wide variety of excursions and leisure trips to the Brandenburg countryside. The Berlin Stern- and Kreisschifffahrt boat tour service is located directly in front of the Wannsee S-Bahn station.

4€ entrance fee

5. Schwimmingpool Pankow
fully equipped pool with 2 big slides, beachsports area, diving platform and a comfi sunbathing area.  It is a bit out of the centre but therefore probably not as crowded as the more central located swimming pools. And it is really nice here!
4€ entrance fee

We hope the weather continues to stay as beautiful as it is! Enjoy your refreshing cool down at one of the places mentioned above!!

If you need help finding these places, please come see the Staff at the reception!!

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